Teenager Risks Life to save Dog

“He takes care of us, he plays with me, he protects us,” said Andres Sierra regarding Bones, his Pit bull dog.

Last month, many neighborhoods in Nogales, Ariz., flooded and the rising waters forced area residents to evacuate leaving everything behind. Thirteen-year-old Manuel Andres Sierra couldn’t leave without rescuing Bones, a six-year-old Pit Bull.

Some might say that Bones is not the most friendly dog, but to Sierra, the pet is his companion, friend and protector.

Andres Sierra and Bones
Andres Sierra and Bones


“He takes care of us, he plays with me,” Sierra told Nogales International. “He protects us.”

On Sept. 17, 2014, Sierra and his family had to leave their home late at night, but the teenager refused to leave the family’s three pets behind. Two of the dogs were smaller and safe with family members, but Bones was locked in the backyard behind a 6-foot fence.

The family tried looking for the key to unlock the fence but they couldn’t find it and that was when Sierra decided to jump the fence, land in ankle-deep-and-rising water and carry Bones over the fence.

“(It’s) something I wouldn’t have been able to do,” Sierra’s aunt, Alda Molina said. “Maybe I would have, if (Andres) wouldn’t have been here. But yeah, he took it up himself. He jumped the fence and everything.”

The three pets were transported to a family member’s home outside the flooded area. The rest of the family spent a few nights at a hotel. Once the waters receded, Sierra the three dogs and other family members returned home.

Thanks to the teenager, Bones is alive today.

54 thoughts on “Teenager Risks Life to save Dog

  1. And LOCKED away, key lost. Oooooh, what a sweet family?!!! The kid may be sweet but this is a much deeper story than a one time incident. Such crap

  2. With all the pit bull haters out there, I’m sure their main concern was keeping people from being able to take the dog out of the fence. If you’ve never been evacuated, you don’t understand how confusing a time it is. Keys get lost & when you are being FORCED to evacuate quickly, searching is not an option. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge complete strangers.

  3. Remember what happened in New Orleans when they told everybody to leave their pets and evacuate all those dogs and cats had to be rescued or they died.

  4. This kid could teach adults a thing or two about compassion. People have no idea about the layout of the place and the family clearly place importance on their pets, yet people are so quick to find fault in a heartwarming story based on a line in an article? Good grief….such negativity!

  5. Doggie saved = Great! Savior kid = Fantastic and Heartwarming. Chained doggie = bullshit. Chained doggie with NO key to lock = appalling, disturbing and disgusting, to say the least. End result….no dead doggie and that’s all that matters!

  6. Susan Davidson, the fence was chained, not the dog… please read the article before making stupid comments. Having their fence chained is a GOOD thing.

  7. They shouldnt have pets if theyre gonna leave one stuck and left to drown. White trash hillbillies.

  8. Why do we have to thank anyone for saving their dog? I am afraid the dog is a family member, a priority and an obligation we all took upon ourselves when we own one.

  9. This boy was taught right and should be proud of himself for standing firm and protecting his dog.

  10. Yea, cause we all now how dangerous it is to climb over a fence and save a dog from ankle deep water. This is the lamest ‘rescue/bravery’ story I’ve ever read.

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