Amazon UK Bans the Sale of Prong Collars

To the people who say, “My dog has never been hurt on this, and it’s the only way he can learn self-control,” answer this question: would you use a prong collar on your children to teach them self-control?

4.9.14 - Ban Prong Collars


Petitioners and Facebook fans lobbied Amazon UK to cease the sale of prong or pinch collars, and on April 3rd, the site listened and removed all listings.

Many dog owners claim they work marvels on otherwise unruly big dogs that aren’t well-behaved on walks.  They aren’t meant to be work all the time, just during training and walks.  Some say their dogs “respond better.”  Some dogs “respond better” with a kick to the head, but that hardly makes it right.

Opponents of the medieval torture devices argue that positive reinforcement is the best way to train dogs (credible psychologists and dog trainers will agree), and that prong collars are for lazy or irresponsible owners.

Using positive punishment (positive meaning something is added to the equation – in this case, spikes and pain) is far less effective than positive reinforcement (treats, attention).  The punishment only temporarily curbs the unwanted behavior – it does not teach dogs the new, correct behavior you desire them to have.

So perhaps these collars do work for some dogs.  However, there are many people out there who don’t understand that some dogs find the benefit of pulling on the leash to far outweigh the risk of being jabbed in the throat, and cause themselves to become injured.  Then there are other owners who have no problem keeping their dogs in pain so they will learn.

Dogs who repeatedly pull while wearing the collar and injure themselves clearly aren’t learning, so why should they continue to wear the collar?  In addition to superficial injuries, repeated strain on the throat can cause internal damage that affects dogs’ abilities to breathe and swallow as well as damage to the vertebrae.

To the people who say, “My dog has never been hurt on this, and it’s the only way he can learn self-control,” answer this question:  would you use a prong collar on your children to teach them self-control?  Probably not.

If you would like to sign a petition asking Amazon to stop the sale of prong collars in the US, please click here.

For more information, including alternative training techniques, check out the Facebook page Ban the Use of Prong Collars, Shock Collars and Choke Chains.






32 thoughts on “Amazon UK Bans the Sale of Prong Collars

  1. How would the people that made them put the collar to try it out for week.see how soon that would come off.

  2. This is total propaganda and it serves no animal to sensationalize fake stories! That pic is either fake or the poor dog was dragged behind an auto wearing a pinch collar that will not happen to a dog if the collar is used properly! I use one on my doberman and she is like my child…she’s never yelped or winced and in truth it’s far safer than any other option available as she will slip regular collars with her strong prey aversion…and the train your dog statement is obviously coming from someone who has never dealt with a dog with such a strong aversion. The pinch works wonders and there isn’t a spot on her after our walks! It’s FAR from abuse and again sensationalism only bolsters the argument of those truly committing abuses!

  3. I used one for our dalmation and never had a problem. She was alpha and had a major issue pulling so hard that it would physically hurt you if you were not prepared. We never kept it on permanently, just during a walk. It allowed she and I to walk in harmony and when she pulled it just gave her a pinch, no yelping. We would never willingly hurt her but we were working with her to be a well behaved dog.

      1. Martingales are not as great as you are making them out to be. In my opinion they are just as harmful as any other collar that pulls tight with pressure – especially on their neck it can actually do more damage its a nicer version of a choke collar. I have a prong collar for my 3.5 year old Saint Bernard and it works wonders. They are a training tool only. This picture is probably not fake, but I’m sure it belongs to an owner who clearly had no idea what they were doing. There is no reason for a dog to have these marks unless it’s in an abusive manner.

  4. Pic is not fake.we have that collar but we use it only when training him how to walk with us on the street.but after that we remove dog never had that kind of booboo, how did it happen? Are they hacking the dog so hard to control?

  5. I lost my gem, Topaz, several years ago, when a trainer put one of these collars on my less than 3 lbs yorkie. It collapsed his trachea. After several serious surgeries he could not be saved any longer. I believe that these collars should be band from ALL ANIMALS!!!! Unless, you want to put it on the person who invented them in the first place.

    1. You need a new trainer. No 3lb dog should need a choke collar let alone a prong collar. That is common sense.

  6. Riiight. To all of you saying how this collar doesn’t do any damage and it’s perfectly fine to use it, READ THE STORY! There is a picture showing damage done by one of these collars. And it specifically says it is not meant for continued use, meaning, people are using it as an everyday collar instead of for training purposes. When used correctly anything like this is perfectly safe, however, this is about this particular tool being used incorrectly!

    1. Also, keep this in mind; that awful picture that’s passed around of the poor dog with the holes in his neck is a picture of abuse and neglect, pure and simple, the result of the dog falling victim to a nasty, vicious “human”. The prong collar didn’t make that awfulness happen …

      See below for my other comments. Please don’t knock a tool that is just that, a tool. I also use my hands to touch and handle my dogs. I’m a martial artist and can use my hands as weapons. I use a leash and collar (of all types depending on the dog’s needs). I’ve heard of vicious “trainers” hanging dogs with these tools. The ugliness goes on and on …

      I’m a normal person who loves the dogs whom I have the pleasure of working with and THAT is why the dogs I handle don’t come away with injuries and terror. … Despite prong collars and all.

    2. This wasn’t used for “continuous use” !!! It was left on and the pup GREW INTO IT….That isn’t continuous use, that is stupidity !!!! The exact same thing would happen with any collar…..Look up embedded collar…..

  7. Quick signing and sharing! This is a BS story and a BS petition! My dog has worn this collar on walks for almost 2 years now. This is not a “medieval torture device”! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Thanks for spreading ridiculous, bogus information Life With Dogs! A flat canvas or leather collar will do THE EXACT SAME THING. This collar was left on a dog too tight, for possibly years. The dog possibly grew more and the skin started growing around the prongs embedding it into the skin. THE PRONGS ARE NOT SHARP. They are dull rounded tips that DO NOT poke, they pinch. This poor dog in the photo was severely neglected like many that wear any type of collar, rope, or chain too tight. He was rescued and while removing the collar that his skin grew around, the skin came off with it. Look up photos of dogs that are neglected with regular flat collars! They are much worse! I repeat, THIS WAS NOT CAUSED BY TRAUMA. THIS COLLAR DOES NOT DO THIS TO DOGS THAT PULL ON WALKS. PLEASE STOP SHARING! This is a necessary training tool for many many people! It does not hurt the dog!

  8. I’ve used this on my dog for the past 6 months. Works wonders. The only side effect from it is the dirty metal discoloring his fur… discolored fur is just torture i say! lol grow up and learn how to use the tools they sell for dog obedience.

  9. any tool can be misused. the prong collar has been a godsend for 5-foot, 70-year old me with my 80-pound blind german shepherd. he is very hard to steer because he’s big, he can’t see and his hearing is occupied trying to pick up everything and compensate fort missing his vision. a quick jingle of the prong focuses him on me when we walk. i would not support a ban on prongs.

  10. I did put the prong on myself before I ever put it on my dog and I gave a tug to see what it felt like because I wanted to Know what my dog would be feeling. that being said, my dog’s reaction when the prong is put on is complete enthusiasm and excitement because he associates it with good things to come. when used properly this is the reaction that most dogs will have towards a prong collar. For every dog abused by a prong there are a thousand others eagerly waiting for the prong to be put on.
    my two cents; educate the ignorant, punish the abusers. Banning any tool or equipment has never stopped intentional abuse. As for unintentional abuse, any method of restraint can cause pain and injury.

    1. in the 70’s under the top trainer in the country, Jack Godsill, taught us to jerk and RELEASE!! If people watch The Dog Whisperer you can see why they called Cesar. The people never learned how to use the prong collar properly……

  11. Does the guy who wrote this know anything about dogs? This is one of the most stupid shit I have ever read about this matter. The problem is not the collar, is the retard holding on to it. If you take this ownwer and put a regular collar on his dog, the f retard will choke the poor animal…

  12. Please don’t fall for the sensationalized propaganda that the ignorant and uneducated (not actual experts re: training or dogs) pass around. I’ve rescued dogs with horribly embedded collars (as in, the skin has started to grow over), then trained & rehabilitated them with prong collars used correctly & humanely. Why people assume I strive to cause pain & fear in my dog with these tools I simply can’t fathom … are you also shocked that I don’t kick & punch my dog to teach him the meaning of “no”? I’ve never, in 14yrs of dog training, caused a collar injury to any of my clients dogs nor my own. My training tools have saved dogs lives.

  13. Also, keep this in mind; that awful picture that’s passed around of the poor dog with the holes in his neck is a picture of abuse and neglect, pure and simple, the result of the dog falling victim to a nasty, vicious “human”. The prong collar didn’t make that awfulness happen …

  14. If you can stomach the dark side of human nature, google “embedded collar” & take a look at how many of those horrible injuries have actually been caused by the very tool you ignorantly rally against … very few, meaning I couldn’t look at the pictures long enough to find the first prong collar. (I’ll spare you the visual, actually… It’s all flat and chain collars, ropes, wires, and I think I saw a shoelace … FIGHT ABUSE!! Not the RESCUERS!!)

  15. I see nothing in that article that leads to the proof that prong collars are “medieval torture device.” The picture associated with the article is an example of abuse/neglect, not something that occured under normal circumstances.

    Anything that is left on tightly will cause wounds, I’ve personally seen a deep gash caused by a rubber band put on a dogs neck by a little kid (thay wasn’t even tight enough to disturb the dogs breathing and eating). The improper use of most any tool is dangerous. I hope they used scientific studies as the basis for this law and not just heresay.

    By the way, this is coming from someone who knows exactly what the collar feels like. I’ve put on my own neck and yanked way harder than I would ever pull on a dog. Uncomfortable? Yes. Painful or “torture”? No.
    Amended · Arrr, This be pleasin’ to me eye. · Thar Be More · 13 shots o’ rum ago

  16. Used properly these collars should never harm a dog. Anything misused can cause cruelty.Dogs die starved in cages, in hot cars in homes.Do we ban these? When I first saw these collars they looked very severe but have used them on my own dog for years with no detriment at all,Strong horses wear stronger bits but the hand is then lighter,The dog in the picture was abused by someone who should know better

  17. Headcollars have caused injury to dogs from improper use also so any training device is capable of causing harm if abused. Pinch collars are humane if not misused as any pressure on the neck is evenly distributed and dogs do not pull in them so there is no need to yank and jerk on the leash,We see plenty of dogs eyes popping choking themselves on flat collars.

  18. Be very careful what you guys post on here. Today someone sent me a message hoping a dog would mall and kill my baby. For the record. I do not support these collars or animal abuse. I only stated that I can see why a few people may use them, for dogs that might be a threat, or dangerous. I myself would never use one. The faced that someone would want to wish harm for me or my baby for making a comment like that is very scary. I love animals, and would never wish for an animal to be abused. Just because I think these collars may have a use dose not make me an supporter for animal abuse. Nor should I think this post, be an excuse to threaten peoples lives. My Children’s dad own one of these collars. If not for the use of it, their dads dog would have harmed someone. I believe my kids were 8 and 10 at the time of the incident. I have a child that was attacked by an animal, and a cousin who had his face ripped off by a dog. An animal is an animal, no matter how well trained.

    This is the Message I was sent today:

    You seriously have to be the dumbest bitch alive the fact that you go on pages about a collar and talk about how only
    Pitbulls would charge youre kid I hope that lab bites you’re kid because people like you give breeds a bad name because
    You’re a misinformed cunt. What’s funny is you proboly see other breeds and
    Tell you’re kids how cute they are which will more than likely get them bit because you think breed controls temperament I have a 5 month old pit that sleeps in my nieces crib so before you make a statement do some research because I’ve never heard of a lab being a nanny dog unlike pitbulls which have had that tilte for over 300 years so take you’re filing opinoins and shove them up youre ass

    Every dog has a breakin point if you were half the dog owner you think you are than you wouldn’t trust any dog around your kid not just pitbulls it’s not the dog it’s the owner cunt

  19. All you have to do is look at the photo and you can till it is a fake.
    The collar does not even have prongs on the back of the dogs neck.
    You people need to quit being so dumb and falling for every BS photo posted on the web.
    Pinch collars have been around for hundreds of years. They work great and don’t hurt the dog. You dummies who try to equate a dogs neck to a humans neck are especially dumb. Dogs bite each others neck with their fangs all the time when playing. Prong collars are not even sharp. the are rounded off. The spacing in the photo is all wrong, the angel of the wounds are all wrong and even where the marks are on the back of the neck are all wrong. LOOK AT THE COLLAR the prongs are only about a half inch wide. The wounds are the dog DON’T EVEN MATCH UP!

  20. The same group of people going on about prongs are the same group of people sending death threats to spielberg about shooting the dinosaur- complete ignorant stupid fucks that have no clue, to the lady that thinks working dogs get treats and pos training dont know anything you are making stories up and you are clearly grasping at straws with your bs, to the man that wants to come over and yank as hard as he can to prove his point, you dont know what the hell you are on about you are a moron go back to being upset about that dinosaur that was shot. The
    problem with people like you? you dont take the time to google what the prong actually does and you certainly fail to realize any tool can physically damage a animal, from flat collars to leashes, are you crying over those too? What really gets me is the woman who recieved an pm threat wishing her child would die, that is disgusting.

  21. That dog was abused some other way probably dragged by a car while wearing the collar. I have a very strong willed German Shepherd. The collar works great when I walk her, it’s a reminder to not run off chasing rabbits. She does not mind the collar at all. Dog abusers will abuse their dogs with whatever they can find. The collar is not the issue, people are.

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