Mangy, Motor Oil-Coated Dog Rescued & Recovering

“Diego stood right up with his tail wagging. He immediately went into spa mode, receiving numerous baths to remove the motor oil that was drenched all over his coat and skin.”


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When two-year-old Airedale/Rottweiler Diego was found tied up to a pole in San Antonio, Texas, he was missing hair from mange and covered in used motor oil.  Thankfully, he is now recovering, but we take this time to ask readers to share this important message:  motor oil is an ineffective and dangerous way to treat mange.

It is apparent that Diego’s owners tried to treat his sarcoptic mange the best way they knew how, but after their attempt was unsuccessful, they simply abandoned the sticky, uncomfortable dog at the North Side Humane Society shelter.  Staff quickly got to work on cleaning and pampering the poor pup.

8.21.14 - Motor Oil Dog Rescued2

“When greeted, Diego stood right up with his tail wagging and was ready to enter the SAHS,” read a statement on their website.  “He immediately went into spa mode, receiving numerous baths to remove the motor oil that was drenched all over his coat and skin.”

Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious.  Like head lice in humans, mites can easily jump from one dog to another.  According to Vet MD, they burrow under the skin, causing intense itching and scratching, which is what causes dogs’ hair to fall out.  The first symptoms may take anywhere from two to six weeks to present after exposure.

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Many people mistakenly believe that slathering on the motor oil will help, but this is highly toxic to dogs.  If you wouldn’t bathe in it, your dogs shouldn’t, either.

In addition to a severe case of the itchies, Diego had to deal sludgy, smelly, poisonous oil on his skin.  He also may have been blinded in his right eye, and will soon be going to a specialist.  A foster family has been provided for him, but monetary donations would be greatly appreciated to assist with his recovery.  If you would like to help, please click here.



175 thoughts on “Mangy, Motor Oil-Coated Dog Rescued & Recovering

  1. Back in the day it may have been ok but now with all the additives and fake oil it is poison to animals. My gosh, if anyone is going to try to do this on the cheap, use olive oil.

  2. Omg this poor dog. What a cruel thing to do to this dog. I hope the owner gets caught and prosecuted. I also hope this dog gets rid of his mange and gets a real loving home.

  3. God Bless him. I hate those people who would just leave their pets behind instead of getting them the appropriate help they deserve. Karma will get those people sooner or later… as for Diego…he will find someone who will truly love and care for him. God Bless Diego!

  4. What the hell is wrong with people? I just don’t understand how anyone can do this! Thank you for being so wonderful! You all are Heavenly sent.

  5. Poor guy, thank heavens for the rescue. His face says it all doesn’t it. Totally sadness and disgust.

  6. what kinda jackass treats mange (or anything else other than a car engine) with motor oil? someone earned a Master’s degree in Moron.

  7. just so fucking wrong.i say this every day ” and we call them animals…..WE are the animals” look at what someone did to this poor dog,we as people are just FUCKING SICK!!!!!!

  8. OMG! What kind of freakin’ idiot would think it was OK to slather a dog with oil?!!! Jesus H. Christ. People are so stupid…

  9. I am so sick to my stomach absolutely no excuses people are just freaking sick, Who in their right mind would treat a poor little innocent animal this way!!!!!!!

  10. Does the “home remedy ‘ say..after applying your used damn motor oil tie your poor dog to a pole..there,now he will feel much better.. C’mon people,you cannot defend STUPID !

  11. What is happening about the punishment to these owners ?? They should be in jail & never be able to have a pet again & whole in jail treated the same as what they did to the animal !!! Then it may start stopping this bloody sickening behaver !!

  12. Some of these comments are absolutely absurd smh its obvious some of these idiots have never dealt with mange b4 and even worse calling this animal abuse grow up ppl I have been dealing with mange for the last couple years with my dog and tried everything I could to get rid of it acv coconut oil dawn and noromectin to name a few things I tried I must admit I was skeptical about putting burnt motor oil on my love but the first time I used it it made a obvious positive impact on my dog so I did it again now my girls hair iscoming back and got the mange limited to her face where I dont want to put oil on her burnt motor oil will be the only thing I use next time

  13. Oh crap my husband has motor oil all over his skin when he gets home I guess he will be dieing soon since that oil will soak into his skin and damage his internal organs

  14. I think they were indeed idiots. But they did the most plausible thing in their idiot brains to do. I’m glad they gave the dog over to people who can PROPERLY care for it. My husband put oil in his pregnant dog after his mom told him it worked. I cussed him out & made him wash it off. Don’t listen to people if they didn’t learn what they’re telling you at an accredited school. Period. In any case.

  15. I love how people forget that dogs are ANIMALS. They can survive without people. Somewhere along the path, we decided to veer off and began to call them “babies” and “poor things,” add if they truly needed is and would be distinct without us. Well, sorry to hurt your ego, which may make you feel needed, but no, they are not babies. Babies are birthed by humans. Very seldom were dogs used to be “friends” to people. They were to protect the home or protect the livestock. Now, suddenly, we’ve become a nation of supposedly, educated people that force our OPINIONS on others, then wonder why the rest of the world thinks we’re idiots. We yell out “educate yourself” when someone disagrees with something we read from the internet. Some of you copiedposts from others verbatim without any scientific proof by those claiming to be doctors with homemade credentials. And what dog we do? Quote them, as if they are legit and have published! They publish nothing, only blogs that they hope people to follow. Wikipedia would have better resources than them and you quote them.
    Used motor oil DOES work. Is it the best treatment? Probably not. Is it the worst? Probably not. Does a typical pet owner whose dog has never been tied to anything, but a leash knows the best remedy? Probably not. Stop the back-biting and realize that just because someone doesn’t agree with you means that they’re wrong. Perhaps, just this once, you and your friends could be.

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