Pregnant Mexican Dog Rescued After Mouth Exploded by Firework

“We have to feed her baby food liquidized. She also needs painkillers constantly and unless is tranquilized does not allow herself to be examined.”


Banger Explodes In Dogs Mouth


Mexican authorities are searching for the contemptible culprits who taped a firework inside of a pregnant dog’s mouth and lit it.  She has been rescued, and though she is badly injured, will survive thanks to the care of people around her.

This girl – now called Chola – was once a bait dog, as can be seen by the numerous scars she bears.  But she outgrew the usefulness to her captors when she became pregnant, and this reprehensible act is how they chose to do away with her.

“She was very badly hurt,” said veterinarian Miguel Davila. “It looks as if she may survive now but will no longer be able to have a life on the street [of Torreon] and may well still lose the puppies. Many of her injuries such as torn ear are old ones. We believe she was used as bait in dogfights but then became no use when she got pregnant.”


Banger Explodes In Dogs Mouth


Chola has suffered greatly.  Her jaw has been shattered and several of her teeth were blown out.  Fortunately the blast did not affect her lungs.  But treatment is difficult, because she is incredibly fearful of people.

“We are avoiding as much contact with her as possible as she is extremely nervous of anybody that she doesn’t know well,” said Animal Protection Association director Rebecca Reyes. “She cannot swallow any food because her palate was burnt badly together with her tongue and so we have to feed her baby food liquidized. She also needs painkillers constantly and unless is tranquilized does not allow herself to be examined.”

The Animal Protection Association is collecting donations for Chola’s care as well as a reward for the person who identifies her abusers.  However, this writer has been unable to find a website or address for the APA to allow animal lovers to do so.  If you are able to find anything, please let us know!


647 thoughts on “Pregnant Mexican Dog Rescued After Mouth Exploded by Firework

  1. Sickening. When they are found, I hope their punishment is commensurate with the damage (mental and physical) they’ve dealt. Anyone who can inflict this kind of hurt on another creature for no reason is not redeemable.

  2. Omg thank you for saving her! I’ll never be able to understand what the fuck is wrong with people. I hope someone tapes a firework in their shut mouth and let them live with the concequences…

  3. Make an example out of these scum bags and do the same thing. Except DON’T rescue them. Let them die a slow painful death.

  4. Rotten bastards. If it’s kids that did it the law will do fucking nothing! If it’s an adult the law will MAYBE fine them. I say no matter who did it, the same thing needs to be done to them.

  5. omg what bastards are allowed to be alive, someone who knows organize to do the same to him but a lot a bigger dose, i would not hesitate if i were nearby

  6. I wish for those that did this to this poor dog for 2015 is a lifetime of misery pain and unimaginable suffering.and i hope that this will come true .karma!!!!

  7. that poor dog has suffered …no animal should have to go through that, hope whoever did this have a very slow painful death … angry

  8. There are no words to describe this ignorant, imbecilic behaviour. I’d like to see how they feel after something like this happening to them…..they would think twice then about ever doing this again to a poor defenseless animal. They deserve whatever punishment they get from the authorities.

  9. this is the story of my boy Diesel. when he was a pup he was a bait dog. we rescued him. he was not even a year yet. his ears had been chewed off and super glued back on. pieces of his mouth chewed off and were hanging off but still attached. he had scares. now he lives with 2 other dogs. he is 3 years old. he is only aggressive if u r unwanted on our property. he loves other dogs. he hates cats and squirrels. hes my baby. he loves me. he found me.

  10. Thank you for helping our angel!! I hope the new year brings her love, peace & a kind and caring home & family! Xxx

  11. I am w
    Very aware there are terrible people out there. I don’t need to be reminded constantly with awful stories about violence against the innocent animals. If this site can’t make me smile more than feel sad, its time to unfollow. Good luck

  12. This is absolutely horrendous! There should be strict rules when buying/selling fireworks just like alcohol and cigarettes laws.

  13. Oh my gosh! No animal should go through that. How horrible. I can’t believe people can do this and still sleep at night. He should be ashamed. I hope they put a firework and tape it shut to the person who did this mouth.

  14. Thank you for helping this dog. I hope that she will get all the love and care in this world. People that does shit like this should get those fireworks taped into their asses and light em up. Sick f..king bastards

  15. OMG 🙁 there is a place in HELL for trash like that! I’m glad the doggy will do well. God is big!

  16. Looking forward to the time that she will allow herself to be held, cuddled, and loved…and all the hurt will pass away! Bless you, precious one!

  17. These people, men, whoever, are yellow bellied cowards, as to do this to a small creature that cannot fight back on it,s,own, is contemptible. They would not dare to,try it on another man the same size and strength as themselves, only cowards pick on the vulnerable and I hope they end up having a v.painful, drawn out death when They eventually leave his earth!!!

  18. Omg… ppl are seriously sick… there are no limits to human cruelty. Im so sorry little one. We have failed you. Thank God you were found

  19. people that find joy in hurting/abuseing a defensless animal or anything else does not deserve forgiveness or live. I SINCERELY HOPE GOD DOES NOT FORGIVE THEM EVEN IF THEY ASK FOR IT. There is NO excuse for this.there are some things that SHOULD NOT be forgiven & THIS is one of them. This is such a cruel ugly world. I ALWAYS BELIEVED EYE FOR AN EYE

  20. WTF is wrong with people!! Find them and do the same thing to them!! Probably just some dumb ass kids that need a lesson taught to them!!

  21. I cannot imagine how this poor dog has suffered. Hopefully the people who did this will be caught, fireworks taped to their mouths, and sent to prison forever.

  22. thank god she was rescued. do the same to those pos;s who did that to her. let them see how it feels. scumbags

  23. Omg that’s awful. What a bunch of degenerates. I hope they find them and give them the harshest punishment.

  24. Oh dear Lord….seriously…what the hell is wrong with people??? I can not believe the evil that is out there toward other people and toward innocent animals. Please Lord, vindicate the traumatized.

  25. Those are the kind of vermin who abuse women and children too I imagine! The laws need to be much stricter with people who deliberately abuse animals!

  26. Oh this poor dog has suffered so much, being a bait dog, then her mouth blown up. I pray that the rest of her life is one of love and care, she has suffered more pain than she ever should have to endure. I give thanks to those who are caring for her and the puppies she carries.

  27. I am so sick and tired of this bullshit!!! What the hell is wrong with people??? I can’t take this anymore!!!! I get sick to my stomach every time I read a story like this!!!’ Poor Poor girl!!!

  28. OMG…. I HATE PEOPLE!!! Havent she been thru enough in her life and to think they are free….God bless her and all who helped her

  29. Demonic animals from hell that did this…. they will feel right at home when they return to where they came from when their earth walk is over.

  30. i can’t comprehend the evil that exists in some humans… nor could i explain it to this baby… sorry for her pain… no excuse for this

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