Bait Puppy Survives Dog Attack and Fights for His Life

“It breaks my heart. Totally breaks my heart to see him in that much pain and that he’s you know only three months old,” said said Chrissy Cutulli.

Max, a three-month-old puppy, was abandoned at a Philadelphia high-kill shelter with a deep bite wound on his neck and head. Based on his injury, veterinarians think he was used as a bait dog and he is lucky to be alive today.



“The injuries to the top of his head have taken the muscle off all the way down to his skull so his skull is visible right now,” Dr. Tim Schwab of VMD Metropolitan Veterinary Associates told My Fox Philly.

When Home at Last Dog Rescue learned on October 12, 2014, that this young dog had been abandoned at the high-kill shelter, the organization rushed over to help him. Thanks to them, Max now has a fighting chance at survival.

“It was a hard 24 hours to know what was gonna happen,” said Chrissy Cutulli of Home at Last Dog Rescue, “He’s probably the worst case we’ve ever seen.”

According to Dr. Schwab, the young dog was attacked by a large dog, one “with a lot of jaw power.” Max’s injury appears to be one major bite if not two in the same area.



The bait puppy is recovering and is currently under Cutulli’s foster care. Every day, Cutulli takes the dog into the hospital for bandage changes and other medical checks.

“It breaks my heart. Totally breaks my heart to see him in that much pain and that he’s you know only three months old, somebody could do that to him,” said Cutulli.

Last Dog Rescue expects Max’s medical cost to run well over $10,000. An online donation fund is available for anyone willing to help. You can make a donation here.

It is difficult to understand why anyone would like to hurt animals, let alone a sweet puppy like Max.

“He is just happy and sits and wags his tail, licks your face, and is just happy to be alive,” said Schwab.

Once Max receives a clean bill of health, he will be available for adoption.

To learn more about Max, follow him on Facebook.

180 thoughts on “Bait Puppy Survives Dog Attack and Fights for His Life

  1. stories like these break my heart … and sadly more and more of it seems to be going on. Why oh why are people so wicked 🙁

  2. It’s time to vote here soon, and if your not one who is running and in favor of more animals rights you have lost my vote!

  3. People who fight dogs should be thrown to the lions! No second chances for these vermin!! written by Janet Tucker

  4. When can we put an end to dog fighting is my question????? how can we stop these shit bags for good ???

  5. Poor little angel. Thank the Lord he’s ok. Hope he gets better soon and finds a loving home to shower him with affection and show him that not all humans are savages. The a-holes who dog fight should be stripped of their human rights and handed over to a lynch mob for punishment. If they can’t respect the few rights that animals have they don’t deserve any rights themselves.

  6. Get well soon Max, monster did this to him, please find these terrible people and do the same to them..

  7. Thank God and His angels that he was brought to the shelter where human angels could take over to save this poor baby!

  8. People involved in or supporting of dogfighting should become bait dogs themselves…. by being set loose in the Serengeti.

  9. I swear we need to torture and hurt these chicken shit bags that fight dogs and use pups and other dogs as bait this pisses me off so bad

  10. Makes me sick to my stomach when I hear stories like these….
    There’s a special place in HELL for all these animal abusers!!!!!
    Good luck sweet puppy, I hope you find a loving home, and that never again you will know suffering!!!! Sending you big hugs, and will be praying for you!!

  11. I SO WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT BASTARD WHO DID THIS TO A 3 MONTH OLD PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, any kind of animal abuse makes me soooooo mad, I could scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We need to make examples of the people who do these things. Start with Michael Vick by dragging his ass into a pit and let him fight a grizzly with his bare hands, then air it on network television. I’d donate to the cause.

  13. It is sick and there are those group of people that are psychopaths. Pray for his wounds to get better soon. He deserves a loving home.

  14. My german shepherd is 120lbs, he loves all dogs shapes n sizes. A dog is a direct reflection of the owners temperament. I hate people

  15. What the h*** is wrong with people. Who teaches people to disrespect the lives of animals. It absolutely sickens me to wonder who raised these people to be this way.

  16. Why are some people so sick, vile and disgusting is beyond me – why would someone want to do this sort of thing to another living thing!!!!!

  17. I really no longer know what to think of people. So cruelty it can be difficult to stay positive. Whenever I read about this kind of thing I go find my 2 dogs and give them a long hug. They too were thrown away. Now I have the pleasure of their happiness and companionship. I am so glad they rescued me!

  18. this poor pup’s injuries sound very much like “Oogie’s” He too was attacked at 3 months old and left to die. I hope with all my heart he will be ok

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