Rescue Dog Opens First Ever Christmas Gift

Kobu gets to open his first Christmas present with his foster family.

Kobu has never known what Christmas was.  Back in Taiwan, Kobu lived on the streets in a country that isn’t exactly known for having the best track record when it comes to animal rights.  He was rescued from there and brought into Canada.  Here, his foster family is showing him what the holiday is all about……PRESENTS!!!!!!

41 thoughts on “Rescue Dog Opens First Ever Christmas Gift

  1. Merry Christmas Kobu. Now he just has to decide whether to play with the toy or shred the giftwrapping paper.

  2. Awwww
    Though I would *not* teach nor allow my dog to open presents like that. It allows for a lot of mischief.

  3. My dog LOVED Christmas, especially his stocking. Days later he’d pick up his stocking and shake it to see if anything would fall out. So we started putting stuff in there for him to find 🙂

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