Abandoned Blind Dog Gets a Wonderfully Unexpected Rescue

“I thank God they didn’t come back for him, as he is a major part of my life.”


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I first noticed this little dog in the town being walked slowly on a lead by a young man. After seeing them a few times I stopped, petted the dog and asked the man about him. He said that he’d had the dog – Toby – from a puppy but just after he turned one, he went completely blind. Vets said it was the result of inbreeding and that nothing could be done. Toby was now about four.

We met a few more times and the man said he was going back to Asia but that two friends about twenty miles away would be having Toby. I told him that if they ever needed me to look after Toby I would gladly do so and gave him my number to pass on. A few days before Christmas I got a call from them saying they were going to London for four days and would I look after Toby. I of course agreed and they drove up and dropped him off.

Days turned to weeks, months and eight years on I still haven’t heard from them. I thank God they didn’t come back for him, as he is a major part of my life. A few days after I started looking after him, he was walking without a lead, following my voice and the jingle of my keys, and soon knew words like “stop,” “careful,” “steps,” etc., even though his former owner spoke to him in Malay.

He mapped out my house and knew when to avoid obstacles, but the greatest thing was when I got him to run. If we were ever in an open space with no obstacles I would just say “run” and the look on his face as he ran round and round was of sheer happiness and joy. He is now about twelve, has lost one eye, has a bad heart, water retention and cannot run anymore, but still likes his walks, food and playing with his toys. I can’t imagine life without Toby, so I urge anyone, never be afraid to take on a blind dog.

Exeter, United Kingdom

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67 thoughts on “Abandoned Blind Dog Gets a Wonderfully Unexpected Rescue

  1. Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. I adopted a senior poodle that is blind and he quickly learned the layout of his new home. I never rearrange furniture. He is my precious furbaby! Blind dogs adapt so well …do not be afraid to adopt one. ❤️

  2. My profile pic is of my blind dog. Stuart Braveheart McPeepers. We adopted him Jan. 2014 from a rescue group. He is a wonderful addition to our lives.

  3. I cried, such a lovely story and I am so glad someone found a dog that loved them completely, it made me sad Toby couldn’t run anymore xx

  4. I also found and rescue 2 blind abuse dogs from a trash can 7 years ago, they are both amazing and happy my treasures still alive and running.

  5. Mark you are an angel on earth; you and little Toby so deserve one another! What a blessing those guys never came back for this furbaby. It was meant to be to be you’re together!

  6. u r so wonderful!! my cat lost his left eye from a fight, was removed by vet. was hard 4 him in beginning, now has adjusted well. feel soo bad this happened to him, BUT, luv him dearly, he now plays w/his buddy, runs, demands his food @ nite LOL!! the change in him unreal

  7. My dog Winona is going blind from diabetes, and is adapting so well to the changes in her sight (her vision and awesome attitude remains intact). She navigates places just fine, and is still so in love with babies, kids, other dogs, and meeting new people. She is the love of my life, and inspires me every day. 🙂

  8. We adopted a blind dog, Billy. He was amazing. He learnt to run on his lead, and he trusted us implicitly. He learned “slow, careful” and to be directed. Not bad for an adopted dog at 10. Old dogs DO learn new tricks!
    I highly recommend adopting both older dogs and blind dogs. They are truly amazing.

  9. I had a (rescued) blind, diabetic dog I named Pogo. What a wonderful dog. Give me the older, physically challenged dogs any day. They KNOW what you’ve done for them. But it’s not even close to what they’ve done for me.

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