Dog Has Pups on the Street, Gets Rescued by Hope for Paws

When a mother dog has her pups out on the street, things usually don’t end well. With the good people at Hope for Paws, this dog family just might make it.

Eldad Hagar and the awesome people at Hope for Paws were called into action again, and this time it was more than one dog they’d be saving from the streets.  A mother pit bull had just given birth to some pups out in an alleyway.  Starving, covered in fleas and in need of some TLC, the people at Hope for Paws used their trademark cheeseburgers and a kind touch method of gaining the mother dog’s trust.  After doing that and putting up a temporary fence just to be sure that everything would work out, they got a leash around momma’s neck, got all of the dogs to the shelter with medical staff, and got them the love and medical care they so badly needed.  Once again, and as always, way to go guys and gals!

44 thoughts on “Dog Has Pups on the Street, Gets Rescued by Hope for Paws

  1. Eldad, what you and the other rescuers do for all these animals brings me to tears! I honor your dedication to these beautiful souls you save! There IS a special place in heaven for you my friend!

  2. Eldad, I’m retired and living on my social security but I swear the next time I have two nickles to rub together I’m sending it your way. It shouldn’t be long, tax time is coming. Bless you and your crew for all you do for these sad but wonderful animals.

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