URGENT – Pregnant Mom Needs a Home NOW!

For more information or to save Rayna, please call 803-596-8046 or email [email protected]

11.7.14 - URGENT - Pregnant Mom Needs a Home Now!


This mother-to-be’s soulful eyes say it all:  “I need a home, and fast.”  Rayna is heavily pregnant, and is spending what will likely be her last days alive in the Orangeburg County Animal Shelter.  If she isn’t saved, she AND her unborn puppies will be euthanized on Monday.  Even if you’re not in the South Carolina area and can’t personally rescue her, you can SHARE – it might save a number of lives!

I am still waiting to hear back from Friends of Orangeburg County Animal Control and Shelter, who posted this sweet girl’s photo, because I don’t know if anyone can volunteer to foster/adopt, or if she can only be pulled by a rescue.

Orangeburg County Animal Control and Shelter’s adoption program is run through the Orangeburg SPCA, but Rayna isn’t found on either page, and given her condition, it is likely that she’ll need a rescue pull.

If you are in contact with a rescue group that is able to help, please let them know about this case.  Rayna and her puppies only have until 8am on Monday.  Please help.

For more information or to save Rayna, please call 803-596-8046 or email [email protected].


UPDATE 11:40 PM:  RAYNA HAS BEEN SAVED!  Friends of OCAC updated one of their photos of her to say that Sq Rescue, Columbia SC has pulled her.  Yay!


276 thoughts on “URGENT – Pregnant Mom Needs a Home NOW!

  1. Omg these places that do not give dogs a reasonable chance at finding homes really sicken me. It makes me mad that a mother and unborn babies are to be put to sleep before they have a life. These places should be closed down and rescue centres only. Diabolical that no dogs lives are important.

  2. Why would they call themselves an animal shelter when they would euthanize dogs without valid reasons?

  3. you mean to tell me there are some m’fers that would actually kill this precious soon to be mama dog??? wait who am I kidding of course there are!!!!!!!

  4. Stacy Culbreath, Julie Kraus, Betsy Finch Smiley, Labs N More Rescue, HappyLabs Rescue, Pam Crawford Allemeier, Florela D Matusa, Karen Caulder Joiner, Poncho Villa Adams, Hayley Winnay, Chantele Rene Shipes

  5. I’m at the other side of the world, I can’t help, I will pray for her & her babies & hope she gets her forever home. X

  6. How the fuck is this possible that they are allowed to do this?! This is not her fault someone else was being an idiot and didn’t sterilize her and then abandoned her. Fuck me, so many humans yet so little good ones. I live in Europe, feeling so helpless.

  7. I hate that a supposed shelter would be threatening to do this and not placing her and her pups in local foster care until they can be adopted. I’m too far away, but my friends and I have fostered and taken in many animals. Most of the shelters here are no kill unless the animal is very sick or has insurmountable aggression issues. Even then they give it every chance before copping out like this shelter is doing. What kind of heartless people work there?

  8. Scumbags. Give the her more time. If. Anyone works at this shelter help that dog out dont be un human. Help and have a heart.

  9. Lisa Iliff, Lisa Lynn, Candy Flowers Russ, Paula Carella, Jane Anderson Harn, Johnson Pamela, Lisa Robinson.

  10. I contacted lab rescue in md/DC/va to see if they can suggest a SC lab rescue that might help. She’s beautiful, poor thing.

  11. This disgusts me that they would even consider this. Someone needs to find her a foster there and give her and her babies a chance.

  12. so sad, I live in the Uk, I would have taken her and pups, so far away, hope someone rescues her, xx poor girl xx

  13. Lowcountry Lab Rescue please help this pregnant lab – she AND her unborn puppies will be euthanized on Monday.

  14. I sent a message with a link to this post to the lab rescue above. Hopefully they can help somehow. I live in Illinois but wish I could help.

  15. I live in Canada, but I’ll take her if we can get her up here. She does not deserve to die nor do her children!

  16. It’s not an uncommon practice. It’s terrible but happens routinely. I rescued my dog from the shelter when she was 11 days old. She, her siblings and their mother were to be killed the next day. I fostered all of them for the summer. So happy I did.

  17. How is she with cats and other dogs? I would take her if transportation can be arranged to NH. Have done animal rescue for over 40 years. A good friend who usually stops by twice a week or so is a vet-tech. Can care for her and her pups and find homes for them. Message me if this will help. Thanks.

  18. Nancy Mess in NH will take her if transportation can be arranged!!! Who can be contacted about transport????

  19. There must be someone there to help for gods sake !!!!** I’m in UK or I would just go get her and sort anything else out after the birth !!!!! Someone go and get her !!!!!!!

  20. If I lived in America, I’d take them all. What kind of shelter would threaten to kill a perfectly healthy dog who is expecting? That’s beyond cruel! You wouldn’t do it to a homeless pregnant woman who got took into a hostel, so why do humans feel it nessessary to have the right to simply kill off an animal just because maybe they’re taking a little extra space? I thought shelters were set up to protect and nurture these vulnerable creatures, not inhumanely slaughter them after so many days/weeks of living there. She’s pregnant for goodness sake. Look after her and her pups, not kill them! What about sending her to RSPCA or an animal rescue centre or simply the Vets to make sure her pups are delivered ok? What is this world coming to?!

  21. Please God save this sweet innocent animal and her babies! Sharing someone please open you’re hearts and look into that beautiful face.

  22. Someone tag Kindred Hearts Transport!!! I am terrible at this! Nancy Mess has offered to foster if she can be taken to NH

  23. Please adopt this lovely and healthy lab … they dont deserve it and the puppies. Im praying that someone will save her and her pups 🙁

  24. I am in New York and will take her if there is transport help. Have been doing all rescue for over 30 years and have birth many a baby. Let me know.

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