UPDATE: Stolen Dog Found Dead; Help Find Murderers

The surveillance video is of poor quality, but hopefully will aid in the capture of these thieving murderers.

4.10.14 - Update - Missing Dog Miles Found Dead1

It is with great sadness that we bring you the tragic update on Miles, the Orange, California dog who went missing from a gas station after the car he was in was stolen.  He was found dead inside the vehicle, and we are asking you to please help owner Larry Burgoon find justice by getting the word out to find the individuals responsible for Miles’ death.

Larry was on his way to work very early on the morning of March 26th when he stopped at a Chevron gas station for coffee.  He regretfully left his Honda Civic running, and while he was inside, a white Ford F-150 pulled up.

4.10.14 - Update - Missing Dog Miles Found Dead5

A woman acted as a lookout while one of the two men inside of the truck got into the Honda and took off.

Larry and his fiancée were devastated.  They loved their little rescue dog so much that they even postponed their wedding to spend $7,000 for surgery to a slipped disc in Miles’ spine.  They offered a $1,000 reward for his return.

“I’m not worried about the vehicle,” Burgoon said. “I’m worried about getting Miles back.  The car, the contents of the car, they’re replaceable. Miles is not.”

4.10.14 - Update - Missing Dog Miles Found Dead2

Exactly two weeks later, Larry received the call he’d been dreading:  Orange police found the car in a business complex at East Lincoln Avenue and North Glassell Street.  Miles was still inside, dead, from dehydration or starvation.

Lt. Fred Lopez of the Orange Police Department says the car is currently being processed for DNA and fingerprints.

The police are searching for the three people involved in the theft.  The first is a white or Latino man with a shaved head, who at the time was wearing tan pants and a black sweatshirt.  The woman is either white or Latina with long dark hair, and was wearing blue jeans and a black sweatshirt.  The third person could not be seen on the surveillance video.

Anyone with information should please call the Orange Police Department at 714-744-7444.

4.10.14 - Update - Missing Dog Miles Found Dead4

Larry rescued the Cocker Spaniel-Papillion mix three years ago, and said his dog, who had been abandoned by his previous owner, followed him everywhere.  He couldn’t understand why the thieves wouldn’t have just let Miles out before ditching the car.

“I can’t believe people did that,” he said.

A Facebook page was started to help find Miles, but now people are joining to offer support to the grieving family.

4.10.14 - Update - Missing Dog Miles Found Dead6





5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Stolen Dog Found Dead; Help Find Murderers

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so angry i have no words. I pray these less than human heartless killersare caught and punished severely. I wish there was something i could do or say to relieve your pain and agony. So sorry.

  2. I am again horrified. I’m a hard arse 43 year old west Aussie that’s been brought to tears over this. A week back in perth Western Australia,Armadale thieves broke into someone’s house n snapped both back legs of Sheba. A kelpie cross that would only have been barking at intruders. I cannot get my mind around such senseless cruelty! We should bring back FLOGGING!!! I hope I can find out when they’re goin to court over it. I’ll be out the front n they will be goin in with snapped legs. STOP THE CRUELTY

  3. Fuck those bastards!!!!!!!! It makes me so angry. Pricks wouldn’t want to meet me!! I’d make em hurt sooooooo bad. Horrible undeserving of any leniency

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