Blind Senior Dog Finds Loving Family

Abandoned senior pet finds new family to call her own.

A 12-year-old dog named Sushi was surrendered to a shelter. She was very sick and many thought her last days would be spent alone at the shelter, however, she was rescued, nursed back to health and adopted. This is her happy ending.

54 thoughts on “Blind Senior Dog Finds Loving Family

  1. So happy for Sushi. I hope she has a long, happy, healthy time with her new family. Wish them lots of luck with Sushi.

  2. I really really admire you. we love dogs and all animals in general, but not many people dare take on efforts to take in old, dying 4-legged friends like you do. It is not an easy job at all. There will be lots of time and money involved. I found myself not reach that level at a moment, but all I could do is through donations. Again, thanks for doing that.

  3. A beautiful story. God bless Sushi. Is so heartbreaking to hear about people doing this to innocent animals. God bless all fur babies.

  4. No one should abandon a dog just because he is older this is just tells how cruel humans can be

  5. You are a wonderful person. We adopted two senior dogs and they fit right in with our other four. They are happy and play with the other dogs. I love to see old dogs adopted. They need a happy ending, not just forgotten. Bless you.

  6. What a great story, actually what a great ending. How could anyone just leave a dog they’d had for 12 years? I hope she has no memory of her original “family”.

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