Dog Abandoned and Tied to Post with Electric Cord Is Rescued

A neighbor heard the dog barking and called animal control to report the pet. An animal control officer was immediately dispatched to rescue the abandoned dog.

The Connecticut Humane Society in Waterford wants to know who abandoned a sweet-natured, two-year-old, female Boxer just a short distance away from their front door. The dog was found tied to a post with just two feet of slack, but what surprised rescuers is that instead of being tied with a leash the pet’s previous owners used an electric cord.

“I am not happy,” Waterford Animal Control officer Robert Yuchniuk told WWLP News. “Abandoning an animal is a crime in the state of Connecticut. It’s an arrestable offense under the animal cruelty statutes.”


A neighbor heard the dog bark early in the morning and called animal control to report the pet. Around 1:00 a.m., Officer Yuchniuk arrived at the fence where the dog had been tied and abandoned, and rescued her. He was glad to have found the dog in good condition because she could have been easily attacked on that fence by a coyote.

Authorities are now hoping the community helps them capture the person(s) who abandoned the dog.

Rescuers don’t know anything about the dog’s past, but for now they are concentrating on ensuring the dog gets the help she needs and finds a loving forever home where she will be appreciated.

If you or anyone you know, have information on who could have abandoned this dog, please call Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control at 860-442-9451.

34 thoughts on “Dog Abandoned and Tied to Post with Electric Cord Is Rescued

  1. I’d like to know too, so I can tie a freaking electric cord around their neck!! Anyone who abuses helpless animals needs to be abused themselves!!!! Sorry, just my opinion…..

    1. I feel the same way. As I said so on the other site I hope he smokes marijuana and someone laces it with poison ivy so it would burn that SOB’s lungs.

    2. YES I AGREE TOTALLY—-ANYONE WHO ABUSES AN ANIMAL NEEDS TO BE TIED TO A TREE, POST, POLE WHATEVER AND LEFT THERE FOR A FEW DAYS….WEATHER OR NOT….NOW more an more dogs tied up, jst saw one for senior dog for 13 years—13 YEARS my god>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..

  2. What a sweet face! Glad to know someone reported this travesty. She’ll be a great companion for someone else now.

  3. Hope she was chipped……maybe the idiots can be held accountable. Yes, people ARE stupid enough to abandon a dog they had chipped.

  4. Some people just deserve to be executed by stoning and their remains just abandoned on a forgotten dirt road.

  5. I hope and pray someone will provide her with a loving home. Who ever had her was not deserving of her love.

  6. So sad to hear these things .how can anybody do such a thing to an inocent dog .so cute when you look into its eyes they seems to love him more then ever

  7. They need to pass a law,.that if you own a has to be registered and many dogs and cats are left to defend themselves.people do not respect life in any form.

  8. Hope they find the person that did this and punish them. Happy the dog was rescued, I hope he find a forever home that will love and care for him…..

  9. I am so happy that this wonderfuldog was rescued. Now, how can we begin to punish those of us (sorry to admit that they are part of us) who are so ignorant and abusive. There must be a way to may them pay for these abuses.

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