Dog Lost for Three Years Returns Home Thanks to Microchip

Three years ago Kurmy jumped his home’s fence and ran away. He was recently picked up, scanned for a microchip and reconnected with his original owners.

Never underestimate the power of a microchip. For the Griffith family, their black Labrador is back home after he was lost for three long years, because the pet was microchipped  when the family first got him.

Kurmy lived in King, N.C., but three years ago he jumped his home’s fence and ran away. The Giffiths looked for him but never found him, and after months of empty searches, they gave up all hope of ever being reunited with their loved pet.


At the beginning of August, a pet owner from Pfafftown, N.C., found the dog and took him to Pfafftown Animal Hospital. There, he was scanned for a microchip and thanks to it, Kurmy was reunited with his family.

When the hospital called the Giffiths, they couldn’t believe Kurmy was alive.

“We were like, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah, it’s the microchip,'” Donielle Griffith told My Fox 8.

Microchips have been reuniting lost pets with their owners more than ever. Guilford County Shelter executive director Marsha Williams said that they used to have a 1 percent redemption rate with microchipped dogs. The number was so low because most pet owners never activated the chips or forgot to update the information whenever they moved or changed phone numbers. Today however, the Guilford County Shelter has a 98 percent redemption rate and this is because pet owners today are more proactive about keeping microchips’ information up to date.

The Griffiths family is complete once again and this was thanks to their pet’s microchip.

10 thoughts on “Dog Lost for Three Years Returns Home Thanks to Microchip

  1. microchipped with a registered chip! Make sure you register your chip if the location who chips your pet does not. That is how we got our rescue basset. He was chipped with an unregistered microchip and no ID tag. Owners didn’t come looking for him with animal control. The town he was in had no pound and they said none of the rescues they called would take him because he had a small gaping wound under his arm from a dog attack. So they were going to have to put him down if no one adopted him that day. Word got around and I went and picked him up. The city paid for his vet care and meds and I took him home. He is doing great. I’m sure someone must miss him, but there was no way to track them down. Make sure the chips get registered by you or the facility that chips the animal!

    1. I have left mine with our vet’s contact information and my vet has my information. I did it this way based on their suggestion.

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