Beagle Freedom Project – A year in rescue, 2014 a look back

BFP takes a look back at some of the dogs whose lives were transformed when they left behind their grim existence in laboratories and experienced the joys of freedom.


Beagle Freedom Project is a project devoted to introducing former laboratory animals  – most of them beagles – to freedom. BFP also works to raise awareness.

BFP writes, in looking back over this past year:

To measure Beagle Freedom Project’s 2014 in numbers equals an impressive total. Just this last year 70 beagles, 13 mixed breed dogs, 20 cats, 51 rabbits, 3 goats, 5 guinea pigs, 27 rats, 17 fish, and even another pig. In all 200 lives saved from laboratory languish. BFP rescued and placed animals in 28 states. Over 30,000 people have downloaded the Cruelty-Cutter app. BFP campaigned for the Beagle Freedom Law in 3 states and made history passing this law for the first time – giving the promise of freedom to many more lab animals.

To tell the story of 2014 with such statistics is powerful, but inadequate. Each of those numbers was given a name, a home, and a loving future. Each of those animals changed the lives of all those lucky enough to meet them. Collectively their stories of survival are influencing a flourishing cruelty-free culture and a serious challenge to controversial practice of animal-testing.

2014 set records, made history, and changed lives. With your help today 2015 will be the most significant year yet for the rescue of these lucky little lab survivors and the challenge to their use.


This inspiring video below shows some of the lives that were changed for the better this year:


Like many rescue organizations and initiatives, BFP is gladly accepting tax dwductible year-end contributions to help with its mission.



6 thoughts on “Beagle Freedom Project – A year in rescue, 2014 a look back

  1. I love this organization. I have seen them rescue so many beagles this past year and am so happy with each face I see being released and getting freedom for the first time. I already have 2 dogs at home (1 a rescue) and know how the toll of abuse a dog endures and how difficult it is to get them emotionally ok. It takes time, but eventually they come around. Bless these souls.

  2. I will continue to boycott any brands I hear that test on animals. Its cruel and sick . I used to colour my hair with loreal until I found out they test on animals. Never ever again will I buy this brand.

  3. God bless these sweet babies. And all the ones before them. So sad to think they are treated this way.

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