This Silly Little Guy Refuses to Enter Until He Knows Door is Opened

This little guy has got to see it to believe it!

This guy at first may seem like one of those dogs you see so often now, simply refusing to come inside.  He seems to be attentive to what his human is saying, but just will not come in.  Is he happier outside?  Is he waiting for his owner to come out and play?  No, not really.  He just will not enter, until he sees one of his humans open the door for him.  That’s correct, even though the door is clearly open, the humans need to prove it to him first apparently.  Silly puppy!

41 thoughts on “This Silly Little Guy Refuses to Enter Until He Knows Door is Opened

  1. That’s funny. He must have at one time gone through when the glass door was closed and learned the sad lesson.

  2. I have to put my hand through the dog door to prove to mine when I have opened it after they have been locked out.

  3. So cute, we have one of those screens that have magnetics on it, so dexter can come in and out when he wants to

  4. Yep, he’s crashed into that door more than once. I have a little one who won’t go through the door unless I or one of the other dogs go first!

  5. Maybe he really thought the glass door is really close ahahahahaha how cute and how his owner opened the door that’s really cute

  6. He’s not silly, he’s smart. He obviously tried to go through the glass door and doesn’t want to do it again.

  7. My front storm door was all glass and it broke when a stone was hurled by the lawmower. My golden still made me open the empty frame of the door. He would not walk through even when I showed him it was okay! Hilarious!

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