Massachusetts Firefighters save Dog from Three-Alarm Blaze

The dog was scared when the firefighter operation started. Rescuers found Lucy under a bed, extricated her and brought her back to her owner.

On Nov. 20, 2014, firefighters from Saugus, Mass., risked their lives entering a three-alarm fire to rescue Lucy, a small black and white dog trapped inside the burning home. Thanks to the men’s heroic actions, the pet was saved and reunited with her owner, Mary Pike.

Saugus Fire Chief Michael Newbury told The Boston Herald that rescuers successfully pulled the dog to safety after they used their tools and training to search inside the burning home.

Photo Credit: Mark Garfinkel
Photo Credit: Mark Garfinkel


“[The dog] was scared when the firefighter operation started … and they found the animal under a bed, extricated it and brought it back to the owner,” said Newbury.

While the two-story home burned, the ten-year-old pooch was hiding under a bed on the first floor, but thanks to rescuers she was pulled just in time.

Thank you firefighters!

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  1. Incredible news. I am so happy to hear that this little pup was saved! I’ve long said firefighters are heroes…the run into burning buildings…into!

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