Buffalo Dogs Battling the Blizzard

Some love to play in it, but most would much rather snooze on the couch!


On Wednesday you saw the videos, now check out some photos of Buffalo dogs handling the massive amount of snow!


11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs1



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs2



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs3



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs4



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs5



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs6



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs7



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs8



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs9



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs10



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs11



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs12



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs16



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs17



Most are happy to just stay cozy inside.


11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs18



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs19



11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs20


And then there’s Oliver…


11.21.14 - Buffalo Snow Dogs21



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35 thoughts on “Buffalo Dogs Battling the Blizzard

  1. We live @45mins west of buffalo. This pic was taking while it was still snowing…By the time the storm was over we had almost 3ft of snow. (Obviously we didn’t get hit as hard as they did!). My two dogs love it!

  2. having fun with your 4 legged ones on snow is incredible and I am looking forward to play with my son potter. The important thing is we shouldnt forget the ones neglected out there with no food in cold the homeless ones. so I am hoping no puppy will struggle cold but enjoy the snow instead.

    1. That is such a loving and compassionate comment and unfortunately there are soo many being ignored and left to fend for themselves in the elements. I wish I could post your comment over 5million so that would go around the world and every human being would help a homeless animal so they are left out in the cold or heat and they have food and water and somewhere to lay their heads safely.

  3. Last year, here in Indiana, I had to shovel out “rest areas” for my 40 lb. , 16 y/o dog off the sidewalk. And, yes, he did use them.

  4. Just be careful that they don’t just walk over the fence. Be sure to shovel snow away from the fence.

  5. @ Susan: seeing these wonderful pictures was amaxing, but like you I was thinking of the dogs tied outside all year

  6. The photos of Oliver crack me up. My boy does the same thing. It’s cold but I want to stand inside the door stick my head and eat snow ..

  7. Yikes! Never experienced snow like that! But the dogs look they are having fun. I don’t know about their owners, though. Many sore muscles i imagine, digging your way out of that!!!

  8. This remind me of Feb 2010 DC metro when the Govt shutdown for snowmagedon. I was on crutches and couldn’t get out early enough to shuffle my drive way and the snow plow came thru and piled up about 7ft of snow on to my drive way and pushing it even higher against my garage door. Thank goodness I had a deck off the second level that covered a area in the back yard for my dog to go out and do her business. I had to go out the back yard and shuffle a path from my front door to the neighbors side that she had cleared until the snow plow came back again, the apologized for blocking me in they thought no one was home…they shoveled my whole driveway and made a huge path from my backyard to the front once they saw I was on crutches. I miss the stow and I wish you guys well and thanks for the amazing picture of all of your adorable dogs.

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