NY Firefighter Hopes to Adopt Rottie Thrown from Moving Car

Firefighter William Aaron hopes Dasher survives after she was thrown from a moving car. He wants to offer the dog a loving forever home.

On Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, a Rottweiler survived being thrown from a moving car while trapped inside a sleeping bag. The car was traveling in Queens, NYC, near the Jackie Robinson Parkway. The dog was saved thanks to other motorists who witnessed the cruel act.



It was 10 p.m. when a Ridgewood fire truck on its way to a different emergency, was flagged down by the dog’s rescuers on the side of the road. The firefighters helped saved the dog’s life by transporting her to the nearest Blue Pearl clinic.

According to Firefighter William Aaron, the dog now named Dasher, had bruises on her body and suffered from hypothermia and head trauma.

“My heart was broken. She was shaking like a leaf. It was horrendous,” Aaron told NY Post.

Veterinarians stabilized the dog and placed her on oxygen treatment while they waited for x-ray results to determine internal injuries.

Aaron went to see Dasher after his work shift ended and promised to adopt her once she heals and is out of the woods.

Police have opened an investigation and hope to capture Dasher’s abusers.

111 thoughts on “NY Firefighter Hopes to Adopt Rottie Thrown from Moving Car

    1. Bravo! loved that last suggestion! I would love to be the leader of a vigilanty group calling themselves “Karma”. whatever evil you perpetrate on a helpless animal will be done to you twice over! Beware, we got your car tag number and we can find out where you live! Michael Vick Had to find out the hard way, what goes around will come around to bite you where the sun don’t shine. Since this is winter I will save the “Dog in hot car” threat/promise till after Easter.

  1. Prayers that this sweet baby survives and is able to go to a loving home. I hope they catch the monsters that did this to her and throw them from a moving car.

  2. lord of the sun lady of the moon, help this rottie heal 100% and soon! )0(. karma karma see them run, balance the scales for this poor little one!

  3. Just once, I would like to catch the scumbag that does this, and just once I’d pray for forgiveness for what I was about to do…

  4. Hope they find the scum bag who did it and put him in a cell with a bunch of dog lovers. Hope the dog recovers and gets s loving home.

  5. Thanks for rescuing this dog. I hope the dog will recover and find a good forever home with nice human beings instead of those who treated her so bad.

  6. God bless Dasher keeping her in prayers for a speedy recover…praying they find the scum bag who did this and rot in jail…

  7. Hope they catch the idiot that did this and press charges and not just a slap on the wrist. This is unacceptable behavior!

  8. What the bloody hell, is this? Throwing dog from a car, wrapped in a sleeping bag,, and this person believes they are Human and intelligent??

  9. Thank you for being so kind as to adopt this pore fur baby, and hope someone got the car rego and catch up with that thing who did this.

  10. WTF is the matter with people lately? I swear we need a good bubonic plague to clean out a few of the douchebags that are taking up breathing space…

    1. How about a plague of Distemper and rabies, with an antifreeze cocktail? Thanks Susan now tell us how WE really feel!

  11. How could anyone do such? So many people are crazy and down right MEAN!!! Someone needs to do the same to them!!! I sure hope he heals well so he can find out what love is!!!

  12. Wtf possesses people to do sumat like this!!!! Makes me wonder sumtimes whuch are human and whoch are animals coz sum don’t know!!! Makes my blood curdle Wen defenceless animals and kids get hurt, the abusers are just bullies and bullies are cowards!!!!

  13. WTF!!!
    For heavens sake what is wrong in this fucking world ???
    I’m on fb reading messages and in 15 min.I have passing by several posts of abusing animals !!!
    Goddammit they are also living creatures with a heart !!!!
    Hope that the owner will be found and tie him up after a car !!!
    Dasher I hope you will found a new home with a lot of love…
    I’ll send you a lot of hugs and blessings from Holland xx

  14. So sad! Bless the rescuers who saved her and the one who wants to give her a loving home. She deserves it.


  16. Agree with these comments. If someone can do this to an animal, what can they do to humans? Same f****** thing should be done to them!

  17. I have big hopes for this precious pup. But what about the rotten people who did this?? Let’s find them!! Big time animal cruelty charges for them!!!!!

  18. They should be able to find these creeps. I hope this baby makes it. I just love Rotties. I wouldn’t throw a dog from a moving car but I might throw this person out without any remorse.

  19. To the douche bag that did this, I hope you die a thousand torturish deaths you vile piece of trash. God’s gonna punish you………..

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