Indiana Police Officer Caught Abusing K-9

“Anybody who loves dogs as much as I do is always saddened and shocked anytime you hear of a dog’s abuse. Please know that the Hammond PD does not condone that type of behavior of any of its officers, nor is it tolerated in this administration.”

5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 9

When a video appeared on YouTube of a Hammond, Indiana police officer abusing his K-9 partner, the city’s mayor took prompt action.  He spoke out against the abuse and saw that the man was suspended.  The officer is now being investigated and will hopefully face more than paid leave.

5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 11

The video, taken by a man inside a residence, shows the opprobrious officer repeatedly lifting the dog by his neck and striking him with what appears to be a chain leash before carelessly yanking him out towards traffic.

5.1.14 - Cop Abuses K-9 10

This is what Mayor Thomas McDermott had to say about the incident:

Anybody who loves dogs as much as I do is always saddened and shocked anytime you hear of a dog’s abuse.  When you find out it happened with an employee of yours, it makes it that much more shocking and disturbing.  Please know that the Hammond PD does not condone that type of behavior of any of its officers, nor is it tolerated in this administration.

The officer in question is being placed on Administrative Leave immediately, pending a further investigation.  He will have his canine removed from his control during this leave while the PD further investigates this matter.


The video below contains strong language and shows the officer’s abuse.







112 thoughts on “Indiana Police Officer Caught Abusing K-9

  1. Leave it to a PIG to think they can get away with everything.

    Please abuse that cop using the same method.

      1. The COWARD is the PIG abusing a fellow police officer, the one who trusts without hesitation, the one who would give his life for that PIG.

        If you, who claims to be a “lover of K9s,” are calling someone other than the cop hanging, choking and hitting that magnificent animal, YOU are the epitome of a coward.

        NEVER blindly defend ANYONE who treats another living being as this officer has treated this dog. You have lost your damn mind!

        1. I spent years with these SICKOS, and had plenty of time to figure out the mentality. This is not an isolated incident, it is in the vast majority of departments. If you want to learn more about it, go to

          There were several forms of retaliation for speaking out, and it might start up again if enough attention is focused on this (nothing enrages a demon like shedding light on his deviant behavior), but I don’t care. I entered into this with my eyes open.

          1. Sue, I hope you didn’t misunderstand my comment. I am in no way upholding what was done to the K-9. I love dogs, and have four pure bred Shepherds that live inside with me. I experienced 26 years working around and with these beautiful animals. I will read the stoplynching website. I can honestly say that it has not been my experience that abusing K-9’s is the norm. I personally believe the officer should be terminated. As another person commented, it would not be a far stretch for that officer to do the same to prisoners.

          2. The website has been changed to:

            And that video is very MILD compared to what is done to the dogs on the “training” field. And when they’re not on patrol, or being abused, they are kept in solitary confinement in a kennel, which is a form of psychological abuse, and it is purposeful. So much lying and covering up surrounding this brutality.

        2. Agreed. Wtf is this person thinking? This cop is a piece of shit and I hope that dog is ok. I wish they would have said more about the dog.

      2. Hey, if any citizen did this he’d get locked up for a LONG time for assaulting an officer!!! Why is not this shitbag “cop” locked up for the same?

    1. Give me about 10 minutes with that coward. I would love to teach the SLOB how humans are suppose to treat an animal. Guess it proves my point! Who would want to be a PIG but some macho self absorbed piece of trash!!!!!

    2. Fire that mother f’er then grab him my the neck off the ground and make him sit while you smack him in the face with his weapon the push him off into traffic.
      These dogs are trained to be loyal to there handlers.

  2. disgusting! He should be fired and charged with animal cruelty! And, with the stipulation of a lifetime ban on owning an animal! I am livid!

    1. He is not the only one. We should dismantle all the K9 units. I used to like the idea of the K9 unit until I became employed at a PD and found out the mentality of the people handling the dogs. The handlers at Ventura PD nicknamed their K9 unit “The Hang ‘Em High Club.” Cute, eh?

      For more info, see my website at – the links are at the bottom of the page

    1. Why BOTH? At least the guy took the time to GET THE EVIDENCE so that this loser could be properly dealt with. Sometimes it is necessary to take a back seat and observe so that cretins such as this cop can be nailed. And nailed GOOD.

      1. Evelyn, you are 100% right. What was the photographer to do? Confront the cop who has a gun and is obviously sadistic and possibly unstable? He could run the real risk of getting shot or even killed. Cops get away with so much today ; its a disgrace. And this was an assault against a fellow officer as Julie points out.

  3. He should be charged with felony assault against an officer. What a disgrace to the uniform. They should allow the dog to take his own revenge and bite the guy in the ass!! That sicko should be stripped of his badge.

  4. Thank you to whomever brought this to public attn! This was sickening to watch. Thank God for video. The officer needs mental help. Who would do that to their partner? To a dog/man’s BEST friend? “To Protect and to Serve”? NOT feeling safe tonight.

  5. That was not called for. Both the way the cop treated his K-9 partner and the way the person who filmed this with his excessive use of the f-word. I was offended by both. Let’s hope the cop gets more than paid leave.

    1. Good grief. So turn down your sound! He was appalled and so what is he did not express himself the way you would have preferred. Sheesh, lighten up.

    2. Stupid cow, …

      So you are offended by the language used, just as much as the abuse to the poor K-9 ?Are you off your meds ?

      The language was nothing.

      The ABUSE to the poor Dog by the police officer is ALL there is to see, it should shock you, you should not tolerate it, that man needs a huge fine and jail time from a felony assault charge.

    3. people are fucktards to be affected so easily by words.. sounds that are uttered by your mouth.. who gives a shit ! He was expressing himself which is part of your rights to free speech. & you put the swearing on the same level as the physical abuse?! FUCKing pussy.. fuck sensitive little bitch.. fuck fuck fuck….

      you’re probably in a state of shock now from the verbal tirade that you just had to read.. go pray to your baby jesus or shit like that … mentally weak.

  6. His K-9 should be permanently taken from him -not whilst on Administrative Leave !!!
    The Officer should be permamently relieved of all his duties – he should be dismissed from the Police Force and charged with cruelty. He is a disgusting human being who is not fit to ‘Serve and Protect’.

  7. He’s not just abusing a dog. He’s abusing, strangling, and whipping his partner. The partner that would lay down his life for this piece of scum. POS


  9. The question most of you need to ask yourself is; have you ever had a working dog with more drive than a professional athlete or the fittest fighter? Then about the struggle for dominance in a relationship with someone with that drive? That K9 didn’t out his treat when he was told and to the unassuming bystander it’s no big deal, however, when the dog wins in this one he assumes the alpha role in a relationship. In other words what could result is that if the K9 wins the treat….look closely for the ball. The handler loses some control. The reason he does this is because he cares about his partner and doesn’t want him to get hurt or hurt someone else because he refuses to listen. These dogs are not intended for everyday people to have and understand they are truly alpha types and do often bite the handlers but it’s something that the handler lives with because he loves his buddy and understands he’s part of his pack and is challenging him for alpha status in the family. This is not a bred down akc idea of a German shepherd. If you look at the k9 you’ll notice his tail wagging like crazy after the incident and his ears peaking… If you know anything about k9’s then you would know he’s ok with what dad did because he’s the boss. The k9 can’t be boss the safety of the officer, public, and K9 depend on this. This k9 is absolutely awesome and must have an amazing handler to have such ball drive and courageous personality for testing his dad. I’d venture to say not to many of the people ranting on here understand these dogs or have ever had the honor of working with them. Put it into human words if I told my child to do something and they didn’t do it after told to several times they would recieve a spanking. That k9 and his father are falling victim to people who have no knowledge of this and think the dog whisperer works?! That so called abused K9 is under more stress than he’s ever been under because of the seperation from his pack. I hope you all are happy and probably hate what I’m saying, but ask and understand before you place judgement. I would rather die lose my best friend… My K9 as I’m sure this k9 use to share pb&j with dad or throw ball with the kids… thank yourselves for your ignorance cause he’s sitting in a kennel now…

    1. are u fucking serious????? do u see other officers just “lose control” and abuse their K9s when they’re challenging “the role of the alpha/boss”??? listen to yourself, i wonder why the hell you stand up for the monster instead of the dog!!! and please, not all officers had to ABUSE their K9 partners when they’re not listening to orders, okay??? maybe because this abuser has issues thats why he can’t control his K9 partner…lover of K9s, my ass!!! just by looking at these pictures u know that’s abuse and nothing else, ok? maybe when you share the same experience as this poor dog then you will understand that you’re just “challenging the role of the alpha”. weirdo

    2. You are so fucking dumb… I bet you abuse your pets too. There are positive ways to handle an alpha dog. And if you hit a dog or a child out of anger than they can feel the anger towards them. There’s a difference in disciplining and lashing out. This cop is clearly angry and lashing out at his dog. This might cause the dog to become aggressive if he continues to be abused. You need to do more research and if you own any pets, you need to give them up because you clearly think hanging a dog by its neck is good.

      1. Anonymous,
        Clearly you feel that cops are the problem with society. I would assume you were picked on at some time and woe is me because someone failed you in your upbringing. That k 9 is not a pet. There is no arguing with you because whatever ration you here, you will deny ,whatever logic, or proven training you will deny or refuse to listen to but if that K9 had chased you down after running from that handler and it didn’t out that chunk of your hind end when it was told you’d have a different tale to tell. You should probably save your profane language and behavior for someplace that children couldn’t see it and I hope that you sleep well tonight because you will only do so because someone keeps the evil in this world at bay and it’s not people like you. Brave on the net hide and flight when it hits the fan in front of you.

        1. sounds more like a lover of PIGs not K9… obviously you dont even know how to train dogs the right way… you’ve got the american approach of abuse & intimidate into submission.. no respect for the dog therefore does not deserve respect for yourself! laying down their lives? what ?! Serve & protect is looong gone since 9-11… now it’s the same approach as you would train a dog, beat, shoot & intimidate & maybe ask questions later! Police need to be held accountable for their actions… no more carte blanche & protect hem for whatever actions/crimes they commit against the public they are supposed to be serving. If this was done to a human officer, then it would be unacceptable? Well if they can charge the public with assault on a police officer if you were to lash out on a dog, then the same law should be applied on the handler of said dog!

    3. Its people like you that cause me to lose hope in humanity… it is true these dogs are trained to do a job no ordinary household pet can do, but it is also true that they could successfully rip this cops arm off as if he was a dangerous felon, but the dog is humane enough not to even after being picked up by the collar and hit with a chain.
      K9 or not, dogs are here to please and ask for nothing in return so how dare anyone take advantage of that? This is not the proper way to discipline a dog, K9 or not.
      You’re disgusting.

    4. As someone who works with a Belgian Malinois, an even higher drive dog than a shepherd, I can tell you that this is abuse. If this cop does this to his partner, just imagine how he would treat people. And you, “lover of k9s” sound like you are making excuses for this behavior because it models your own.

    5. Hey there dip shit!! Yeah I seen the dogs tail wagging but that does not mean the K9 was enjoying getting the shit beat out of him!! I suppose you are one of them men that think it okay to beat the shit out his wife and kids cause they sneezed the wrong way!! Or because your child spilled the milk!! You think your tuff cause you have a badge!! Or do you have short mans syndrome!! What ever it is Karma is a BITCH!! Oh yeah… Let me tell ya I have been around K9’s my Uncle was a State Trooper and he NEVER EVER, EVER beat them for any reason!! So you are so full of shit it’s so pathetic!! Maybe you need the shit beat out of you a few good times!! I pity you!!

    6. Are you fucking serious? No amount of training should be abusive AT ALL! Whether the dog disobeyed or not. Some dogs getting beat daily by their inhumane owners and the dog will still wag their tails and love their abusive owner because that’s all they know! You jerk-off!

    7. Lover of K9’s, you have no idea whatsoever what you’re talking about. If the handler lost control of the dog it was because he had no control over himself. You do NOT hang a dog by its neck to prove dominance. That is just plain bloody cruelty. I hope this idiot got fired. He deserved it. The best thing that can happen to that dog is getting a new handler who knows how to deal with a dominant animal without abusing it.

  10. This media site should be ashamed of themselves for posting this crap…. No one asked a K9 handler or training agency about this before they smeared it all over the net…

    1. Change your name to hater of k-9’s. It’s very apparent that you are trying to hide behind the blue, unfortunately its also very obvious to me that you condone beating a animal. Would your thoughts and answers be the same if this was a ‘perp’ he was beating? Your a friend of the cop most likely than not, otherwise why would you be defending him so ardently? You and him are why more and more people have no trust in their LEO’s. Your sick and depraved comments only further our feelings and officer ( i choke as I say that) you ARE a PIG!!!!

    2. K-9 hater, please check yourself into anger management and quickly get some haldol you’re just not right!

  11. There are many children who are abused everyday and they still love their parents. Just because the k9’s tail is wagging doesn’t mean what was done to him was right! Dogs are very forgiving animals, but as a society we should not be so forgiving to those who cross the line.

  12. what a fucking asshole! i hope he gets his punishments and he better be fired for what he did to the poor dog. the world is getting worse and worse with mean people, how can anyone treat dogs so badly when they’re the only loyal ones??? i hope the dog is safe now, stop all abuse to animals, it is cruel and inhumane!!!

  13. what a disgusting monster!!! he should be fucking ashamed of himself, and he call himself a officer? thats just disgusting. instead of wasting his fucking time abusing a lovable dog, he should actually do his fucking job and help out the society. but no, he has to abuse the poor dog who stuck by him and not give a care about what he’s supposed to do. go grow a pair of balls and be a true man, dont hurt someone who is not ur size and who cannot defend itself. what a bitch, this monster is a shame to the human world, disgusting piece of shit!!!

    1. Do you have a drug problem? Somewhat sounds like you have a bias feeling towards peacemakers?! What’s life like hiding behind a PC? I’m sure if you were the victim of a crime you would definitely not call the PIG’s ( pride, integrity, and guts) you make it about cops in general and not even what had happened with the k9 not that I’m saying your right because you aren’t. I bet you have a bunch of conspiracy theories to share with the rest of the world too.

      1. K9 Lover which I doubt you are, you just haven’t been paying attention, have you? This is just the latest example of cops behaving badly towards dogs. There have been an epidemic of cops shooting family pets all under the guise of ‘had to protect myself.” In most cases we only have the owners or neighbors word against the cop who always gets the support of the dept and no video evidence. That’s why when someone sees a public servant behaving despicably get it out there along with his name, his department, his address, his picture. Shame the SOB so he loses his job, hopefully the wife divorces him and takes the kids and moves away, and all kinds of good things like that!

      2. LOL…. PIG’s ( pride, integrity, and guts)… my dog! you must be a pig! Only a PIG would think they have pride , integrity & guts!? Now a days it just means you were not able to go to real college & since you wre already a bully.. this was just a perfect match!
        In todays world, PIG is a Political Income Generator. I’ld sooner save a dogs life then a PIG!

  14. First of all I am a Republican!!! A staunch card carrying member of the GOP. With that said I am going to say something very Liberal. FUCK THAT PIG!!! He deserves to be relieved of duty and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. First of all one cares if your a republican or democrat cause being means you have some flawed judgement on what reality is.


  16. “Lover of K9’s” whilst you make some valid points, I disagree with your tone and a hell of a lot of what you’re saying. I personally know that not all enforcers of the law are bastards as my grandfather was a prison warden and my mothers godfather was an officer! HOWEVER, how do you expect people to know about this kind of thing if it is not “smeared” (as you so elequently put it) all over the internet. Justice sometimes needs action and not just from cops and courts. It sometimes needs some guy with a camera in a window, it needs a number people can call to complain. Get a life and stop insulting people.
    Enforcers of the law are not above the law.

    1. They think that they are because they do this shit and what happens? Nothing. I live in Seattle and a police office killed an innocent man just carving away at this wood he was carving, he was def in one ear and did not hear the officer and he got shot 5 times for doing nothing. Guess what happened to the ass hole? NOTHING why? Because he was a cop he was asked to resign and that is it. No criminal charges. Cops think they are above the law because of shit like that.

  17. All I’m saying is how many of the people saying all this negative stuff about the officer and his K9 have had a real working dog, KNPV, or Schutzhund dog. These k9’s are not a regular GSD you get from a puppy mill.

    1. My uncle trained military dogs for the Swiss army… high level Schutzhund… at no time there was abuse! It’s all about 2 way respect! His dog was able to be left alone with my niece in the playground & he would babysit & no how to behave in times of need. As far as I can see, the dog can make a better judgement call then you!

  18. Maybe we need to start screening the people who are supposed to serve and protect a little better..look into they’re past ask questions , if he can do this to a dog who’s to say he wouldn’t do it to a person. This is happening to often , we need to put a stop to it now !!

  19. This officer should be off the force, loser. Administrative leave, pending investigation, what is to investigate, the proof is in front of your eyes. Probably abuses women too. Little big man, someone should do the same to him. This needs to stop, too many so called officers of the law abusing animals and stay hidden behind their badge. Ruin it for the good officers.

  20. Ya know something – I think humans aren’t from this world. We abuse everything there is here. The plants and animals would have been just fine if we didn’t happen along. This police officer is a prime example. He needs to have a collar put around his neck and then get hoisted up off his feet. See how long he will enjoy the ride.

  21. What is going on with these cops and please folks, they’re not PIGS; that’s an insult to a smart decent animal. They’re disgusting humans. No other animal acts as horribly as we do. Is it the power trip they’re on? Cause a lot of them are pretty awful with other humans too.

    At least this one is getting punished. Most of the others seem to have gotten away with it and their repulsive departments support them.

  22. Looks to me like the k9 wasn’t listening so the police man gave
    His dog a swot and the put the dog in the car! He clearly didn’t
    Push the dog into traffic the dog ran itself into the

  23. lover of K-9 you are nothing but a joke
    you have no clue as to how to train Dogs
    I think that you’re a big joke!
    You must be a cat person
    I’ve worked with K-9 officer in the past local cop & feds and
    NO ONE EVER TREATED there partiers that way.

  24. I won’t even dignify this man with the title Police Officer. This man who shames the uniform of Police Officer needs to be fired and charged with animal abuse. Anything less than this indicates a less than thorough investigation and a bias toward the man.

  25. I really hope this officer is charged with a crime beyond animal cruelty, such as assault on a police office and does some time. That dog is supposed to be his partner, and relies on him to have his back. He should never ever be at risk because of the actions of his human partner. Better yet, use him to train k-9s but don’t give him the suit.

  26. where were the other officers when this cop was abusing his dog? did they just stand around and watch. i think they all should be punished.
    there are laws out there to prevent this kind of abuse. that poor dog to have someone he trusted do that to him. good job on whoever took that video, even if it meant that you had to hide to do it. i dont live in the state where this happened so im not worried that this cop looks for me.
    remove that dog at once and make sure that whatever other animals this cop has are removed also, if it did it to his k9partner what makes you think he doesnt do it with his other dogs, what about his children?
    CHARGE THE S.O.B. WITH ANIMAL CRUELTY do to him what he did to that poor dog, see how he likes it.
    oh & i live in iowa

  27. from all the hate post you all obviously don’t understand how drivey these working dogs are. He’s not abusing that dog – he’s trying to get him to drop his reward, (most likely a ball, and you can see him finally bend down and pick it up in the video).

    1. your ignorance is showing your saying that hanging a police officer by the throat and beating him with a chain is ok because he didn’t drop a ball. [he is an officer by police standards is he not] does this mean we as citizens can do the same when a officer doesn’t listen or protect like they most often do not how pathetic you are you . you actually believe this shit spewing from your mouth .people like you give the rest of us a bad name why don’t you do the world a favor and throw yourself in traffic ,waist of space air flesh .unbelievable

  28. Abuse such as this should not happen to any dog, however this is not ANY dog. This dog is a trained Law Enforcement Officer who daily puts his life on the line gladly to serve and protect not only the public, but his partner. The man, I will not call him a police officer because he does not deserve the distinction, should be fired immediately and never allowed to work as a public servant again….or be allowed to own an animal.

    Shame on you!!

  29. You know what else is really sad about this? That animal the k-9 officer would have given his life for the officer who abused him. This officer has done so much damage not just to the k-9 but to all other police officers who are decent human beings doing a sometimes thank less job. Because of the actions of this one bad apple people will judge all police officers by the actions of this officer. He dishonored all police that do their duty well. This k-9 endangers his life to protect and serve and is abused at the hands of a human officer that is also there to protect and serve He deserves to lose his job and spend time in jail just as a non officer would have for hurting a k-9 animal. When a citizen goes after and harms a police officer they throw the book at him I think they should do the same to the police officer who needs to be held accountable for his actions. He has done so much irrepairable damage to the k-9 and to all the upstanding police officers out there.

  30. What a sad excuse for an Officer! If you can call him that! I dont think admin leave is a good choice either. All that is, is a paid vacation. Throw his butt in jail with the other animal abusers.
    K9 lover you are just a troll trying to back up a fellow officer and failing miserably. All it has done is just continue to make you both look bad….. in a nut shell your both losers and the acronym you used for pigs doesn’t apply to either one of you!!!! LOSERS!!!!

  31. Administrative leaves? Why are you allowing him to still be employed? Charge him with assault on an officer! This miserable bastard needs to be in jail, where he can have the crap beaten out of him daily.

  32. This person (doesn’t deserve to be called a man) clearly has some personality disorders that he feels the need to treat a dog in that manner, in broad daylight, on a busy street with people all around. That his badge allowed him to get away with it is disgusting. He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law or something is wrong in that town… and to the same extent that a person facing the dog and harming it while it was on duty would. Unacceptable, cowardly and the reason good cops get a bad wrap.

  33. Lover of K9’s, REALLY. Maybe he has to go to those lengths to try and force dominance on the dog because he doesn’t DESERVE to be the dominant one in the relationship. Are you really going to try and make us believe that every officer treats his dog that way? Please, we aren’t ignorant. You may be right that the majority of us could not handle that dog but CLEARLY neither should he be allowed to. The dog doesn’t respect him as the leader so he doesn’t obey him as such. Give him to a REAL leader that the dog can respect. Trying to justify your stance by saying he was wagging his tail sounds like a lot of child abusers who say that they HAD to beat the hell out of their child to get them to obey but hey, they still come up and hug me after and say I Love You Mommy. The child still relies on the parent who beats them for food and love, that doesn’t mean they are happy getting beat and I’m pretty flipping sure the same is true for that dog.

    My sincere hope is that he is prosecuted to the same extent that any other person assaulting an officer would be. The dog can be re-partnered with someone who knows how to lead and gain respect in a manner that the K9 is willing to follow him… or HER!!!

  34. You all are a bunch of dumb fools for not watching that video closely. I see that the officer has a reward in hand, and that the K-9 has a high drive, or in reality, has a high prey drive, and the Handler is inducing the K-9. We are the subject expert matters in training dogs, and you fools don’t know shit about any of this shit. How about this, youtube some videos and see what they do to these dogs on there…….you actually might learn something!!!!!!

    1. Yo Patrick, I learned your a dick and it’s too bad your dumb ass doesn’t have a collar around your neck being held in the air and struck in your ignorant fat mouth with the leash… How about that you overbearing self important idiot driven fucktard! Karma on your big mouthed, small dicked pecker head.

  35. This is taking that syndrome where some officers are in the job for the joy of control vs. the upholding of the law to a whole new level. Fire him. He will do this to a human too Hammond PD.

  36. I hope the policeman was fired and he gets some help. I hope the dog gets a loving handler or he won’t be of any use as a police dog. It is a shame with all the training. The policeman should have some training too in anger management. No dog does anything to deserve that kind of treatment.

  37. This asshole should be fired BUT before he gets fired someone should do to him what he did to that poor innocent LOYAL police canine — only worse. Choke the SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is dispicable and a scumbag. I hope he rots in jail, never ever gets a job again and should never be allowed to own an animal or even be in contact with one. He thinks because he is a cop he can be a tuff guy. Well how “macho” is this loser that he has to abuse a dog. He is a real pig !!!!!!!!!!! Lowlife piece of scum.

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  39. I have worked around military working dogs on deployment and I have never seen a Marine handler or other service member do this. In fact I know for a 100% certainty that if anyone of us saw this type of thing happening that handler would have been man handled even worse and then the abuser would be limping into his NJP. Hell we saw ANA abusing a stray dog in Helmand Province and lets just say he got his from us then again by his fellow Afghans… Of course I think they just kicked his ass for pissing us off.

  40. This is a poor excuse for a cop (But lately this kind of behavior doesn’t surprise me from police officers) This guy needs to be removed from k9 unit permanently!!!!!! An fined an suspended without pay!! An average citizen would b punished more than he will i bet on it. Cops are favoured way to much an receive treatment.

  41. The cop should be charged with “assaulting a Police officer!!!” If a civilian hurts a K-9 officer, they’re charged, so the same should hold true for his “partner”!

  42. all make me sick! I so thank the Creater for these angelic beings (Dogs) for the absolute love that they show for all of us humans. They have brought such balance and calm in my life as well as others. To even wrap my head around the thought of anyone abusing these precious creaters is too much. I am so tired of hearing about the abuse of these animal from ignorant low class cilivians but, to see it done equally by those hired to serve and heartbreaking.
    I cried for this beautiful animal. and for so many more of them…tortured by humans. Cant you just give them a break…leave them alone? I had begun to heal my hate for police officers, after they murderd my twin brother in Sandeigo. I was informed that He was homeless? I was told he was asking a woman for some change, He was 6″3″ and may have been intmaditing…she called the good ole boys (Saneigo Police’ they sicked a canine on him..after the dog..God bless it” did the job They trained him to do, my poor brother in self defense stabbed the dog..the police then shot him sevral times..I forgot how many, enough to make him swiss cheese.
    i had began to respect some officers again. Some are good and their job is crazy stressful..having a dog allows some, some balance and anger management.
    Unfortunately…this low life human has no respect for this magnifecent being.
    This has brought me back to distrusting cops.
    he will get what he due time. There is no dept in the universe that ever goes unpaid.
    (Sorry about all the typo’s, don’t feel like spell checking!)

  43. that officer obviously has some power and control issues to mistreat a loyal dog and partner like that. his fellow officers should all get together and beat his A.. really hard . he definitely shouldnt work with animals or own any

  44. This man has no right being an officer. Just think, if he treats his partner badly , he must treat the people he sworn to protect the same way. Fire the bum! He has no rights wearing that uniform.

    1. He would not drop his toy. I guess it’s protocol to abuse your partner for not releasing their reward. Mind you, the police ALWAYS (officially) do things by the book.

  45. There are TWO police cars in these pictures. Whoever else was there and did nothing to stop this abuse should be punished also.

  46. This so called cop is an evil, wicked bastard and should not be allowed to work with children and animals anymore. He should receive the same treatment meted out to that obedient dog, that was still willing to do his job after that illtreatment. If he does this kind of behavior when on the job, in view of John Public, what does he really do behind close doors? What a disgrace!!!!

  47. Doesn’t sound right…

    Hammond, Ind. Police: K-9 Officer Did Not Abuse Dog, Will Get Additional Training
    (CBS) – A Hammond, Ind. police officer has been cleared of abuse allegations following a viral video that showed him lifting a police dog in the air by the animal’s collar.
    The officer was put on paid administrative leave on April 30 after cell-phone video surfaced showing him treating his K-9 in a manner that some viewers considered abusive. In addition to holding the dog in the air by the collar, the officer slaps at the dog’s shoulders with a leash.
    The incident, which occurred after a traffic stop, prompted angry calls to Hammond’s city hall.
    Hammond police say they reviewed the circumstances and determined the officer was trying to quickly dislodge a ball from the dog that had been given the animal as a reward. Time was of the essence because the K-9 handler needed to help another officer who was detaining a suspect, Police Chief John Doughty said in a statement.
    “The handlers at our department love and care for their K9 partners; they nor the department would ever inflict or allow abuse within the unit,” he said.
    The officer, however, used the leash in a manner that was “outside the handler’s normal routine and training.” He will receive additional training, the chief said.
    The officer returned to work Monday and is paired with the same K-9.

  48. I see two police cars in the background. Another cop was present. Who filmed this? What charges are facing the cop(s) who watched and did nothing? Also, what is his name.

    Subsequent comment from a reader seems to quote a news article that incident occurred during a trafic stop and officer a llegedly was trying to quickly dislodge a ball from dog that had been given as a reward.” I cannot be the only one who sees huge holes in that story.

    Taxpayers please pay attention. People who abuse animals get bored and move quickly to abusing people. This cop is one step away from police brutality claims. and your tax money pays for it.

  49. Just because they wear the uniform does not mean they love animals, terminate him, on leave why? he is no better than any criminal, I wonder how he treats people he arrests.

  50. I am quite disappointed to see a white cop abuse an K-9 Officer. An officer who has been trained to protect, serve, and to take a bite out of crime. Either the tax payers or/and donations had made this beautiful K-9 officer a reality for the city of Hammond. Unfortunately, K-9’s are not trained to seek out and battle bad, crooked, distasteful, disgraceful, evil, idiot, stupid, and dishonorably in fashion and characterized cops. But a true compassionate and honorable police office would respect his partner, friend, protector and warrior against crime, his K-9. Obviously the mayor of Hammond as well as the Hammond Police Department thinks paid leave is an generous sanction against this cops ego. No it is not. Both Authorities, the City of Hammond and the Hammond Police Department has failed this K-9. The City of Hammond does not deserve this beautiful and compassionate K-9 Officer. Does this K-9 Officer have the same civil rights as a police officer? In this case, this K-9 doesn’t even get a paycheck, let alone burial insurance like most respected K-9’s. This total incident is inexcuseable and it is a disgrace to the maker of all of Gods Creatures, God. God is the one who some people want to be omitted from our morals. Indeed, the Hammond Police Department’s Chief of Police needs to check his rules of morality towards K-9’s. Jack W. Heiny, Jr.

  51. Disguisting. And yes u should be charged w assault. So tough beating a defensless animal not to mention the dog is there to help n protect you!!!!!!!!!!! You should be beaten w a chain leash and strangled. You make me sick!!!!!!!!!! What r u talking about suspended the coward should be fired jailed and never allowed to own a animal again!

  52. This is so sad…
    Unfortunately I once witnessed something similar. When I yelled stop it ! I was told not to interfere because if I came closer the animal may attack me. I did not listen. I continued to repeat and yell why are you abusing that dog! Another officer approached me and told me I needed to leave. Then a woman came up and started yelling at him also. So he stopped hurting the dog and proceeded to put the dog in the car.
    We should all speak up when we witness abuse of any kind. You may not make a difference in the world but you will make a difference and may save a life.

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