German Shepherd Muzzled for Two Years Finally Rescued

“Thank you Angela Connell, for calling us, and never giving up on Alvita, now Vita.”

12.31.14 - Dog Muzzled for Last Two Years Finally Rescued4


From our friends at Guardians of Rescue:

Queens New York:

This beautiful shepherd lived in this plastic makeshift shelter with a muzzle on her face for over 15 hours a day.  She never was allowed in the house. And this was not a case of an indigent person – just a selfish, ignorant one!

She lived like this for close to two years.  A local rescue person has been fighting with the owner of the dog for over six months.

At one point they stopped muzzling her, then they started again, then she found out the tenant was physically abusing her! Angela Connell, the lone rescue person reached out to us, and we responded today.



12.31.14 - Dog Muzzled for Last Two Years Finally Rescued1


GoR member Gee went to the home.  You can see in the photo he is removing the dog forever.  As you can see, she has scars from the muzzle.  Gee in the photo is removing her from her chain and she is now safe In the hands of the Guardians.  She did vomit quite a bit in Gee’s truck – poor Gee.  She will never live outdoors, be abused, [or] muzzled ever again.

Thank you Angela Connell, for calling us, and never giving up on Alvita, now Vita. And thank you to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue for vetting her.

If you would like to foster or adopt her please contact us at [email protected].
If you would like to help us continue our in-your-face approach to saving more dogs, please help us with a donation – we can sure it.  Together we save them.

295 thoughts on “German Shepherd Muzzled for Two Years Finally Rescued

  1. Blessings to all that helped Vita. There are so many abused animals out there that need help. Never turn your back , keep a watchful eye.

  2. Give me a few minutes with this pos who did this. He will know EXACTLY what this poor girl felt. I so loathe people that hurt animals.

  3. Yeah Vita! A shame she had to go through all that…animal cruelty is against the law…owner needs to be punished with jail time.

  4. How i hate humans who do this thank god she’s safe people think am mad as i much prefer my pets as friends than humans but in not mad am sensible me i no i won’t get hurt with my. Furbabys only hurt when they go to rainbow bridge

  5. Rot in hell to the bastard who did this after you suffer a long painful death! I pray this beautiful baby gets a forever loving hone!!!

  6. Poor baby. I’m glad she has been saved. Now take that muzzle and put on tight on the former so called owner. See how they like it. What a piece of work.

  7. Thanx to all that helped and saved this poor baby,god is on your side love.Wish i could put the muzzle back on the former owner for the rest of his miserable life,karma is looking for you and she’s a b…h,no mercy for you.

  8. God bless you for saving her. May the owner be found and thrown under the jail with a muzzel on them

  9. Poor baby… 🙁 this makes me beyond angry and what is to stop these people from getting another dog?? I hope her only future worries are which toy she will play with next

  10. Shouldn’t people have to be screened before they can have pets and children … It’s disgusting

  11. Thank god, and what awesome people for rescuing this precious baby… may he know what life is… and may the owners rot in hell, karmas a bitch…..

  12. Unbelievable. I can’t understand what makes people think they can treat gods creature like this. I think any animal abuser should get the exact same treatment done to them. I’m glad the dog is safe now. Hope he finds a good and loving home and never has to feel pain or sorrow again!!!

  13. We just adopted a 8 wk shep/ ? Mix that someone was going to shoot / kill because she was on their property . Unbelievable !!!

  14. I hope the ones that did this to that dog are charged and confined just like this poor dog. Put a muzzle on them and see how they like it. Our laws are way to easy on abusers!

  15. Awww poor baby I guess I will never understand why get a dog n abuse it why sooo many cold hearted ppl in this world :'( how can u not have feelings for a poor defenseless creature :'( so sad u had to go through this baby I’m so sorry :'( smfh…… I would do the same to the F owner :/

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