Beaten Dog Survives Spending Night in Trash Can

A woman went to throw her garbage on Christmas Day and found a matted dog inside the trash bin.The pet was hardly breathing, whining and crying out for help.

On Christmas Eve, Pillo a dog from Córdoba, Spain, was abandoned inside a trash container. His previous and unknown owner wanted nothing more with this dog. The pet was matted, beaten and starved. Whoever had him decided that Christmas Eve was the perfect night to toss the dog in a garbage bin and leave him there to die. Fortunately, the dog was discovered and saved.



A woman went to throw her garbage on Christmas Day inside the same bin where Pillo was left. When she opened the container, she found the matted dog,  hardly breathing, whining and crying out for help.

The woman immediately called animal rescuers (La Guarida) and they came to the dog’s aid.

Veterinarians from Hospital Veterinario Puente Genil stated that Pillo was almost starved to death. The dog also suffered from chronic anemia but fortunately, after five days of intensive care at the animal clinic, the dog started to show signs of improvement.

Pillo today. Photo Credit: La Guarida/Facebook
Pillo today. Photo Credit: La Guarida/Facebook


The pet is eating on his own and with each passing day he gets stronger. He is in a foster home and once he is completely healthy he will be available for adoption. La Guarida is thrilled with the hundreds of people interested in adopting Pillo, they hope the miracle dog will find his loving forever home soon. Rescuers encourage those willing to adopt, to consider saving the lives of the other 200 dogs they have in their shelter.

167 thoughts on “Beaten Dog Survives Spending Night in Trash Can

  1. Dear God, what is wrong with people. I hope that who ever did this to this poor dog has nightmares the rest of their life and does not see a minute’s peace.

  2. thank god he was found and is okay….as for the piece of shit who done this it catch up to you one day heartless.

  3. Why are humans so cruel. Poor little dog. Karma will get back at who ever did such a despicable thing.

  4. Kinda seems suspicious…. That she found a dog in her trashcan but either way the owner should of thrown himself/herself in the trash people like that should burn in hell for abusing innocent animals

  5. What a great Christmas for this sweet puppy! Some people are so sorry and need help!! That’s sad Someone could do this to an innocent animal!!

  6. grrrr that makes me so angry that nayone could do thaat to a porr defenseless dog who only wants to be loved. Im so glad he was rescued and I hope he finds a home as good and as loving as my 3 pooches have

  7. How cruel can a human be again…God bless the good samaritan who saved the doggie.Be blessed BOTH OF YOU.

  8. I’d like to find the a**hole and beat the sh*t out of him/her, thrown them them in the trash to starve to death. Pathetic human beings.

  9. Why would a person think that would be acceptable behavior? Karma will find them… I hope it’s sooner rather than later

  10. Hopefully one day the owner becomes homeless and has no choice but to live out of a trash can!!!! Hope the fur baby is ok..

  11. Many blessings to the woman that found the furbaby…God bless and I pray you find a good loving home…The lowlife owner I hope they find you…

  12. I’m done with behaving when commenting about the shit bags that commit this type of evil. No excuses! Burn every fuck that treats any animal like this.

  13. God bless this lady that found this baby. So glad he is doing better. God bless him also and find it the perfect loving home.

  14. I am so sick of all the evil people…I think they should be shot on the spot — I’m talking the sub-human scums, not the blessed animals!

  15. Wtf, they need to beat and starve the asshole who did this and then dump him in a deep hole and leave him there! I’m glad this angel is ok now.

  16. That is diabolical. What evil swine could do that to a dog? What gets me is he was probably dumped so they could have a puppy! Then when this next one is too big the same will happen. I hope this person gets caught somehow or other but the main thing is the poor dog and I hope he is ok now.

  17. OMG there are just some bastards out there that deserve some of their own treatment, nothing less than what they have inflicted on poor animals.

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