Unusual News: Dog Helps Woman Break Family Curse

In some of India’s villages people believe that if a cursed woman marries a dog, the curse will be passed on to the dog,freeing the woman of all evil spells.

For Americans, weddings between a woman and a dog just aren’t normal, but in India, such customs still exist and it has nothing to do with animal abuse or bestiality. Eighteen-year-old Mangli Munda from Jharkhand, India, recently married a dog after the village holy man told her and her parents that the family had been cursed. According to the spiritual man and village traditions, the curse could only be broken if the girl married a dog.


In many of India’s small villages, people believe that if a cursed woman marries a dog, the curse will be passed on to the dog and the woman will then be free of evil spells. Marrying a dog then guarantees the woman will marry a second time, but this time it will be with a man and the marriage will be a happy and prosperous one.

Munda was not too excited to be marrying a dog, but to please her parents and to not break away from tradition she accepted the ceremony. At least the dog she married will benefit from this odd tradition.

The groom was a local stray named Sheru, who from no on will no longer live on the streets or fend for himself. Munda now has to care day and night fro her four-legged husband. The wedding ceremony makes him a family pet.

Based on the wedding video (watch it below), Sheru wasn’t too excited to be getting married or becoming a house pet, but at least he got to ride on a car and will be cared for from now on.

40 thoughts on “Unusual News: Dog Helps Woman Break Family Curse

  1. The truth is this- “cursed” or women who were born when the stars were not perfectly aligned, marry dogs or trees to pass on the curse to them, so that either the tree or the dog would eventually die with the curse & the woman could marry a man. There’s nothing amazing about this. It’s a rather disgraceful custom and shows how ignorant & uneducated they are. Put an end to it!! Dogs are family. Why would you want to curse them with whatever it is that supposedly you were born with? If you believe in c**p like that, then you deserve the fate it brings.

    1. You are a nasty, bitter individual with an obnoxious attitude…I pity anyone who comes into contact with you!

  2. This isnt really unusual,in India ppl r too superstious,ppl go to anylimits,wat shagun said is rite,ppl make d girls marry a tree,there is all kinf of shit,and the worst part is even the educated mass believe in such stupidity
    Just a Sad truth 🙁

  3. Guess that’s one way to rehome stray dogs maybe we should send the strays there so thay have a forever home instead of getting put to sleep

  4. If we only focus on the title, and think of the way things are worldwide, significantly speaking, dogs do help break any curse; but the ones we carry in our minds, our emotions. It is an odd tradition, however, I believe every home should “marry” a dog, and we’ll have a more stable- emotional life; therefore, our entire village will benefit from it.

  5. In which world are we living in? Are we all educated or are we illiterate? The longer we live, the weirder people are becoming.

    1. These are old traditions. Stranger things than this have long existed, you are just now learning of it.

  6. Just didn’t want to hear that the dog will now have her curse onto him..
    The dog can’t talk:(
    Us Humans are just selfish..

  7. Felt sad for the dog.he looked like he hasn’t eating in awhile and didn’t like seeing him tied to the door.he looked stressed and thirsty,hungry.hope they do treat it kindly.

  8. I’d rather see a stray dog getting married then being hauled off on a cage so it can be used for an illegal meat market. I think he’ll be fine, he has a family now. He’ll be a pet now instead of fending for himself, subjected to starvation, abuse, and neglect. Love how he yawns through this, someone needs his nap.

  9. Dogs/ animals …. see things, we can not!! They are here to help/love us …. but we as humans, are so programmed to be abusive towards them.

  10. What worries me is that if they are willing to pass on what they believe to be a deadly curse to the dog, just how well are they going to care for the dog? Is it going to be tied up all day, every day? Will they forget to feed him, since he’s just going to die from the curse anyway? If he really is going to be a well-cared for pet, this is awesome.

  11. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but at least the lil guy will have shelter and food. I just hope they treat him well.

  12. I believe I saw this on some FOX news or Tea party blurb saying it was related to marriage equality. Bwahahahaha

  13. ostiii de gagne de focker cest tu assez nimportequoi jai plus de pitier pour le chien que pour cest fou malade de religion ostiiii on nais en 2014 reveiller vous vous été arrierer gahne de pas normal revoltant encore un animal qui paye pour linbeciliter humaine gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  14. Guys dogs in india are still treated fine,atleast they are not picked and den put in shelters to b euthanised,but yes in some states dogs are culled to keep the population in check,which is horrible and a dumb thing to do, there are NGO’S tryin hard to get the Indie dogs as we call them now neutered and vaccinated
    And many dogs hav caretakers too who feed them regularly and take care of them
    But as Animal Lovers v always feel that all strays deserve a home,but i know a few who prefer staying out on d roads wid their frnds and njoy the free life

  15. I think I am cursed I need to find a stray dog to marry so i can get married and find a great husband!

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