Dori, a Severely Matted Dog Gets Unbelievable Transformation

Dori, a severely neglected dog was hiding under 4 pounds of matted hair and dirt accumulated through years of neglect, but thanks to rescuers, she was saved.

When Dori was rescued, she was just a lump of dirty hair. Rescuers weren’t sure if she was alive because the lump of hair they found on the floor wouldn’t move. She weighed 11 pounds, after the matted hair was shaved off she weighed 7 pounds. Here is her amazing rescue and transformation.

30 thoughts on “Dori, a Severely Matted Dog Gets Unbelievable Transformation

  1. Severe neglect like this deserves severe punishment I hope whoever did this gets just what they deserve.

  2. Why do these things happen? Every day you see not just one. What is wrong with people? And these so called “people” want to be treated fairly?

  3. Thank god we have people out there who are strong enough to help and care for these mistreated and neglected animals

  4. I can’t believe this poor baby was in a so called Home!! That wasn’t a home ,that was a hell hole !! I don’t know how this Rescue came to happen ,but I’m so grateful that it did . Prayers for a full recovery & an adoption into a real home !!! I hope the previous owners are charged with Animal Neglect & Abuse !!?

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