Dog Thrown from Moving Car on N.J. Parkway Recovers While Police Search for Abusers

State Trooper Tara Karagias transported the pet to the an animal hospital. The dog suffered severe injuries but veterinarians were able to stabilize the dog and save its life.

On August 9, 2014, a brown female mixed terrier is believed to have been maliciously thrown from a moving vehicle traveling on New Jersery’s Parkway. The dog was hit by another vehicle but it miraculously survived and now police is searching for the dog’s abusers.

Photo Credit: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

The abuse took place around 1:00 p.m. in the southbound express lanes near Exit 116 in Holmdel Township. The car who accidentally hit the tossed dog was driven by a woman, and this person stopped to aid the dog. The woman called authorities for help and stayed with the injured pet until State Police arrived on scene.

According to, State Trooper Tara Karagias transported the pet to the SPCA, and then to the Red Bank Animal Hospital.

The dog suffered severe injuries but veterinarians were able to stabilize the pet and save its life.

On August 11, 2014, the pet was released back to her owners and they said their pet was taken away from them without their consent. Authorities believed the dog owners were not involved in the incident and have an open investigation to determine who took the dog and if the pet was indeed thrown from the moving vehicle.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case. If you have any information, please call 732-312-7153.

85 thoughts on “Dog Thrown from Moving Car on N.J. Parkway Recovers While Police Search for Abusers

  1. Too bad more humans aren’t humane. I hope they find them and throw them out the window. Heal quickly, sweet baby.

  2. This b.s. is starting to happen way too often…and they’re hardly ever caught. What the HELL is wrong with people?

  3. Who does this shit? Do they think dogs have no feelings? Like Traci said this is happening way to often. Time to stop this abuse and hold these people accountable.

  4. Traci, this BS has always happened it just wasn’t being reported as widely until social media came about. I have personally taken in several abused and abandoned dogs over more than forty years.

  5. Oh I hope this sweet baby makes a full recovery and is blessed with a loving forever home. Thank you State Troope Tara Karagias for helping! <3

  6. What the hell is wrong with people, their day will come. It’s just a damn shame we won’t be there to see it. Prayers go out to the jersey pup in all hopes for a full recovery and a chance at a new life in a loving home.

  7. I see so many stories or dogs being thrown from cars, I often wonder if the dogs are not accidentally getting out on their own, by stepping on power window buttons, I’ve heard of a few occasions where dogs have jumped out and it’s not the owners fault, they never thought the dogs would jump. Not that this dog was or wasn’t, but can you imagine if your dog accidentally jumped out and everyone was out to hang you, would it be easy to come forward? Just food for thought that’s all.

  8. Wrong in so many ways, we have a guy here in washington state that tied explosives to a yellow lab and wont be charged with anything because the dog did not suffer.

  9. Prompt recovery sweet thing. I hope they find those idiots, and they throw them not out, but under the train.

  10. Lets hope, for once, the NJ Police find those responsible and HAVE to use ‘lethal force’ to detain them, I for one, will be right behind the NJ Police……..!!!

  11. Wanda, that’s a possibility. But most drivers wouldn’t just keep driving…Or at least I wouldn’t.

  12. I hope the MF that did this gets some karma back at them ten [email protected] for the dog jumping out of window…really!…the owner is responsible for their safety just like u would ur child…they r our fur BABIES after all…

  13. People are so sick and inhumane anymore. Of they are going to do that kind of sh*t to a dog, they shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place!!

  14. This will never stop unless they the abusers get prison time and Big Big fines a mistomeanor just won’t cut it.give them 3 yrs behind bars with shock therpy see how they like that . we need to get these mean nasty cruel people off our streets I prefer off the planet . but can’t have every thing..

  15. Poor ” INNOCENT”. May she heal quickly and if she was thrown from a moving car there had to be a witness if it happened at 1:00 in the afternoon. I hope someone steps forward and gives a description of the car. We as animal lovers must also be their advocates and raise our voices to get the laws changed so that animal abuse is punished as a serious crime everywhere.

  16. I hope the poor baby makes a full recovery, love you sweetie. Maybe we should get together and find this person and throw them out a car window at a 100 miles per hour.

  17. Wow im so glad he survived whoever did that needs to get thrown outof a bus on a highway!!!! I’d do it myself if i were old enough to drive.

  18. I would like to throw the asshole from the car- so they would know how this poor dog felt. sometimes I can hardly believe the cruelty and stupidity of some people

  19. Sick people…hope they find them and throw their ass out of the car!!!!With nobody to help them though!! Just saying..

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  21. hope whoever did this is caught & prosecuted. may this sweet little one recover & find a loving home.

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