Dog Set for Euthanasia According to Owner’s Will is Going to Sanctuary

“Our trainers and animal behavior specialists will work with Bela so that he will have every opportunity to enjoy a full and rich life.”

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In Indiana, a German shepherd named Bela that was set to be euthanized will not be.  Instead, he is heading to an animal sanctuary in Utah.  Bela’s owner had left final instructions to put the dog down upon her death, and bury the two of them together.

After having his life hang in the balance, Bela can rest easy knowing that he is going to be alright.  After a temporary guardian decided against the whole thing, it was arranged that Bela would go to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

The animal sanctuary staff has arranged his way there, and are very happy to have him joining their family.

“He will celebrate a warm, happy holiday with lots of treats, toys and love,” co-founder Francis Battista wrote on Best Friends’ blog Tuesday. “Our trainers and animal behavior specialists will work with Bela so that he will have every opportunity to enjoy a full and rich life.”

Connie Ley was Bela’s human and the one requesting the dog’s death.  According to officials, the will stated that the dog will be cremated and buried with her, or sent to the animal sanctuary, and after a week of uncertainty, Bela is on his way to what will hopefully be a have long and happy life.

The temporary guardian took so long making the decision because of what was described by them as aggressive behavior.  This can usually make the dog a bit more difficult to deal with, but Best Friends says they have much experience in handle special needs cases as such.

“It was this lack of information and the unfounded social media backlash about Connie Ley, myself, and the provisions in her will about her pets, that caused the delay in resolving Bela’s future,” estate attorney Doug Denmure said in a statement in the blog.

When Best Friends saw Bela’s situation on the popular social networking site Facebook.  They were fully confident that Bela will be no trouble for them at all.

195 thoughts on “Dog Set for Euthanasia According to Owner’s Will is Going to Sanctuary

  1. I love my furbabies so much but I would never do that. I would make arrangements to make sure they’re well taken care of after my passing. That’s just cruel…

    1. I disagree! I’ve read several places that the dog had some aggression issues that made it questionable he would be able to be placed in a normal home. That left only places willing to offer sanctuary status. Those sort of places seem to implode on a semi-regular basis (Spindletop being only one of the more recent) or mostly offer dogs outside kennels (Best Friends).

      Neither of those is what I would ever want for my dog who is used to sleeping in my bed and spending his days hanging on the couch. Not that Best Friends doesn’t do good work but to go from a house dog to a kennel dog… this does not make for a happy dog. I’ve seen it over and over again in rescue and it is one of the many reasons I prefered not to accept owner surrenders when I was running an active rescue.

      Let’s all remember that “healthy” applies to more than just a dog’s body. His former owner may have known he wouldn’t adjust well to new people and known that he would not be happy in a long term kennel environment. She wanted to ensure that his mental health didn’t suffer either. She knew the dog best and it is not for well meaning busy-bodies to second guess her wishes.

  2. WTF? This is not a good story at all. People need to mind their own business the people responsible for this need to be euthanized!!!

  3. We made provisions in our wills to take care of ours. Having a perfectly healthy dog euthanized is beyond selfish.

  4. I would make sure my 5 dogs go to a GOOD home, I have 5 sets of ashes that get buried with my husband and I, If they are young and healthy, i would NOT deny them a happy future!

  5. Glad to hear Bela has been given the chance to live out his natural life. May he find love and peace at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. ♡

  6. Unless an owner is absolutely assured that the pets the have left behind will have a quality life, I perfectly understand why the owner preferred to have the euthanized. If no responsible person can take the dog, what then? Not all stories have a happy ending.

    1. That is why it is important to find someone to trust in dealing with your estate and have a plan should you outlive your pet that includes finding them a good potential forever home. Perhaps preemptively work with a rescue so that they can responsibly rehome your pet after you are gone if you know your time is short. Along with that have some money set aside to deal with any expenses for the pet such as temporary boarding, medical issues, etc.

  7. Thank goodness he’ll be taken care of and get some training. I hope I have enough warning before I’m gone to make sure my furry kids get to a good home if necessary, if my spouse is also gone.

  8. I don’t think it was entirely selfish. The dog’s owner probably knew the dog would be completely devastated and confused when she passed.

  9. very selfish, you may love your pet like a child, but given a little time and a new owner, they’ll probably forget about you

  10. I am sure Bela’s owner would be happy to know this. It isn’t easy owning an aggressive dog, and nearly impossible to re-home one.

  11. Selfish owner! Good for the law to be not legalistic as to go according to her selfish inhuman will, but to have common sense & compassion!

  12. I love it.. I say the owner is selfish and I get slammed by other “animal lovers”… Others said the same thing and nothing is said. I TRULY hope those that think my “Selfish” comment don’t do the same kind of BULLSHIT to their pets as this woman tried to do. I do not care what “the whole story is”…point is, there are ways to ensure your pets are taken care of when you pass away. You have it set up so that you have insurance, name the animals guardian as the beneficiary and make it that that money is to take care of your pet, NOT KILL the pet!! Bitch at me all you want but this will not change my mind that the woman could have made just such arrangements in her will as simply as she had the euthanize order put in there!!! GET OFF MY ASS

  13. Once you’re dead you have no say what happens to your animals and they would go to a shelter and be grieving and confused about what was going on. I understand the owners choice. I also understand and am grateful that someone could intervene and make a positive change. I’m sure the owner would be at peace with this cause I know I would be.

    1. Because your pets are considered “property” in the eyes of the law, if you have a will that states that your pet be euthanized and cremated and then buried with you, it will be followed, because a will is a legal binding document.

      The article I saw the other day said that the will had also stated that the dog should go to Best Friends (which it is) and if that couldn’t happen then the dog was to be euthanized.

  14. Merry Christmas to Bela….she has lived her life to love her selfish owner…I’m glad someone saw fit to get her the stay of execution!!! Thank you Best Friends Animal Society!

  15. Life With Dogs, please report the entire story. According to Best Friends Animal Society, who did not first hear about Bela on social media as you have reported but have been aware of Bela’s situation, the deceased owner requested in her will that Bela be taken in by Best Friends. If this was not possible, she did request for the dog to be euthanized because of its behavior. The backlash described by Ms. Ley’s attorney began because of inaccurate and misleading stories such as what you have posted here. If you question the truth of my comments, please go to Best Friends’ Facebook page. They have responded to this story for over a week now and have carefully explained the facts of this case.

  16. I know the owner loved the dog but that is very selfish and definitely not fair to the dog. I’m glad the dog is being saved, thank you.

  17. What great news I know the owner meant well for the dog to be buried we her and if he was very near his time I would understand but hr had a lot more life to live I’m very happy he will be doing that LIVE!!!

  18. If a parent put in there will that upon their death they wanted their child euthanized and buried with them there would be no question it would not be done….the same should apply to fur babies/animals!

  19. I can’t imagine any one with a conscious abiding by such a ridiculous request, will or no will. It would be inhumane to do such a thing. Yay for Bela and hope he has many happy years ahead:)

  20. I don’t know if it is selfish if anything happened to me would be so worried my 3 dogs would not be taken care of I would put that in my will too if my family couldn’t care for them

  21. I am sorry the owner died, but ever so glad the dog will not be joining them. I think this was very selfish of the owner to put this in their will. Perhaps when the dog’s time does come, he can be cremated and buried with the late owner, but thankfully not before that!

  22. I had an acquaintance that euthanized her dogs when she moved. She thought the dogs lives weren’t living unless they were with her or something. I will never understand.

  23. This is wonderful news . How awful of that woman wanting him to be killed and burried with her.that was so SELFISH. glad he gets to live

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