I Stole My Own Dog Back

Thanks to the stupidity or right decision of the dog snatcher(s) to leave Moey’s own collar and tags on, the dog is back where he belongs.

For eight weeks, the Falk family from New York city’s West Village neighborhood searched for Moey, their poodle-Bichon-Shih-Tzu mix, stolen on June, 25, 2014. The pet owners plastered the neighborhood with over 400 “Lost Dog” flyers, searched the area, reported the theft to police, checked area shelters and followed up on fictitious leads, but nothing they did brought them closer to finding their pet. Finally, after almost 2 months of searching, their beloved dog was found.

The pet was stolen when 52-year-old Peter Falk, tied the dog to a pole and crossed the street to talk to construction workers. When he turned around, Moey was gone.

The day the dog vanished, Moey was wearing his red leash and a colorful collar with all of his tags on –  rabies, dog license and name tag. What Yelena Falk never expected, was to find her dog outside someone else’s home still wearing his collar and tags.

Photo Credit: Yelena Falk
Photo Credit: Yelena Falk

The family was willing to pay a $1,000 reward to whoever gave them information leading to a happy reunion, but this same reward motivated many  scammers to contact the family with false information.

Finally, on August 18, Yelena received the call she had been waiting for.

According to AM New York, a good Samaritan who had no idea the dog had been stolen was concerned for the pet. The dog had been tied outside an apartment building for some days and the woman wanted to contact her neighbor – who she thought was the dog’s owner – and ask why the dog had been outside and neglected for so long.

The woman walked over to dog and dialed the phone number on the dog’s tag. When Yelena answered, the tipster was confused, but after all she gave Yelena the location of her dog.

That same day Yelena drove to Queens with her 78-year-old mother to get her dog back. She contacted local police first but the local precinct was unwilling to assist in the dog’s retrieval.

Determined to get her dog back, Yelena drove to the address without the authorities.

“As we got there, I saw my pup all alone, tied up outside,” said Yelena. “I then did the only sensible thing: Jumped out of the car, grabbed him, ran back to the car and sped off. You can say I stole my dog back!”

Thanks to the stupidity or right decision of the dog snatcher(s) to leave Moey’s own collar and tags on, the dog is back where he belongs.

“We are so, so happy! Life is good again!” Yelena said.

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  1. Glad he’s safe and back with his loving family. What awful people to steal a dog and then neglect the poor baby.

    1. Prior to simply passing judgement – pls see my comment on this thread. Unfortunately, there are other factors and in this case I wish my husband was a “dumb ass” rather than what he truly is – a disabled person,suffering from brain damage that affects every area of his functioning

  2. So glad Moey is back home! I hope his owners have learned a valuable lesson that you can never leave your pets unattended. Not even for a few seconds.

    1. Can’t stand people that tie their dogs up and then go into a store or restaurant even for a minute. Would you tie your kid up at a pole and run off to do errands? Bring the dog home first; yes, it may be inconvenient but so what? This dog was small enough that he could’ve carried her to talk to the construction worker. Irresponsible in my opinion. Glad the dog is ok.

  3. I have left my tagged dogs tied outside a shop before now… no-one stole them. Maybe the owner thought it was better/safer to leave Moey across the road, away from the construction site! You wouldn’t expect your dog to be snatched from under your nose! And they did make every effort to look for him. Very happy that they got him back, and sorry that Moey had to suffer this experience x

    1. princess-Do you actually believe that your dog will not be stolen from in front of a store in the future, because it hasn’t happened so far? That is very naive. You need to know that people steal dogs from yards, in front of stores, cars etc. for the a number of reasons:

      * to use a live bait in dog fights. Your dog will be torn apart.
      * to sell to labs for experiments or dissection
      * Sadists steal them just to torture them

      If you think these types of people are rare, again, you are naive. Don’t allow them the opportunity by leaving your dog out of your sight, even while in a store.

    2. Really you think in NY it is ok to leave a dog tied to a pole, and no one will steal or mess with them? Come back to reality!

    1. People who steal pets belonging to others are usually not the kind of people who actually care about the animals or other people.

  4. Thank god she was found! I would never tied my dog and left her alone just to go across the street to chat, why not bring her along? Dog lovers all know that their dog just want to be by their side all the time. How stupid are some people?! Poor dog, the ending could had been much worser!

  5. Leave it to the cops to be to stupid & unconcerned to help. Stolen pets are on the rise…..BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU LEAVE YOUR PETS !!

  6. So happy he’s home again but I hope you learned from this and never leave your dog alone not even for a minute ever again.

  7. I love all the people throwing stones at this man. This family obviously loves their dog very much! The lengths they went to to find him show that. I’m sure he never thought someone would take his dog. It’s not like he tied him out somewhere for hours, sounds like just minutes he crossed the street and turned back and his dog was gone. He felt bad enough without people saying stupid crap! Let’s all be thankful the dog is safe and back home with his loving family!

    1. Thank you for your comment. My husband (whose functioning is greatly affected by brain injury suffered some years ago. As it happens with brain injuries, his condition has gotten worse in the past year) paid dearly for his lapse of judgement – his condition has deteriorated significantly more as a result of what happened… the whole family has suffered…I am hoping that having Moey back will bring at least some sense of normalcy to us

  8. If I was able to own a dog, I’d check out these new GPS chips for pets that are coming on the market. This way you would be able to find your pet, whether they ran away or were stolen.

  9. What also angers me is the NYPD refused to assist this woman in getting her dog back. This is stolen property and moreover she could have been confronted and assaulted had the thief seen her there.

    1. Have friends as lookout and backups. Someone to record any incidents and someone fast and strong enough to provide muscle. Creeps that steal other people’s pets are nothing more than sadist. They don’t love pet, they just want control.

  10. I’m sorry but why would you leave your dog tied outside anywhere unless you can keep your eyes on him/her at all times. Hello! Glad she’s back at home tho.

  11. Glad he’s home but don’t ever leave you’re pet where someone can just pick him up like this happened.

  12. You should have went back afterwards and shoot all those @ss [email protected] for taking your dog! I’m sure the police would have came to the scene of the crime and help the dead’s family! But they could not assist you. Bunch of scum bags! This is why the law is in favor of the criminals!!

  13. Keep your dog with you.wrong to tie him to a pole and walk across the street.but it’s good he is back home.but stop tieing it to poles.:(

  14. Crime like dogsnatching almost does´nt happen where I live. Small and big dogs can be waiting outside groserystores because people here take their dogs for walks as often they can. Its only over concern people who snatches dogs here and then the dog have to sit in a cage in a garage at the local police office, because it is where the concerd person leaves them..

    1. It doesn’t happen where we live (or so we thought until Moey was stolen). The cops in our home precinct said this is the first time that this happened (that they know of)…Even though we are in NYC, we live on a residential block in West Village where there is a real sense of community and neighbors look out for each other..and yet -it happened! This was the first time my husband left Moey unattended (my other comments describe factors that explain the reason behind his poor decision making) and this happened! This was the worst experience ever

  15. And now they lived happily ever after. What a great story of owner and pet being reunited. Lesson learned never lose hope. 🙂

  16. first off i am from a police family and always support my law enforcmenet community. however the officer that didn’t assist should be reprimanded at least. the dog at least is stolen property. in my eyes its kidnapping. a crime in I think all 50 states. I am glad the dog is back where he belongs but the dognapper belongs in jail.

  17. It’s sad that in society we cannot live without locking down everything we own. Why take something that you obviously know is not yours. Sounds like the thief might have abandoned the dog if it was tied there for a few days. Disgusting how cruel some can behave. Glad the dog is back home. I think I would hurt someone if they touched my baby.

  18. Shame on the local police department for neglecting their duties!! Thank goodness she has her dog back and didn’t get hurt retrieving him!

  19. What proof do any of you have the dog was “stolen” in the first place. Owner turned around and dog was no longer on pole to which it had been tied. Dog is later found “tied” to another pole. Who can say someone did not find a stray dog wandering streets and decided to “tie” the dog to a pole at streetside and hope that whoever lost the dog would drive/walk by and collect. Several days passed, and someone was feeding/watering the dog during that time. Poorly written article and poor comments.

    1. You are correct – there were some inaccuracies in the story and I wish we were contacted prior to it being published. To clarify – Moey was most definitely stolen on 6/25. The hand-end of his leash was looped (not tied) over a fence post 3 doors down from our hoouse – it would have been physically impossible for Moey to get loose on his own. And – almost 8 weeks later – the people that contacted me (by calling the # on his tag) reported that he’s been living with their neighbor – who is described as a mentally ill woman who spent her days sitting (with Moey) outside of her apt building. On Monday 8/18 she left him tied outside for a number of hours – the people who found him took him in, washed and fed him and then tried to track down the mentally ill woman (thinking she is the owner. Apparently, they have been concerned about her ability to care for Moey for some time but never thought he was stolen).This took place in Flushing, Queens – absolutely impossible for Moey to get there on his own (besides, that woman apparently had him for some time. Also, she meets the description of a “crazy woman” seen on our block the day he was stolen. That person disappeared and was never seen in our area again)

  20. I live in NYC and I see dogs tied to polls outside stores all the time and for the life of me I cannot understand that! If you love your dog and he/she is family, you don’t tie it to a poll and walk away! You take the dog home, secure his/her safety and go back to the store. Why are dog owners so lazy? I never even leave my dogs in my car unattended. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. I love my dogs way too much for that.

  21. Awesome justice for you and your little dog why would they steal to just leave tied up and unloved what losers !!!

  22. I dont understand people who leave their dog tied up outside a shop all
    alone, a dog is a family member you would’nt tie a child up and leave it or leave your car running with the keys in it so why do the same to a dog, shame on you.

  23. Never leave your dog tied up and alone and this wouldn’t happen, but happy you got your dog back, lesson learnt hopefully.

  24. Happy for Moey and his family but the thief must be punished. I would give the police a really bad time until they act.

  25. Hi, this is Moey’s mom; for all the people so quick to pass judgement – yes, it was definitely wrong to leave him unattended for even a second! However, before you condemn my husband, please consider the following: this is a man with a disability – he had brain surgery resulting from an accidental fall some years ago. Unfortunately, the areas of the brain that were damaged are the ones that affect his memory, attention, and ability to make sound decisions. So… before you accuse him of stupidity and negligence, please have some compassion for him and for this family. He has been absolutely devastated by what happened and, as a result, his condition has deteriorated significantly since the day Moey was stolen. I am hoping that now that we have Moey back, we can take a deep breath and hope that my husband will perhaps improve?

  26. quite a while ago I had two dogs went missing for almost two weeks, they were just dogs, but they were my dogs…..On my way to work one morning I happened to glance to my right while waiting on a red light, and there they both were siting as close as they could to the road behind a chain link fence. I frekin put my truck in park, got out and helped my dogs jump the fence and get in my truck. the traffic behind me, I would love to know what was running thru their minds. I was so mad, I was glad no one came outside when I got my dogs over the fence and in my truck…just lucky for them they did not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. the woman in this article has commented on the link saying that the man who left the dog tied up has an acquired brain injury and therefore it really isn’t a case of him just being stupid or negligent. People are so quick to judge without knowing all the facts 🙁

  28. Unfortunately that’s what you get when tying dogs up and leaving them unattended. Pleased they got the dog back but maybe they will think first before leaving him unattended again.

    1. Pls see my comment on this threat – this was NOT the case of stupidity or negligence (although, given the real reason behind it, I wish it were!)..and this had disastrous consequences affecting this entire family

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