Stolen Staffie Comes Home In Time for Christmas

Joules, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, comes home after being stolen and kept as a breeding dog for over a year.

Over a year ago, Joules a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Middlesex, went missing. Her owner, Liz Wilson-Roberts, searched for her pet, but after not finding the dog, the pet owner convinced herself that her dog was forever gone. Well, a few weeks back, Joules and Wilson-Roberts were once again reunited, all thanks to the dog’s microchip.

Joules reunited with her family.
Joules reunited with her family.


When the dog went missing, the pet owner believed the dog had been stolen for use in dog fighting rings, and the dog owner’s assumptions were not wrong. However, instead of using the staffie as a bait dog, she was used for breeding.

Joules was found in Yeovil and her rescuer took her to Wyndham Hill Veterinary Surgery. There, veterinarians determined the dog had recently given birth, but sadly no puppies were found with her.

Because of the dog’s microchip a reunion was made possible. South Somerset District Council’s Enforcement Officers contacted Wilson-Roberts who was more than happy to learn her long lost friend had been found.

“I am absolutely delighted to have her back after a year,” Wilson-Roberts told Yeovil Express. “My five-year-old daughter is ecstatic. It has certainly made her Christmas.”

Merry Christmas Joules!

18 thoughts on “Stolen Staffie Comes Home In Time for Christmas

  1. and hopefully now safe and reunited the family will have her spayed so this cant happen again…hopefully the puppies are not being bred and bred for money…shame they cant be located too

  2. Please take a moment of your time to read Pablo’s story. He is a stray puppy who got abused by his previous owner who left him on the sidewalk with severe injuries. Unfortunately I can’t afford to pay his second surgery and that’s why I am asking you friends and even strangers with big hearts to do one more good deed now around the holidays and help Pablo as little as you can and share his story. Thank you very much and I wish you all happy holidays!

  3. Wonder what happens to the poor little dogs they steal that are spayed bait dogs?by God, there are some evil basket cases in this world

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