Stabbed Pit bull Needed 1,000 Stitches

It almost looks like they tried to cut his head off, it’s ear-to-ear.

On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Spartacus a Pit bull from the Hyde Park area in South L.A. required surgery to close up multiple stab wounds. More than 1,000 stitches were done to patch up the sweet dog.

Los Angeles Police Department reported the stabbing took place near 10th Avenue and West Florence Avenue on October 11th. An unnamed man and neighbor of the pet owner, was originally believed to have attacked the pet without any reason or provocation. The man had previously threatened to hurt the dog and authorities said the individual stabbed the pet and used a shovel to hit the canine over the head.

On October 13th, Police released a statement saying that after speaking with various independent witnesses they believed the attack was an act of self defense instead of animal cruelty.

Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF) learned Spartacus was injured and rushed him to a veterinarian clinic.

“It almost looks like they tried to cut his head off, it’s ear-to-ear,” Pet Care Veterinary Center Office Manager Alex Kyrklund told KTLA. “He seriously almost looks like an autopsy victim.”

It is a miracle that Spartacus did not suffer any internal injuries or broken bones.

“He is the sweetest dog in the world. He came up bleeding and torn up, but he never did anything but wag his tail once he realized he was safe,” said Kyrklund. “He wants you to love him, he wants you to pet him, but there are so few spots you can do that.”

Veterinarians expect Spartacus to make a full recovery, for now he is under the care of GRFF in protective temporary foster.

Even though the police investigation findings suggest the dog’s injuries were not maliciously caused, GRFF continues to care for the dog and believe he is a victim.

As a response to the latest police statement, GRFF posted the following on their Facebook wall:
“Although GRFF remains an ardent supporter of Spartacus, believing him to be the docile family pet with whom we have interacted, we thank the LAPD for their time and dedication related to this incident. We urge our supporters to allow LAPD to conduct their investigation until its conclusion.”

To learn more about Spartacus and how you can help, visit

563 thoughts on “Stabbed Pit bull Needed 1,000 Stitches

  1. How sad … so much pain to this beautiful dog, pure horror!! I hope someone, gives him the home and love he deserves. I’m crying … it’s insane how anyone can do this πŸ™

  2. Really Peggy? Those are not defensive wounds! Some sick people deliberately inflicted those wounds on that poor animal.

  3. Praying for Spartacus. This poor dog did not deserve this & the scumbag Coward who did this needs to pay. It makes me sick how people refer to Pitbulls as ‘monsters’.. The human who stabbed him is the MONSTER.

  4. LAPD is now saying they thing these were “defense wounds” because the animal attacked. I say bullshit because as far as I know, there has been no “victim” that stepped forward. Only because he’s a pit.

  5. The only people who do such things to these poor creatures.can call themselves ANIMAL.. They are not worth to be called human.

  6. Smh at Peggy’s comment …I would think him being brought in with these type of wounds and him not showing aggression towards staff that picked him up and stitched him up is enough said about his character …..

  7. Someone needs to find that fucking monster and do the same to them… only on the left side of their chest!!!

  8. Michelle I love you! (Totally not hitting on you!!) you have a beautiful heart. He will be blessed if you are able to adopt him.

  9. Some people should had never been born, and surely deserve to die. Whoever did that to this poor dog is one of them.

  10. What a wonderful species the human kind is. The only kind that needs the mastery to stitch 1,000 times to save a life that which another so happily inflicted in order to take. KARMA

  11. I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days! People who are capable of doing this should be considered criminals.

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