Noah’s Rescue

A blind dog seen wandering the street in appallingly terrible shape has been rescued and is ready to begin a new and better life.



Blinded dog found with maggots in eyes is rescued and recovers, and is ready to begin a new and better life

“Neglect” and “abuse” are not strong enough words to describe the condition that Noah, a 9-month old Poodle mix, was in when he was found on the streets of Detroit.

With possible chemical burns to his face and infested with maggots on the inside and outside of his body, it is clear that this sweet pup was left to die.

Probably making a last ditch effort to escape the pain, hunger, and insects eating him alive, Noah made it out into the street where someone noticed a whimpering dog walking into walls and trees. They called the Michigan Humane Society Rescue department who brought him to the Detroit Center for Animal Care.

At the shelter, Noah was immediately seen by MHS veterinarians. His condition was worse than first expected. They got to work right away shaving his fur and cleaning the wounds that had become home to maggots. His eyes, perhaps intentionally burned with chemicals, were too far gone to save. Both had to be removed.

His recovery wasn’t easy and he had to learn to navigate his way around the world again, but Noah is a happy, healthy and sweet little pup once again. He is still recovering from his surgery in an MHS foster home but will be ready for his forever home soon!

Watch Noah’s story:




61 thoughts on “Noah’s Rescue

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  2. Bless his heart.after all he has been thru. he is a loving and forgiven dog.I hope somebody gives him a loving forever home.please let us know.all he wants is to be loved and fed.why is that so hard for people anymore.

  3. God bless this baby Noah. God bless the ones taking care of him. So many evil people. I hope karma comes back to them strong.

  4. What a precious look from Noah as he seems to feel the sun on his face. Hopefully, he finds his loving forever home quickly, he needs some tender care and lots of hugs!

  5. What a sad state of affairs when an evil person would do this to a helpless animal. My Maltese lost his sight when he was getting older and he managed quite well and was a dear friend.

  6. Bless the people who saved that little angel. And may the sick humans who did that to the poor dog just get back what they deserve and that is ROT IN HELL.

  7. God has a trap door to hell for whoever abused this sweet little dog…I hope they burn in hell, face first.

  8. I am completely in love with Noah ! He needs love and I can do that! I am almost heart broken about the way he was treated

  9. God bless the people who saved Noah and dogs like him, it must be a great job. I pray he finds a forever home soon.

  10. I had a jack Russell terrier that went blind she was a diabetic she was a wonderful! DOG she lived 14 years .God bless who found that precious baby.

  11. Thank God for the person that notified the shelter. Sad to hear what they did to Noah but glad he’s safe and recovering from his wounds. Despite everything that he’s gone through,he looks happy

  12. Ah poor little soul. So pleased he was rescued before anything bad happened to him. Thank god he is now being cared for in a new loving home.

  13. I’m so thankful somebody found this poor baby, and now he has a second chance at happiness, and hopefully will find a good and loving home

  14. My heart goes out to this baby….NEVER to anyone who allows this happen…..praying for a happy home for this sweetie!

  15. It just breaks my heart to see dogs in such bad condition. I wish all dogs had loving families. I hope someone will give this poor doggy a safe and happy life! And many thanks to the rescuers!

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