Help Get Justice for Murdered Dog Who Never Knew Love

A necropsy at Joint Animal Services in Thurston County confirmed that Wolfie suffered “longstanding neglect” and was covered with “maggot-infested wounds.”

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This comes from a petition from Seattle DogSpot:

Last month a woman saw a horribly neglected dog wandering around Bucoda, WA. Here’s how she described the dog’s condition:

“I found this dog wondering the streets of Bucoda today….. I called animal control who put me in contact with the “city of Bucoda.” I drove over to city hall to ask for the dog to be taken to the animal control office for obvious reasons but to list…..1. It couldn’t walk 2. It had lost half its hair 3. It had bugs and shit all over it and 4. It stunk worse than anything I had ever smelt! The man from city hall looked at me and said, “ya that dog lives down the road.” I said, “Well, someone needs to intervene – this is animal cruelty! He proceeded to say, “No, the dog is his property, and we don’t tell people how to take care of their animals.” …… SHOCKED. I personally will not stop until the media hears of this horrible injustice and the City of Bucoda is shamed!”

After she reported the dog to animal control, its owner had someone shoot and kill the dog, whose name was believed to be Wolfie.

A necropsy at Joint Animal Services in Thurston County confirmed that Wolfie suffered “longstanding neglect” and was covered with “maggot-infested wounds.”

The necropsy also found that the dog didn’t die immediately after it was shot and “suffered immense pain in life and death.”

To give you an idea of how horribly this dog was treated, based on the necropsy, it was estimated that Wolfie was only 10 years old. Anyone who objectively looked at the pictures of Wolfie would say he looked much older.

Joint Animal Services sent the necropsy results to the Thurston County Presecutor’s Office with a recommendation that Wolfie’s owner and the man who shot Wolfie be charged with first degree animal cruelty.

Please sign this petition urging Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney John Tunheim to charge them with first degree animal cruelty.

To sign, CLICK HERE.


Necropsy report and photo below.


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11.13.14 - Justice for Wolfie2



502 thoughts on “Help Get Justice for Murdered Dog Who Never Knew Love

  1. Signed! I hope those freaks fry! Get beat the crap up and someone starves them and tortures them!
    IDIOTS! I hope they hear me call them this bc you deserve a burial plot next to this poor dog!

  2. You are forever in my heart and prayers wolfie! I know you aren’t suffering anymore in doggy heaven, play on wolfie! Shoot the bastards that abused and killed this poor angel!

  3. What is wrong with people!? An this is the reason I like dogs more than humans! Lest dogs are loyal to there owners shame some owners aren’t as loyal to there dogs!

  4. There are no words that can describe how angry this makes me. This poor baby was let down by so many. To the person who tried to help, thank you… The owner that let this baby suffer needs to rot in jail… RIP little one, no more suffering..

  5. Signed. At least his pain has ended now. Now bring his memory some justice and jail the bastards that did this to him before they hurt a human! RIP Wolfie, your death will not go unnoticed!

  6. As I said before, ever person over the age of 12 should be charged! They watched this dog live thru hell for SEVEN YEARS and did NOTHING to help him. I believe the original owner that died truly loved and cared for him. I hope everyone in that town has nightmares every night. And I pray I NEVER,EVER have to go near that soulless town.

  7. Poor dog. What blows me away is, that these creatures can experience the humans’ worst side and still are able to love after the fact, e.g. when rescued. Wolfie never got that chance. I’m deeply saddened that this can still happen in this day and age.

  8. Signed … And I pray that the accused gets max time. And Wolfie, I want you to know that I love you and I’m ashamed that humans did this to you.

  9. Where do we end the suffering in our furry friends this is so sad. May they suffer for what they did to this helpless dog.

  10. I am not sure I can handle this much inhumanity. It seems it’s one story after another of some scumbag(s) heartless and soulless pos people perpetrating the most despicable acts on defenseless creatures who only want love. Pure evil that will be dealt with in equal measure. In the end we all have to answer for our acts.

  11. Ugh…these stories break my heart! I hope for the day where animals can live in peace and be happy…wishful thinking I guess

  12. We failed him. I pray to God Wolfie is at peace and more so feeling love and joy in his after life.

  13. Poor baby God has a big bone and spot in doggy heaven and a special place in hell for his “owner” and killer

  14. Signed. I firmly believe the City is responsible, along with the “owner”, for animal abuse and neglect.

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