Teens Need Help Saving Injured Puppy They Rescued

No one knows what happened to Ninja. We can speculate he was tossed from a car or abandoned and run over, but what we know is the dog needs help.

Ninja with his rescuers at the vet. Photo Credit: Isaac Gonzales
Ninja with his rescuers at the vet. Photo Credit: Isaac Gonzales


Isaac Gonzalez was riding his dirt bike in Riverside, Calif., with a few of his friends when they found an injured and abandoned puppy on the side of the road. Instead of ignoring the dog and driving away, the teens decided to stop and help the pet.

“When we saw him he was dragging his back legs,” said Gonzales.

After giving the tiny dog some water and taking him to a vet, the young rescuers learned the dog they named Ninja is a three-month-old pup with fractured back legs.

Ninja when found on the side of the road. Photo Credit: Isaac Gonzales
Ninja when found on the side of the road. Photo Credit: Isaac Gonzales


No one knows for sure what happened to little Ninja. We can speculate the dog was probably tossed from a moving car, or abandoned to his own fate and then hit by a vehicle. What’s certain is that the small dog was hurt and needed help. That help came in the form of compassionate teenagers.

After the vet examined the pet it was determined the puppy has some control of his back legs, but later x-rays showed exactly what was wrong with the dog.

The exams concluded Ninja’s legs were fractured and he needs four surgeries to repair his legs. Each surgery costs $1,800 but the teens can’t afford paying this on their own.

The puppy is happy to have been rescued. He enjoys the love Gonzales and his friends give him. Ninja learned to walk with just his front legs but he longs to be a normal dog again and run free on all four legs.

Ninja resting while being loved. Photo Credit: Isaac Gonzales
Ninja resting while being loved. Photo Credit: Isaac Gonzales


Gonzales has raise $725 but a lot more is needed to help the little dog get back to normal.

Click here to learn how you can help Ninja get his surgery.

Follow Ninja on Instagram and keep up with updates about his recovery.

Watch his rescue video and first vet visit.

96 thoughts on “Teens Need Help Saving Injured Puppy They Rescued

  1. I don’t think many teenagers would ignore a puppy! They deserve some credit 🙂

    Hope all works out for puppy.

      1. Wow. A little racist maybe? That was totally, COMPLETELY, UTTERLY uncalled for, and isn’t ever called for! What is wrong with you????

  2. Would you mind posting the clinic name, where and who the vet is who is treating this pup? I would contribute but would only do so to the actual clinic. It is my skeptism regarding scams that makes me cautious.

    Thank you

    1. Sue, if you go to the fund-raising site and click on comments/ updates, in one they show a Vet document of done if the initial charges, that may help you. Thank you for caring!

      A fellow dog lover and rescuer,

  3. Great kids! Maybe a rescue will take over and get the pup the needed surgeries! Pup sure is a cutie!

  4. I’m glad there are good kids out there, it’s always sad to hear the other stories of kids abusing animals so this is a good change to hear 🙂

  5. I wish I could afford to help but I have one dog going through chemo and another having a tumor removed on Friday. Good luck boys!

  6. Hey guys i took my dog to the park like i did 100 times before but this time he triped up with another dog its been about 1 month and its very expensive surgery and my wife and i just had a baby anything helps thank you http://www.gofundme.com/enmed8

  7. What wonderful young men! Way to go and hope many other young adults learn from them! Nice to see such compassion and kindness from our younger generation! Thank you!!

  8. its nice they would do such a thing but I doubt the kids will actually give the money to the vet bills.

  9. Just Donated…thank you for helping this poor puppy. And Cristene please take your negativity elsewhere.

  10. HOW Wonderful!!! To see these caring teens rescue this poor abandoned dog.
    Aren’t we saturated by the media of insipid “celebrities” vying for attention with their calculated malfunctions, endless self absorbed selfies? More stories of REAL people, doing what matters!

  11. Donated. By the way these guys are in Riverside, Ca. WAY TO GO RIVERSIDE!! I challenge all Riverside to give just a bit if you can. Just so you know the money goes in an account for the dog not to the guys. After what’s been done I say no questions need be asked!! Please help

  12. These kids were raised well. Kudos to their parents. To the pup, hope and pray that he recovers from this tragedy..

  13. What a wonderful thing these boys did. When I read of so many other people torturing and killing dogs and cats this is truly inspirational. I know we don’t all have a lot of money but if everyone just contributed a dollar it would all add up. I am donating right now! Bless you boys and moms and dads, you did a wonderful job raising your boys!

  14. God Bless all of the boys for helping an injured pup. Just once, I would like to see a Vet. Perform surgery for free. They did take an oath for helping and saving animals. Operating to save an innocent puppy’s life would be a blessing.

  15. Great Job Guys! If all youngsters had a brain, heart n soul like these I’d have more hope for the future of humanity. Thank you immensely for not turning a blind eye to a suffering soul. There are so many animals in need of help in your own neighborhood. If we all looked around us and did what these young men did, what a different world it would be!!!!

  16. You boys are my heroes! Not only did you save the life of that precious puppy but you gave me a glimpse of hope in humanity.. “Thank You” doesn’t seem like enough but hopefully the wonderful, overwhelming feeling of saving a life is payment enough for your obvious loving hearts… I pray the puppy will one day know love like that, best of luck little one!

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