SPCA of Texas Assists in Bust at Puppy Mill

“Miserable,” was the word used to describe the state these poor animals were in by the SPCA of Texas spokesperson Stephanie Knight.

11.3.14 - SPCA of Texas Assists in Bust at Puppy Mill

After taking dozens of dogs off of a property in Texas, the SPCA are working to bring some of them back into good health.  The conditions were beyond horrible for these poor animals and they need as much help as they can get.

“Miserable,” was the word used to describe the state these poor animals were in by the SPCA of Texas spokesperson Stephanie Knight.

She also said when speaking about a particularly bad off German shepherd, “We don’t even know if she’s been getting any sleep because she itches so often.”

This poor creature, now known as “Fem,” had been subsisting on green water.  And not unlike many of the others, she’s losing hair in clumps.

“I just thought, ‘Oh my gosh!  How could these dogs be getting such poor nutrition?’” said Knight.

There were many breeds taken from the property.  Some others included Cane Corsos, Rottweilers and cocker spaniels.  Both large and small breeds alike were taken to safety.

Many are now with medical professionals clinging to life.  They will all have a long road ahead of them as each is evaluated and kept for observation.  The rescuers all said each dog had one thing in common.  They all just wanted some good old fashioned tender love and care.

The SPCA expects to go to court to find out if they will be able to keep the dogs that have been rescued.  From the conditions the animals were kept in, it seems like a sure thing.  If so, many of these dogs will be looking to find that forever home.  If you want any further information on how you can help these poor dogs out, click here.

41 thoughts on “SPCA of Texas Assists in Bust at Puppy Mill

  1. ALL PUPPY MILLS ACROSS THE US SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!! Profits off the backs of abused dogs is just not right period

  2. What kind of penalties do these people face? Are the strong enough to deter others from doing this?

  3. All it took was 1 phone call from a good hearted samaritan to save these poor pups.How I wish everyone would speak out when they see animals being neglected. My heart breaks for all the others out there living like these dogs were.. 🙁

  4. Instead of putting off charging these people who run these puppy farms. Take them in straight away and jail them. These people who do this to any dogs are evil cruel money grabbers.take their assets too.

  5. Prayers going up to end the cruelty and greed and shut them all down prayers for health & happy lives for the survivors prayers of strength and solice for those who save them & prayers for fires of hell for those who hurt them❤

  6. Dog breeding needs to stop! The pigs that made these dogs suffer should be chained in the filthiest run and left with no food and slimey water.

  7. That womens face says it all. I hope she k ows how much she is appreciated for helping with these horrific crimes.

  8. This is why I can’t wait for Dog By Dog to be released next year. We need to end puppy mills now!!!

  9. God bless those who are helping animals in need. This is a Giant step for humanity!!!! People refuse to believe that animal cruelty and abuse is child abuse by every sense of the word!!!!!


  11. My pug and his littermates were rescues from a puppy mill. They bred his poor mother to death. She dies when the pups were four weeks old. The six pups were found in a small cardboard box living in their own waste. They were too young to eat the small amount of kibble that was left for them. My trainer heard about them, then went and scooped them up. The woman who had the puppy mill wanted her to pay for the skin-and-bones, very sick pups. My trainer told her she was taking the pups for free or would turn the woman in. Of course once she got home, my trainer turned her in anyway! My dog is now a gorgeous, well-loved and healthy six year old. I HATE puppy mills! Please do not support them! Help shut them down! So happy these babies were rescued and I hope they all find wonderful homes as my dog and his littermates did!

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