The Eight-Week-Old Escape Artist

It’s never too early to learn how to get over fences.

This puppy might not have mastered potty training, but when it comes to climbing over fences, he has that skill down.

32 thoughts on “The Eight-Week-Old Escape Artist

  1. Never could keep my Australian Shepherd, Jolene, behind one of these gates when she was a puppy. Had to get the straight up and down barred gates to contain her.

  2. When my Pookie was a puppy, she would climb over her fence at night, poop in the living room, then CLIMB BACK IN to the kitchen!! When I’d get up in the morning, she’d sit there wagging her tail, so proud of herself…I could only laugh at her!

  3. Just got a puppy at 8 weeks old. It took him exactly one week to be able to get over the gate. I hope I can find a talk gate.

  4. Didn’t find this at all enjoyable! That dog is stressed & it was filmed.

    More concerning was that you allow Preloved to advertise on your page telling people to sell their pets on there! How is that a site promoting animal welfare & love?!?!

  5. the sad thing about this supposedly ‘funny’ video is that this pup and in Fact any pup this age is DISTRAUGHT at being separated from the pack!, which is what you as a human are considered. since he or she no longer has their mother, so the baby, for that is what it is, does this out of desperation. You wouldn,t lock your baby up why would you do,it to a baby dog????

  6. Oh and then I read at their dog drove them crazy until they trained it to go in a crate, unbelievable, why do people get dogs and then proceed to lock,them up!!!!!

  7. Baby dog much like baby humans. Do you fall over laughing when your baby falls over or do you lock your own baby in the laundry room? Is the next step for this puppy being tied to a tree in the backyard? A puppy has just been removed from Mom and pack and just like other readers have pointed out, you have become pack. Do your homework and You WILL have a much happier relationship with your dog!

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