Abused Two-Legged Tijuana Dog Finds Guardian Angels in California

An abused Tijuana dog was rushed to California for emergency vet care when a Good Samaritan found her with her hind legs bound with barb wire.

In March 2014, pictures of a Tijuana malnourished female dog were circulating social media sites. The pictures showed an emaciated dog, rolled in a ball, seeking refuge among some garbage, but the shocking part was that her hind legs had been bound with barb wire. When Good Samaritans picked her up and freed her from the wire, her back legs fell off.

The pet was network online and she was immediately rescued by West Coast Animal Rescue (WeCARe) from Long Beach, Calif. The stray was named Cheyenne and she was transferred to Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital for emergency care.

Aside from her mutilated legs, which seem to have been cut off with a saw or knife, the Tijuana stray also suffered from a laceration on her hip that left her pelvic bone exposed, anemia, parasites and Ehrlichia.

Cheyenne when found in Tijuana. Photo Credit: Sherri Stankewitz
Cheyenne when found in Tijuana.
Photo Credit: Sherri Stankewitz


Hospital veterinarians and WeCARe personnel worked day and night helping Cheyenne get back to 100 percent health. Her road to recovery will be a long one, but today she is a different dog. She is happier, healthier, and grateful to be alive. She is no longer on the brinks of death.

Cheyenne will need therapy to learn how to walk again. A doggy wheel cart has been donated and once she is healthy and strong enough she will be ready to use the cart and adjust to her new life as a two-legged dog.

If you would like to help cover all medical cost for this Tijuana stray, or many other dogs WeCARe rescues, consider making an online donation.

Follow Cheyenne’s recovery on Facebook and watch her rescue and recovery video below. (WARNING: THE VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES).


6 thoughts on “Abused Two-Legged Tijuana Dog Finds Guardian Angels in California

  1. How many more depraved disgusting things can we think of to do to animals?!? Mexico…the worlds largest trash dump!!!

    1. Please dont be ignorant.. There is plenty of fucked up people in this world.. not Just Mexico as you say… Did you hear about the man who RAPED a dog.. it was an American men…

  2. It’s way beyond me to even imagine the mind set of the unthinkable human filth that did this, they should have their legs cut off – with a very blunt knife!

  3. I beg all of you to forgive my language. Honestly, what kind of a sick fuck does this? I truly hope that karma comes back in the form of “an eye for eye” justice. The cruelty is unimaginable. Many thanks to the good Samaritan that found the poor baby and brought her in for help. To the hospital and staff, thank you. I pray this baby has a great life ahead of her. She deserves only the best from here on out.

  4. Usually i don’t post on my fb this kind of news because they are very shoocking or even make comments here. Its my first. But … shit!! I’m tired of see so many things like this!! Some times i just wanna scream STOP !!!!!! ENOUGHT!!!! KILL THEME, those worthlessness disgusting humans !!! This is fucking sick!!!! I’m thankful that i don’t have power to kill or harm !! Because if i had… oh boy … i would make theme suffer for as long as they shall live.

  5. I cried my eyes out, how could anyone do this . The poor baby looked so helpless and sad. It hurts so much to look at her eyes and see all the suffering behind them. Thank God an angel found this poor pup and thank you so much to all the caring people helping her now. I hope and pray the day comes when she can forget the horrors inflicted upon her….. whoever that asshole is, may you rot in Hell!!!
    This story is so disturbing.

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