Puppy Mill Dog Delilah Experiences Pure Joy When She Tries Out a Soft Bed

Sweet, friendly Delilah was rescued from a puppy mill after spending 9 years in a wire cage. It was a joyous moment when she experienced a soft bed for the first time.


Delilah is a sweet and friendly Lhasa Apso who spent 9 years living in a wire cage in a puppy mill until she was saved by National Mill Dog Rescue earlier this month.

Her intake date is listed as October 10, so she has only known freedom for several days now.  She was bathed and shaved after her rescue, and on October 12 her caregivers shared one of the most heartwarming videos ever, with Delilah, all clean and unmatted, rolling around on a soft bed and feeling sheer joy.

This video shows Delilah experiencing a bed for the first time in her life:

You can see Delilah’s adoption listing HERE.

National Mill Dog Rescue gratefully accepts donations so that, in their words, “more dogs can have the chance to learn about soft beds and most importantly, love.”




113 thoughts on “Puppy Mill Dog Delilah Experiences Pure Joy When She Tries Out a Soft Bed

  1. 9년 동안 케이지안에 갇혀있다가 처음으로 침대를 사용해보는 딜라일라 ㅠㅠ Ara Cho

  2. Adorable! Every doggie should sleep on a soft bed, have enough food in their bellies and loving people to care for them. Puppy mills should be banned and half the problem would be solved.

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