Dog and Cow Are Madly in Love!

“Our flat-coated retriever greets the neighbor’s cows every morning,” says Dante Renneus.


11.13.14 - Cow and Dog Are Madly in Love1


Nothing can stop a man in love – not a fence, and certainly not a difference in species.  This sweet boy named Dante loves him some cows, and gives them smooches every day!



29 thoughts on “Dog and Cow Are Madly in Love!

  1. That was precious and priceless!! Thank you for bringing such wonderful messages.
    Please, keep it up. 🙂

  2. Um…maybe he likes the taste of, um, beef? I didn’t want to say it, but, come on, that’s a dog licking a cow. Mmmmmmm.

  3. I think Dante wants him some regurgitated grass, and. the cows…well, maybe some Purina Dog Chow. This ain’t about love.

  4. My staffie used to love kissing the cows when you we used to go for walks and the cows loved him, they used to follow us for ages!!!!

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