Starving Dog Found Locked in Crate in Public Park

“[Were] hoping and praying that he pulls through. We find a lot of this over at the park but this is the worst case of animal abuse and neglect I’ve ever seen.”

On Sunday, October 5, 2014, Melrose Park Neglected Dogs feeders, a group of volunteers in Houston, Texas, who feed and help find placement within rescue organizations for the hundreds of dumped dogs found at the park, came across a case of abuse and neglect unlike any they had seen before. A malnourished, almost dead dog was dumped at the park. The pet named Sampson, was locked inside his urine and feces filled crate.

The dog, believed to be a lab/Shar Pei mix was rushed to Abbott Animal Clinic and there, veterinarians examined the canine and discovered he was emaciated weighing just 26 pounds.

Sampson. Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs.
Sampson. Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs.


A normal dog has a body temperature of 102 degrees range, but Sampson’s body temperature was just 92 degrees.

“[Were] hoping and praying that he pulls through,” Melissa Melvin McMillan, founder of the organization told KHOU. “We find a lot of this over at the park but this is the worst case of animal abuse and neglect I’ve ever seen.”

As soon as Sampson was spotted, Melrose Park Neglected Dogs put out a plea on their Facebook wall to help the dog. Thanks to the power of social media, within the hour the organization had collected close to $1,000 in donations.

The dog was so weak that he couldn’t stand on his own. He has no muscle mass or strength to support his emaciated body, but veterinarians are hopeful that with round the clock care, Sampson will make a full recovery.

On his first night at the clinic, the pet ate some food and drank water on his own. His body temperature rose to 100.1 and by the next morning he was able to stand on his own but just for a few seconds.

Sampson. Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs.
Sampson. Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs.


Since news of Sampson’s horrific abuse was made public, hundreds of animal lovers have come together to donate towards his medical care. Sampson’s online fund has reached over $9,000 in donations, and many other people have donated directly to Abbott.

Melrose Park Neglected Dogs is extremely grateful for the support the community has shown Sampson. The organization is happy to help the animals they find abandoned at the park, but they do have a message for all irresponsible pet owners.

“We are not a “rescue” we are volunteers who feed and help the dogs of Melrose who have been dumped. We rely totally on the support of citizens and rescues to help us. Without donations, fosters and rescues we would be helpless. To anyone contemplating dumping a dog at Melrose please don’t. We don’t have the means to help them all and that park is cruel and we cannot be there 24/7. This week we had 3 dogs die over there and it’s heartbreaking. I sincerely thank everyone for helping Sampson he really needed your prayers and support.”

Sampson continues to receive care at Abbott Animal Clinic. AARF Houston has stepped up to help the dog, and they will be handling Sampson’s adoption once he is healthy enough to move to a forever home.

If you would like to help Sampson, you can make an online donation here or contact Abbott Animal Clinic at 281-893-5000 (mention Melrose Park Neglected Dogs and Sampson).

313 thoughts on “Starving Dog Found Locked in Crate in Public Park

  1. Thank you so much for helping him…. Sampson … may you have supernatural strength … just like the Biblical Sampson. Praying for his full recovery.

  2. Look at that face. He is going to be so grateful when he gets home. It’s disturbing that people can treat another living being so painfully. My hope is one day kindness will overcome 🙂

  3. Aww thats horrible I pray that poor dog makes it!!I hope they catch that person that done this so dam cruel I pray god takes care of them they will not get by with this!!

  4. Who would do this? I can’t imagine the senseless cruelty. Thank goodness for the rescuers. Prayers to you big guy and hope you find your forever home…

  5. That makes me sick to my stomach. Thank goodness for good Samaritans like these rescuers. People who do these heinous things to animals should be punished to the nth degree!!

  6. just about what I was thinking Robin Jones, except we no longer have a doggy in our house 🙁 Might have to rescue one when the time is right.

  7. I cannot nor will understand ever sub humans treating an animal like this. Poor puppy . Hope he:she recovers and finds a forever home . If I found the persons who did this watch out as the mean girl in me will come out .

  8. I could hear that the person that treated this dog this way had JUST been hit by a bus and didn’t make it and honestly, I wouldn’t feel bad one bit.
    Starving/mistreating a defenseless animal??
    Go jump in a lake and take a few deep breaths, scumbag!

  9. That face says it all 🙁 As Mahatma Gandhi said, you can judge the morality of a nation by the way its society treats its animals. Not too many moral nations. But it is heartening that there are many people who are working tirelessly and supporting efforts to help animals in need and dire distress.

  10. Ugghh, things like this hurt my heart… When u hurt animals/babies/children ur not a human being… But a soulless walking corpse that needs to be eliminated… In other words yea you don’t deserve to exist.

  11. Can we lock the sick person who did this in a crate….some people are so eye for an eye maybe that might stop them

  12. Prayers going up for Sampson and all animals that stupid people hurt! May God have mercy on the animals and punish those that harm them!!!

  13. My heart breaks for these animals and I only hope Sampson can pull through. Too bad the perpetrator will most likely escape identification and punishment.

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