Liam Neeson Saves Dog from Abuse in Central Park

“Abruptly changing direction, Liam charged down a path and confronted three gangbanger wannabe types who were throwing rocks at a stray they’d cornered up against a trash bin,” a witness said.

3.19.14 - Liam Neeson Saves Abused Dog2

Actor Liam Neeson is more than just a hero on-screen – he helped save the life of a dog being stoned to death by a group of ruffians in Central Park.

Neeson was jogging through Manhattan’s Central Park when he was abruptly halted by a woman shouting that teenage boys were stoning a dog to death.  The dog was trapped, terrified and in pain.

“Abruptly changing direction, Liam charged down a path and confronted three gangbanger wannabe types who were throwing rocks at a stray they’d cornered up against a trash bin,” a witness said.  “Liam yelled that they’d better stop or he’d knock the crap out of them.”

They weren’t to be intimidated by the Taken star.

“The punks just swaggered up and warned him to mind his own business,” the witness explained.  Neeson was incensed.  “In a fury, he warned them to back off fast – or else!”

“Yeah, okay, man…we’re out of here,” the apparent ringleader said.

Liam smirked, impressed that he was able to get them to retreat.  However, it wasn’t his minacious disposition that spooked the hooligans.

“Turns out it was the sight of the approaching cop that had spooked the boys. Liam just shook his head and approached the shivering dog, stroking it while the policeman assessed its injuries – then thanked the star and told him: ‘I’ll take it from here, sir!’”





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  1. Yes, what happened to the dog?
    Is he being treated for injuries, is he at a shelter?
    Poor dog deserves a chance.

  2. Probably a staged publicity stunt, if it happened at all! The actor has been reamed by animal activists for his part in “The Grey” the movie and more recently for his stance on the carriage horses in New York! Liam doesn’t give a crap about animals, but you can bet your ass he cares about his paychecks. Sorry Liam no redemption for you, you poser!

  3. It would be great if Liam adopted the dog. What a great second chance for that poor dog. Keep up the good work Liam. The world needs more people like you.

  4. I’m sorry you fell for Neeson’s pitiful publicity stunt. Neeson has nothing but contempt for animals, as evidenced by his huge and arrogant attempt at obstructing any chance for freedom for nyc’s put-upon carriage horses.

    This gives me even less respect for the spoiled, arrogant “star” if that’s possible, and now I lose respect for your publication.

    I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than see a movie he is in, or read an article with this degree of phoniness.

    Neeson, you’re so busted. We aren’t falling for it, and this site should know better.

  5. I will watch his movies anytime. There is no reason to stop horse drawn carriages the horses are taken care of when I saw them last. Not being mistreated there a horse and that’s why they were put here there working horses. There meant for this kind of work not sure what the mayor is thinking of but putting electric trolleys to take over is so dam stupid he needs to give his head a shake I think the major is tired of smelling shitting and animal activists are really ticking me off pretty soon you won’t be able to eat cows,pigs,fish or chickens because it’s not right to bad that’s why they were put here

    1. Joy instead of bashing the carriage horses and the mayor for trying to get rid of their awful working conditions, why don’t you learn to spell and punctuate. you write like you made it to second grade. Animals were not put here to be eaten. They were put here for us to love them and to care for them. To have dominion over the animals in the Bible meant for us to have stewardship over them and care for them. God hates factory farms. How do I know that? Because God is loving and kind and He loves His creatures, even the four legged ones. Look at the story of Balaam and the angel. God sent the angel down to kick Balaams butt if he didn’t stop beating his donkey.

      1. Hmm Cheryl….so where is your “god” to prevent factory farms from happening, animal abuse from happening, ANY abuse from happening? Or does he just watch from afar for amusement?

        1. In a sense I believe you mean well God created us with teeth designed for omnivorous diets I don’t believe in killing for the sport but I do believe you kill it you eat and respect the animal dont just kill it for the trophy or fun. I do believe we have dominion over animals and such but not the right to abuse or neglect.

  6. Joy what an ignorant and arrogant comment. Animals weren’t ‘put here’ for human greed or dominion despite what fairy tales you believe in the Bible. Every living sentient being had a right to its own life and horses, naturally skittish animals, should never be kept in a major City surrounded by traffic and fumes purely for human entertainment. Get over yourself. Sorry to hijack this post but attitudes like that really wind me up. As for Liam main I agree that if this event even happened it was no doubt a publicity stunt. Where are the photos or phone video-you aren’t telling me someone wouldn’t have taken photos of this ‘heroic’ act?

    1. You sure contradicted yourself. So where ARE the videos, etc if it was a publicity act? Haven’t heard anything about this story except here in this relatively obscure publication. If this was all about publicity as many of you haters insist, how come we haven’t heard more about it? Get over yourselves. Just because the man is famous doesn’t mean he can’t do good things once in awhile. And also – how many of you who are hating on him know him personally? How could you possibly know anything about this man except what you read and judge him on that? It’s attitudes like yours that make this world such a $*$%%y place to live.

    2. You negate your own point. The idea of a publicity stunt is that it creates publicity. Photographers, people with cell phones at ready would have been there. The fact is not everyone seeing something horrid happening immediately think to grab it for youtube. Some people are actually more concerned with what is happening that grabbing that sound bite.

    3. Animals arent meant to be on a farm are you kidding! They are meant for the wild but we keep them on farms because we are to lazy to go out and get something everytime we need it and your still an idiot because people like you kill this planet tryin to save EVERYTHING when there is a thing called the circle of life which hinders eveolution for all you bible humpers sorry to burst your bubble but maybe stop talking about the little shit and see the real issue!

  7. Removing horse drawn carriages and replacing them with electric ones could be liken to central park becoming disneyland…..

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  9. Wow.. So the officer probably took the poor dog to the shelter where it was more then likely killed!! If this is true.. Hmm why didn’t he make sure it was taken care of?! What happened to the dog anyways??

  10. Why put horses in the city when population is so much congested then when we were kids. Horses beling on a farm. Not on streets. Thats why we have cars. Too dangerous in this day and age tobput these horses on the street. Just like wild animals belong in the wild. Not caged up. Except certain circumstances if they are hurt abandoned. Then I can see that but put them back in wild. This world has no right to keeping animals caged when there wild

  11. Yea and hardley believe this dog is in good hands. Probably put down. And I dont believe liam was risking his own ass to save a dog. Ive spent most of my life rescuing animals of all kinds.

  12. It must be awful for some of you to walk around with such a cynical attitude. Publicity stunt, indeed. Had I been those bullying, heartless thugs, I would have run for the hills had I had a pissed off Liam Neeson in my face!

    Yes, the streets of NYC are no longer a place for these magnificent beasts. Haven’t been for years. Mr. Neeson is obviously supporting the carriage drivers as most of them are from Ireland or of Irish descent and this is their means of making a living.

  13. This story is actually being discredited by people as “BS” — it never happened. It’s a publicity stunut fed to the news to try to do damage control for the backlash of what he said about the NYC carriages. Notice how it reads like short story, “Liam smirked”, than a news report?

  14. I think what liam neeson did was very gracious I love all his movies and respect him highly those people who hurt the dog should be proscuted I detest animal cruelty as an animal lover and a pet owner all people that abuse animals should be punished.

  15. Nicola, you’re such a cynic, does it not occur to you that, if it was a “staged” publicity stunt, there would be phonecam footage from EVERY angle? and I’m neither a Neeson fan, nor a mad, tree-hugging animal lover!

  16. Good for him, however Liam Neeson, who wears FUR in public, recently starred in a movie which portrayed a controversial and imperiled wild canid in a false sensationalistic way. There are reports that the cast of “The Gray” actually ate wild wolf meat to get into character. He is not a compassionate person in ways that potentially affect more animals than the one he saved. I’m surprised “Life with Dogs” wastes space on him

  17. ‘Ruffians’?? The article refers to them as ‘ruffians’? How about attempted murderers. Call them what they are. I’m glad that Neeson and the officer stepped up.

  18. :: (\_(\
    *: (=’ :’) :*
    •.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`» He’s a great guy need more like him.

  19. Not that Lee Mazzilli. Heard about this via the neighborhood grapevine and I have seen him running in the park so it is possible. Woman should have dialed 911 because the wannabes could have been armed. My guess is that it happened. I do work in the industry and while many actresses, actors and models have pets, it is sometimes a tough life since they travel and the pets spends days/weeks alone with walkers instead of the owners their bonded to. On the carriages, the horses are treated fairly well though there are always improvements but does the city spend more on the stables or some other need, like schoolbooks in down trodden districts. Choices are always made.


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  23. He’s a complete unstable nutcase and he freaks out about why carriage horses should work the streets of NY City…….Yes, he’ll save a dog in Central Park but he cannot care less about horses working the streets of NY City being hit by cars, pounding the hot asphalt streets, spooked by all the noise of the city, working 18 hour a days, and breathing the exhaust of cars all day?…… He sucks

  24. He should have taken the dog home temporary as it would have got the dog a permanent place to stay and be loved. As the dog rescuers could say laim Neeson saved this dog and he won over his heart! !!!!

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  30. He would have been a “real” hero if he had given the dog medical treatment and adopted it. The dog will probably be put down at the shelter, esp if it is injured. Amazing how people with money think so little of others in pain and need such as this dog.
    He probably couldn’t be bothered with a dog that might hair on his expensive furniture or soil his white carpet.
    I’d love to see folks like him volunteer for one week at a shelter, washing dogs, cleaning out their cages, holding an animal that this has been abused. I’d love to watch the expressions on their face when the dog victims from a pit bull fighting ring are bought in.

  31. Can I simply just say what a relief to find an individual who really understands what they’re discussing on the internet. You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people have to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular because you definitely possess the gift.|

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