Puppy Mends Woman’s Broken Heart

No one is better at helping you heal than a cute lovable puppy!

Get the tissue ready! When this man’s girlfriend had to put her ten-year-old dog down she was devastated. He knew there was nothing he could do to mend his girlfriend’s heart, but there was someone else who could bring happiness into her life again. He helped that special someone come into his girlfriend’s life. P.S. – the special someone has four tiny legs.

64 thoughts on “Puppy Mends Woman’s Broken Heart

  1. It’s always good for both, the dog and the human, to keep our hearts open and willing to love another dog. They all are fantastic! !

  2. I wonder if he was, I hope he was a rescue…… I think I would need a little more time to grieve, but that’s just me. Glad they have another fur baby to give love to.

  3. I’d be more touched if it was an adopted dog. My gut feeling is this one comes from a puppy mill. Make the gf happy at the expense of promoting the suffering of adult dogs- not sweet at all.

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  5. I would need more than less than 1 day to mourn before getting a new pup. Hope all works out well for everyone!

  6. you still mourn, it just makes it a bit easier to move on with getting back to life…you keep occupied and never stop missing the other pup of course..but the new pup needs you and it seems to really help..it did for me..ill never forget them and i miss them every day…mine were 15, but having a new pup did help..everyone is different 🙂

  7. I lost my Xuxinha (malteser) with almost 18 years and only a new puupy helped me to get back to life again. When you love them like a son it´s devastating

  8. Yep tearing up here I lost my g/Dane not too long ago he was 41/2 he died from a sudden heart attack ,I am lost without him ,he was my shadow

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