Dog In Need of Radiation Therapy and Surgery

“I am spending everything I have and am trying so hard to get him the treatment he so desperately needs, but it’s expensive and I need help.”

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This is the touching story submitted by one of our readers.  His dog Jack is in very poor health, and in need of surgery, chemotherapy and surgery to help him be all the dog he can be, and his owner is asking for help.  Any donations made go towards helping buddy and his family in this very difficult time.

My dog, my heart, my Jack has been diagnosed with cancer. He has a grade II Mast Cell Tumor to be specific, and it has metastases to one of his lymph nodes. He isn’t acting sick yet, nor is he in pain; he needs to undergo chemotherapy with a medication called Palladia for several weeks to shrink the tumor before can be surgically excised.  After surgery he will have to undergo a few weeks of targeted radiation.  He has an EXCELLENT prognosis so long as he gets the treatment he needs.

Jack is not only my best friend, he’s my life, and the reason I am still here right now. I lost four years to depression a few years back, and he stayed by my side no matter what. I didn’t want to live. In fact, I tried to kill myself several times, and ultimately, he is the reason I am still alive right now. He dragged me out of depression and saved me. He is my everything.

I am spending everything I have and am trying so hard to get him the treatment he so desperately needs, but it’s expensive and I need help. I can’t give up on him or lose him to cancer. He’s my child and he didn’t give up on me when I went through my depression. He deserves a fighting chance against this disease, and I’m going to do everything I can to get it for him.

Please find it in your heart to donate whatever you can to help pay for Jack’s chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Please email me directly if you have any questions [email protected]

I’m asking his Oncologist if he can give me a detailed list of costs that I can add on here so that everyone can see what is being donated for specifically.

33 thoughts on “Dog In Need of Radiation Therapy and Surgery

  1. Ask your vet about “Care Credit”. It helped me when my dog needed $3500 worth of care for his cancer. Care Credit is an interest-free (for a certain amount of time) credit card.

  2. Please set up donation site or Give Link/Number to Vet. Office so can Make Donation ….Willing to Help…Just Need Verified ….

  3. I’m a confirmed dog lover of long standing, but the bottom line here is: it’s a DOG. If it’s so far gone that it needs CHEMO and SURGERY, it’s kinder to put it down — and not spend a fortune for treatment.

  4. David B Erickson , you have no idea what you are talking about. My dog had chemo when she was first diagnosed. She wasn’t ” so far gone” as you put it. LOL. A lot of treatments are done at the begining stages of cancer. She has been cancer free for 4 months now, and was given 2 weeks to live without treatment. And she’s not just “a dog”, she’s what God has given me as a child.

  5. OWNER: The Riedel Cody fund helps owners who can’t afford cancer treatments for their Dogs. I didn’t go that route, but maybe they can help you.

  6. David E. Erickson: Wtf! Ignorant much?
    Most dogs who get treatment live many years more, cancer is not an automatic death sentence when diagnosed.

    Signed: A REAL dog lover.

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