Older Dog Goes from Abandoned and Hungry to Forever Home

No one knows when or where Delbert was abandoned but he had obviously been without food for weeks when he finally found his way to the rural road where ARFhouse

Delbert when rescued
Delbert when rescued

No one knows when or where Delbert was abandoned but he had obviously been without food for weeks when he finally found his way to the rural road where ARFhouse is located. He most likely was drawn to the sound of dogs barking.

Initially, Delbert would not allow anyone near him. However, after a few days of being enticed with canned food, he let a volunteer pick him up. He may have been so weak, he no longer could run!

As the pictures show, he was so emaciated upon arrival.  His hair loss was another byproduct of his starvation and not a result of a skin condition or mange.

Delbert became friendly with ARFhouse staff right away, though he exhibited depression and listlessness for weeks. After a bit of time, though, he became increasingly animated with people. He had a hearty appetite and enjoyed the canned Pedigree the staff offered him daily.

Delbert remained at ARFhouse for months and the staff thought he would spend the rest of his life there, since he was an older dog.

Delbert with Diane
Delbert with Diane

One day, though, a woman named Diane came to adopt a dog and was immediately drawn to Delbert. She liked his personality, which was really blossoming, and she wanted a mature dog. As is evident in the picture of Diane and Delbert on his adoption day, his transformation is almost miraculous!  Diane renamed him Dillon because he is the “marshal” of her back yard. He loves to lay in the yard, watching all of the wildlife, particularly the squirrels, and chase them into the trees.

Happy endings inspire us all!


ARFhouse is a care-for-life canine sanctuary, caring for 280+ dogs on 45 acres in north Texas.  The facility’s mission is to rescue abused and/or abandoned canines and give them safe haven in a clean, secure environment until they are adopted.  Those that aren’t adopted have a place at ARFhhouse for life

15 thoughts on “Older Dog Goes from Abandoned and Hungry to Forever Home

  1. I am 63 and have always loved dogs but I more fully appreciate them now. We have an Aussie we got from rescue 2 years ago and she is just amazing. This story about Dillon is heart warming and inspiring!!

  2. My parents did animal rescue for years and picked up so many dogs (and cats) that looked in as bad a shape (some worse with mange) as Delbert did. They were all transformed into beautiful animals. The biggest surprise were how many were purebreds, especially since the majority of the animals they saved were taken from the slums of NY. I, myself, have 2 beagles from a kill shelter in Kentucky that were skin and bones. They are gorgeous now and totally unrecognizable from their old state. A rescue is the best dog you can have since they appreciate (they really do know) that you saved their lives.

  3. Isn’t he beautiful?! Lucky Diane! Congratulations! Thank you for your big heart. May you have many happy years together. Good boy, Dillon. Take good care of your new mom.

  4. Houston alone has over 1 million stray animals, Texas can and must do better. Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward do an amazing job and have published photographs of some of the saddest cases I have ever seen, fortunately they also publish after photos. 🙂 Please adopt, don’t shop, spay and neuter, microchip, fence your yard or build a run and teach your children to treat animals with love and respect. Delbert and the lovely woman who adopted him have saved his life and the life of teh dog who took his place. Kudos all round.

  5. God bless you both with a happy long life together. Thanks Diane for opening your heart to a rescue dog. He looks beautiful and healthy 🙂

  6. So wonderful! I’d never know this was the same dog at all. What a difference love makes.

  7. Thank you Diane, many blessings come into our lives in many forms, shapes and sizes. It disturbs me so much to see dogs tied up outside peoples homes or dogs living outdoors, they have feelings too and wish to live indoors with us, and these owners wonder why their once non-aggressive dog becomes aggressive, it doesn’t take a genious to figure out but some people are such morons. For those whom are currently not dog/cat owners adn plan on getting one in the future, keep your pets indoors!, if you can’t tolerate the smell or their presence in your home then don’t get an animal, it would be selfish and heartless to keep them outdoors. If you think it’s not selfish then why don’t you trade places with your pet and have them live indoors and you can live in the “dog” house.

  8. I love stories like this. Gives you hope for all us humans and dogs alike. A scratch on the butt for all !!!

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