Loyal Dog Chases After Ambulance

A small breed dog chased after an ambulance carrying his injured owner. The pet’s actions show how much animals can love their owners.



In Brazil, a loyal dog raced after an ambulance until the emergency vehicle stopped and let the dog in. The dog’s owner suffered an epilepsy attack and lost consciousness, and when paramedics took the man to the hospital, the loyal pet did not want to be left behind.

At first, emergency responders did not know the dog belonged to the man they were helping, but after spotting the pet running after the vehicle for several blocks, they thought the loyal dog must belong to the patient.



Because the dog would not stop chasing after the ambulance, rescuers decided to slow down, open the door and let the canine in. The dog was more than happy climb in and ride to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, the canine stood guard next to his owner’s stretcher until the man was seen, helped, and released.



This event occurred this past May, but the video has recently gained national attention in Brazil.

This little dog is true testament of how much dogs love their owners.

Watch the video below.


202 thoughts on “Loyal Dog Chases After Ambulance

  1. Let Me hear it again, ” Dumb Animals, do not know what is going on ” ,, go on let me hear someone say that stupid thing again, cause this little guy just proved them wrong

  2. What good ambulance driver. So pleased he let the dog in. I hope everything was ok for them both. Not many people would be as thoughtful.

  3. This is why dogs are better than most humans… They are so loyal to their owners no matter what they look like, rich or poor, this is TRUE LOVE!

  4. Dogs are so loyal.they feel love just like we do.or he wouldn’t of followed his owner.that’s his family.and it was so nice for the ambulance drivers to let him ride.bless you for that.

  5. Flavio omg this is so beautiful! I wish Ramon loved me like this. Evil ass little poodle! I love him tho. I love him

  6. My dog would have done the same thing for my dad – she loved him the most of all of us, even though I fed her. She protected family member with Alzheimer’s and any little kids from dangers she perceived. Dogs are wonderful!

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