Puppy Doe Memorial Bench is Dedicated in Quincy, MA

Hundreds of animal lovers attended the unveiling and dedication Saturday of a park bench placed as a memorial to Puppy Doe, the abuse victim found in the same park just over a year ago.



Hundreds of animal lovers attended the unveiling and dedication Saturday of a park bench placed as a memorial to Puppy Doe, the abuse victim found in the same park just over a year ago.

Puppy Doe, or Kiya, was brutally tortured and abused in a local home and then left lying on the ground near the Whitwell Street Playground in Quincy, Massachusetts in August 2013, and the pit bull pup’s injuries were so extensive and severe that she had to be euthanized. Puppy Doe’s suffering and death touched the hearts of people in Massachusetts, the US and beyond, and she inspired animal lovers to to pass legislation increasing penalties for animal abusers in Massachusetts.  Gov. Deval Patrick recently signed the bill increasing penalties for animal cruelty offenses into law.

Animal lovers and local officials also worked to raise funds to place the black polished granite bench in Puppy Doe’s memory in the Quincy park.

As The Patriot-Ledger reports, Ward 3 City Councilor Kevin Coughlin’s eyes watered up as he spoke at the dedication, telling how he still remembers the pain he felt when his own childhood dog disappeared. Coughlin praised the community’s efforts to pass the animal protection provisions into law in the aftermath of Puppy Doe’s death.

“Your voices have been heard on the steps of the courthouse and in the halls of the State House. … You have ensured that what happened here was not simply the end of a tragic story but the catalyst of a movement to force renewed attention and vigilance to animal abuse and cruelty,” Coughlin said.

The ceremony included a candlelight vigil, a poem reading, a blessing of the bench by the Rev. Robert Carr and a performance of Sarah McLachlan’s song “In the Arms of an Angel.”

Puppy Doe’s abuser, Radoslaw Czerkawsk, remains in jail, held without bail as his case continues to make its way through the court.

The Puppy Doe bench is dedicated in loving memory to the dog who was so cruelly deprived of happiness and life itself, and to the effort to combat animal abuse and abusers.

Puppy Doe’s Memorial Bench Fund  members and supporters played a key role in the project and were well represented at Saturday’s special event. (The link takes you to their Facebook page.)













Watch this video from the bench unveiling ceremony:

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  2. This is awesome. Every city in every state should have a memorial for all animals who have suffered abuse at the hands of some terrible humans.

  3. Recentemente vi um vídeo (mas não até o final) porque não aguento….um homem que amarrou um gato pelo pescoço e deu VIVO para um cachorro matar….simplesmente horrível. Obviamente que o autor do crime não aparece nas imagens apenas o horror. Outro vídeo circulando pelo face é de um filhote de gato sendo queimado vivo. Tudo isso aqui no Brasil, que no momento apenas se preocupam com essa porcaria de eleições que no fim elegem sempre os mesmos corruptos que afundam o país. Penso que quem faz mal aos animais devem ser punidos com o mesmo rigor de outros crimes.

  4. Diehl Burgar Elkin i agree. Simply Teens at the top of these comments, you’ve been posting this exact same post for ages! Just do one. How disrespectful posting this constantly on these type of pages!! And just clicked on ur page n its got over 1000 likes so delete ur ridiculous post u keep repeating!!

  5. Congratulations to all and to Governor Deval Patrick for signing the bill of law that increases the penalty for the crime of cruelty to animals. I did not throw my vote away !!!!!

  6. her original owner failed her…no excuse ..responable as if they are human children..or dont be a care taker

  7. She has brought so much awareness, created laws, changed perspective, and pushed activism on so many levels. She’s at peace and happy again and her story as horrific as it was created much needed change. Heartbreaking to me still anytime I think of her. Let’s all hope we never have to see anything like this again. Much love to you sweet girl…

  8. OMG how can you do that ..how can u do that … to a innocent beautiful living thing ..you monster you don’t deserve to live die ..die. After reading the story i cant stop crying!!!

  9. So glad something beautiful came from something so ugly. What a loving testament to Kiya and hope it will remind others to act if they see cruelty being committed.

  10. I just read about this and wonder why would anyone do this to a sweet helpless dog. I hope that evil scum who did this the same treatment in prison, all day every day.

  11. Although it is not good to know something so cruel had happened the puppy Doe bench is very important and represents love and care for all animals. Good to know penalties were increased at least.

  12. This is so wonderful of all the people who donated for the bench……..I remember reading about Puppy Doe and the story just totally destroyed me…….R.I.P. little darling.

  13. OMG could not have coped at that ceremony! Tearing up now but so happy at least something good came of this poor puppies sad life 🙁

  14. The story of Puppy Doe will haunt me for the rest of my life. It’s unimaginable what she went through. R.I.P. Angel Baby.

  15. Puppy Doe’s story will always be a part of me. What she went through for her entire life is beyond imaginable. I hope everyone remembers her an reports any suspected abuse. Rest in peace, little one.

  16. There are good people who try to make a difference for those who can’t defend themselves. Report animal abuse or it will remain a problem.

  17. That so sad how can anyone be so cruel to a beautiful pup. That person was just a wimp to pick on a defenceless pup. Makes me f ing sick. I love what the community did. Its good to know there are some kind hearted people out there. :-/ rest in peace little doe.. be free and happy at last.xx

  18. It is time around the world that the crime of abusing or torturing animals or cruelty of any kind was followed by quick justice and severe punishment. We are too lenient with the people who perpetrate this cruelty.

  19. RIP puppy doe I think the memorial bench dedicated in her name is such an awesome gesture. God bless the kind carding & loving hearts to theses dog/animal lovers

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