Corgi Puppy Takes on Terrifying Spoon

“Scout sees a spoon for the first time. She is not a fan,” says mom Melissa.


When you’re a puppy, the world is new and there are lots of things to investigate.  Some of them smell good, some of them are fun to chew, and some of them… well… you don’t know what to do with it!  Scout doesn’t know what to make of this strange object, but she’s going to get to the bottom of things!



82 thoughts on “Corgi Puppy Takes on Terrifying Spoon

  1. Most dogs hate the taste of the metal a spoon is made of – stainless steel? My dogs won’t touch silverware.

  2. Too cute Michelle Bonner Sarah Andrews Neve Twomey Michelle Mooney Mark Molloy Colette Walsh Aileen Graham

  3. Can everyone on here give 5.00 to the Go fund for the dog with the torn ACLU ?
    It’s a very painful situation
    Thank you

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