Man Rescues Fox & Becomes Its Best Friend

He’d go on (leashed) walks, eat out of dog bowls, and even give belly!

5.22.14 - Cropper the Fox1

An oldie, but worth sharing:  Back in 2007, a man named Mike Towler rescued a fox that had been badly attacked and was suffering from toxoplasmosis.  He named the little guy Cropper, adopted him and became best friends with him.

Cropper had been attack by a dog and was left to battle toxoplasmosis on his own.  Out in the wild, he would have died.  Mike took him in and got him proper medical care.  He nursed Cropper back to health, but because of his injuries, he could not survive on his own.

Mike Towler with rescued red fox in garden. Kent, UK, May 2009.

Because dogs and foxes are related, it should come as no surprise that living like a dog was heaven for Cropper.  He’d go on (leashed) walks, eat out of dog bowls, and even give belly!  He loved snuggling up with the kitties, but mostly he liked to hang around with Mike.

It is rumored that Cropper has since crossed the rainbow bridge, but Mike continues to take in orphaned fox cubs and raise them until they can be released back into the wild.  Some move on and establish their own territories, but some stick around for dinner each night.

5.22.14 - Cropper the Fox3











43 thoughts on “Man Rescues Fox & Becomes Its Best Friend

  1. Iffox ox ‘fox m amazed some “animal control” or other group didn’t take the fox away from him.

  2. Saint francis assis is blessing this man because this man protect the fox in the same way he loves the wolf. The video is amazing an I wish that there more like Mike,.

    1. The pope is human ! ! ! Is.42:8 God will NOT give his glory to another ! catholics , borrow a bible and read it !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. More people would be willing to help animals like this but wild animals can kill people. If they were all nice like this fox, we’d have all kinds of crazy pets!

  4. This makes for a wonderful story. But I have a dear friend who’s uncle raised a bobcat cub and their family became quite attached to the animal. As it aged it became far less social and tame and they were forced to release it into the wild. The lesson learned here is that wild animals are best left wild as is their nature. Mother Nature was managing quite nicely long before mankind even existed.

    1. “…because of his injuries, he could not survive on his own.” Thought maybe you didn’t read this part.

    2. your dear friends uncle probably kicked the daylights out of it thats why they return to their instinctive ways. Any animal can be domesticated if its treated properly.

  5. One of the remarks in this comments list mentioned someone who owned a bobcat, but, sadly, had to release it as it aged. Well, a bobcat can NOT be compared to a fox. A bobcat is a big cat, and big cats are known for being dangerous. I have never heard of a fox harming a human, nor stalking human prey. Totally silly thing to say.

  6. Every time I’m ready to give up on the human race and consign myself to the idea man is hopeless, along comes someone like this, and I’m reminded that there are still a lot of good people left out there.

    I hope this guy has nothing but good things in store for the rest of his life.


  7. And to think in England they make a sport of chasing down and killing these beautiful animals. Fox hunting is sadistic and disgusting.

    1. Wow…thanks there… I’m from England….. We’re not all stuck up posh people drinking tea in our mansions and going out on hunting trips every day on our ponies with our hunting dogs. Oh, and by the way, it is illegal to be found hunting foxes in the UK. Read up on your facts before condemning an entire nation.

  8. Another BS story that gives the impression wild animals are safe to raise as pets.
    There WILL BE a story in near future about this guy getting bit or a friend of his, even worse yet a kid that comes over. There is a reason they are called WILDlife people. The wild is not breed or raised out of them in the first generation, or even 10. It takes hundreds of generations at least to start getting them even possibly domesticated. Leave the animals in the wild, if they die oh well its nature.

    1. A comment, which is incorrect as it is callous, by a person who is obviously so self-absorbed that he has lost all touch with humanity and compassion. You clearly didn’t understand the article. The fox couldn’t be released back into the wild, did become socialized with this man, never showed aggression during its’ life, and this man now releases his rescues back into the wild after rehabilitation. You Brian, are a vile excuse for a human.

      1. Vile uh? That is hilarious 🙂 I read the stupid article and think its funny that you disney lovers think wild animals belong in homes. I don’t care less if its a squirrel, deer, fox, bear or elephant. They are WILD animals and DO NOT belong in homes, PERIOD! I hope the F’en thing turns on the guy and like I said not some poor kid. Which more than likely will be the victim.

        1. How many people have to repeat the same thing before it gets into your heads? The man took in ONE fox to help it get better. He would have had the intention of releasing it had it chosen. The fox decided to stay. He now continues to take in foxes to help them then release them. This is practically the same for any other wildlife rescue group. People do not just take in wild animals for the hell of it. I could go on but I doubt any of this would actually sink in. A hell of a lot of you seem to have entirely closed minds on this. And I will end here before I lose patience with you select group of combined idiots.

    2. Actually Foxes raised in Russia became essentiALLY dOGS AFTER 8-10 GENERATIONS OF SELECTIVE BREEDING.

  9. Now this is good news. Why do we have so much war and hate crimes in the news…it only makes more grow. This fox story is the best thing I found all day on the Internet. Thanks for that. SCW

  10. I too, married a fox, but within one generation (20 years) she had gained 45 pounds an had become a dog, more specifically, a bitch.

  11. The greatest Soviet spy, Kim Philby, had a tame female fox. (A Beirut maid threw her off a balcony as an “unclean” animal.)

  12. read every feed back, wild animals can make good pets if the right person is keeping them. I have a coyote from a pup that its parents were killed and its better then any dog I ever had. Oh one thing everyone should remember when someone says they are a expert and has only one view they are mostly incorrect

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