Rescue Dog Dies At the Hands of an 11-year-old Boy

A family searched for their pet during three weeks, only to find out the dog had been murdered by a young family member.

For any parent, finding out your child has gone down the wrong path is a hard blow to take, but learning that your 11-year-old son stabbed and killed the family pet is just devastating.

An unidentified family from Middleburg, Fla., is struggling to understand why their 11-year-old son decided to end “Jade’s” life. Jade was a seven-month-old female, rescue dog.



For three weeks, the family, including the young boy, searched for the pet to no avail, only to discover that the young man had stabbed the dog and then buried it in the backyard.

“There was a hole there, and a bag sticking out of it,” the young boy’s mother told First Coast News. “I just slowly pieced together the pieces. As a mother and a rescuer it’s so, like I said I cry all the time.”

The boy confessed and his mother turned him to authorities. The child has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

The adult woman had been doing animal rescue work for four years and had not experienced this type of issues with family members.

The family is undergoing counseling and the child has a pending psychological evaluation.

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    1. Emily do you want to end up dead due to your advertising here like this? Or are you just a plant to scam innocent victims?

    1. Get help???????????The little bastard should die! You can ‘t make a silk purse out of a burlap bag.

      1. I agree with you! Anyone old enough thats capable of knowing right from wrong should either be put down themselves or be in jail for a LOOOONG time!! Im tired of reading news where nothing happens to a perp or where they get an extremely light sentence!

  2. Kudos to the mom for stepping up and making her son face the consequences of what he did. Hopefully that will go a long way in preventing him from acting out in such a way (or worse) again.

    1. Carol, I couldn’t agree more. Not every parent would make the decision that this mother did to turn her son into the authorities. Many would simply come up with an excuse and brush it under the rug. Something is going on in that head if he was able to do what he did to that innocent pup…

      1. No Evelyn you keep your stupidity to yourself! This kid is beyond help and we will end up paying for him to live in prison the rest of his life.

        1. I hope everyone outraged by this and judging are vegans. If not how hypocritical. Y’all eat stabbed chickens etc., if he was killing animals for a living to benefit y’alls temporary food satisfaction y’all wouldn’t be saying anything. But I guess it doesn’t matter because only dogs and cats matter right? Or because the food murdered for your satisfaction benefits y’all. Smh. Fact of the matter is if you eat and use animal products you all condone animals being murdered anyway and there are people doing what this boy is doing except on a farm and or factory.

          1. Visitor, puh-leeze, get a grip. First of all, knock off the phony southern drawl – it’s so fake, it screams. Secondly, who are you to judge anyone who isn’t vegan?

            This story is about a serious problem with an 11-year old kid with obvious mental issues. As much as I’d like for him to vanish off the face of the earth, I’m not about to suggest he be murdered, which is what a bunch of you folks are saying should be done.

            The sad part is that the mother rescues animals, only to find out, her son is a serial killer in the making. I’d say lock him up and throw away the key. End of story.

          2. It’s one thing to kill animals RAISED for human consumption and something ALL TOGETHER DIFFERENT to stab a family member to death and try to hide the remains. Most people who rescue pets (myself included) consider them a part of the family. Not that I can REALLY justify the killing of any animal for any reason, but there IS a difference.

    1. I concur. There is absolutely no good whatsoever to come from allowing him to continue to be part of the gene pool. There’s no “rehabilitating” someone like this.

        1. please evelyn. what are you like 12y/o pre pubescent little girl that daddy doesn’t like so you take it out on the internet. grow up..

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I’d find a way to get rid of him before he kills the whole family.

    2. Finally, someone with a functioning brain cell who’s not afraid to use it!! There is no rehabbing him. No amount of therapy or medication will make him better. He needs to be removed from the gene pool before he kills again.

    3. I agree Eric, the little bastard does not deserve a space on this planet, evil little shit will carry on, it wont be a one-off!

    4. I love the way your mind works. I couldn’t agree more! I would rather not give him the gentle death of euthanasia, but whatever brutal method he used to kill the puppy.

    5. “Putting him to sleep like we do a faithful loving dog. Are you for real? I’d find a way for him to have a very painful accident.

  3. They did the right thing with turning him over to the authorities and getting a psyche evaluation. We all know what usually happens when a child hurts animals, the next thing can be humans. So sad for the parents and that poor sweet pup. ๐Ÿ™

    1. You people are more mental than him! I’ve worked in animal care for 25 years and although what he did was not ok and is extremely sad, this boy needs help, not people judging him and giving up on him! Mental illness is real and so is ignorance!!

      1. Oh, yeah, because holding his hand and singing “Kumbaya” will TOTALLY help him. You need a reality check BIG-time. There is no “rehabilitating” him. No amount of therapy can turn this monster into a decent human being. Thin the herd before he kills again.

      2. No people need to be judging him, calling a spade a spade is not wrong it’s the truth. This kid is beyond hope already

      3. Funny how that goes, huh. The nastiness comes from their not being given enough attention, food, discipline….who knows? Most of those here are just trolls being trolls. Best not to feed the silly things.

  4. Kudos to the mom for turning him in. Child has a pending psych evaluation? Here’s your eval kid: you’re disturbed and you should be locked away for a really long time. Rip doggy. You are going to heaven. That evil child is going to be nowhere near you.

  5. I agree with Eric, they start as they mean to go on!! So sad to see the world this way all I see is a horrible human race!! Then again doesn’t the killing of this boy make us as bad?! Or you could say we are protecting many others he would make suffer.

  6. This is sad beyond any form of belief. Just no chance to understand it. I can’t help but cry over her. Rest in Peace Jade, no one can harm you anymore <3

    1. That’s all you have, cry over the dead dog!!! How about the boy who obviously didn’t wake up and choose to be like this… Moron

      1. Yes, I will cry over the tortured and dead dog. I don’t give a crap for the POS human demon who did this.

  7. It took great courage for the mother to do that. Most would simply ignore and get another dog. This mom did the correct thing – my heart goes out to her.

  8. What a hard decision for a parent to make by turning her own son into the authorities but definitively the right thing to do. There is no happy endings here.

  9. Ummmmm your kid is a PSYCHO!!!! Not much to try to understand. Get him help now before you & your husband become victims 2 & 3

  10. that kid needs to be put down! dogs get put down for just biting people, even if they were provoked. are they gonna wait til he kills a person?

    1. FINALLY, someone else with a functioning brain cell who isn’t afraid to use it!! There is no rehabbing this monster. I don’t care how old or young he is. He needs to be permanently removed from the gene pool.

  11. Poor, poor little puppy. Finally got a forever home just to be murdered by some crazy deranged kid … poor, poor little puppy ;((

  12. Thank heavens the mother was strong enough and cared enough to turn the child in. He definitely needs help. I just find it hard to believe he has shown no signs prior to this. My heart breaks for the poor little puppy.

  13. I’m glad the mother turned him in. Very scary that he was capable of such a thing to a poor defenceless pup

  14. It must be devastating for the family to find out their son did this. Credit to the mother for not trying to cover up what her son did and to hand him over to the authorities. Hopefully the boy will now get the help he needs, but I can only imagine how his mum feels.

    1. Do you have a heart? Do you know anything about mental illness. What if you struggled everyday with demons? What if you were 11 and didn’t understand what was happening to you? Such stupid ass people!!

      1. GTFOH with that nonsense. Stop blaming mental illness. I have family members with mental illnesses, and none of them have ever harmed an animal. This kid needs to be permanently removed from the gene pool.

  15. The child is clearly a sociopath, the mother was right to turn him in but usually there is no help for people with those kinds of psychological issues

  16. :'( This is so heartbraking, on so many levels. Obviously, the little boy is crying out for help…and poor sweet Jade paid the price. My heart goes out to all involved.

  17. Put the kid in a padded room and throw away the key. That’s how phycos are born. Horrible! At least the family is not pointing fingers to their sons defense.

    1. YEAH! At least WE don’t have kids that are imperfect, huh!? Get a grip, this is a child who is terribly sick. All of these so-called adults here who cannot even SPELL psycho need to get a grip and stop being so bloody hateful. Of course the kids is in trouble, deeply and possibly something that can not be fixed. But we CAN and should try to help him.

        1. evelyn was just saying, what if he couldn’t control it? Gosh, I feel so bad for the helpless puppy– I am an animal FREAK! But, it is right to put the child to sleep?

  18. My heart breaks over this… but to say such hateful things are not going to make the situation better for this family. The mother made a tough decision but in the end it is the right decision. The boy will learn there are consequences to his actions and is being evaluated.

    1. Erica, I so agree with you. But these are put on FB FOR this kind of nastiness. It is the nature of the net. Sad stuff, the comments here.

    2. Who gives a shit if it don’t make it better the truth is the truth, this kid is beyond messed up and needs killed

    3. Why are you reading all this if you are so liberal ? And it is up setting you so bad and you have kids, but not one ounce of caring for his mom, just for the boy ?? You make no . My ,MY what is wrong, turn it off, if some one in your family is like that just admit it. No one really cares about you, me or anyone other than there swelf. THAT IS HUMAN’S FOR YOU.

  19. Perhaps mom was so involved with her humanitarian efforts that her son had taken a back seat and thus became resentful? He doesn’t have to be “a psycho” just a little kid crying out for attention in the only way he knew mom would notice.

    1. This could be the case, but I doubt it. Some children require more attention than others surely. But I feel that this mother did not out and out ignore her son. Perhaps (and who knows she didn’t) she could have involved him in the art of rescuing and helping with the ins and outs of taking care of a homeless animal. Again not saying this mother did not, but children should be taught how to treat an animal at a young age. All we can do is GUESS at what took place here in the mind of this child. None of us have lived in this household so we should pass no judgement. We can only pray that it is not too late for this young man to get the help he needs and pray for the family as they do what they have to do for him and others in the family. There was no mention if there are other children in the house, they just all need our prayers.

  20. I feel so sorry for this family and their poor puppy who did not get the chance to live his life out. This boy needs help now as if they leave it too late he could turn into a real bad lad later.

    1. STEP OFF. You nasty judgmental witch. Good grief. I am gone, you folks are so out of line. It has become obvious to me that ‘animal lovers’ are the WORST in making judgments and tossing around violent ideas that are even worse than what is done by those who are ill.

      Grow up, adults. Stop saying things that only show your own depleted minds.

      1. GOD forgives you for being so judging of humans and letting this upset you so bad, God will deal with you ,me and the PEOPLE on line !

      2. Please don’t judge all animal lovers by the hateful ignorant comments made here. Most of us are caring compassionate people. I’m always amazed at how these angry ugly folks take everything they read on the internet at face value, without all the facts, and go all out with hateful ignorant comments.

  21. OMG!! SO happy the mother turned the child in. ( no, not a hard decision at all lol ) So many let their kids rule the roost and run all over them these days, which is why so many kids are monsters to begin with.

  22. I hope something is done to stop this young pyschopath. I’m betting he killed the dog just to watch a living creature die. Next time it might be his little sister. I think there is very little hope for change in personalities like this child.

  23. Sick kid! Needs to be punished as hard as an adult !! If not he will do it over over again & will progress into hurting humans! Dumb ass kid! And no I’m not sorry!

  24. I’m glad his mother turned him in. Any adult with any sense knows that killing defenseless animals is the way serial killers get started. Get this boy help asap.

  25. Wow! Lots of judgement here! The kid is only 11 and we don’t have all the facts. I’d rather see the child counseled first before just classifying him a monster and locking him away.

    1. Who cares if he’s 11 or 51? He’s a psychopath. He has no soul and no conscience. No amount of counseling will cure that.

  26. A psychopath is NOT mentally ill. Mental illness can be treated. Psychopaths have no conscience…the ‘thing’ that keeps most of us normal. This kid is simply dangerous.

    1. THANK YOU. I have family members with mental illnesses. None of them have ever harmed an animal. This monster (I don’t care how old or young he is, I just call ’em as I see ’em) doesn’t have a mental illness. He has no soul and no conscience. No amount of therapy or medication can give him those.

  27. A young Killer is born. Do you know he will be better? No he is a Parasit and a Psycho….
    Poor Doggie!

  28. Now maybe it’s just me,but an 11 year old isn’t just out of the blue going to become a cold blooded killer. There had to have been signs leading up to this that his parents were either over looking or ignoring. Had this issue possibly been caught a long time ago and medicine been given to him, this situation may have been avoidable .

  29. This is not to terribly far from where I live. It’s very sad because the research shows serial killers ‘practice’ on animals before ‘graduating’ to humans. Many may not agree but sometimes progress may not be such a good thing. You can find anything on the Internet, today’s music is violent, video games are violent.
    I’m glad the mother took this seriously.

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