Tortured Dog Missing all Four Paws Has Strong Will to Live

Nick experienced unbearable pain at the hands’ of his abusers. He lost all four limbs, an ear, and part of his nose, but his will to live is strong.

On November 30, 2014, Pets Without a Home (Animales Sin Hogar), an animal rescue organization from Montevideo, Uruguay, received a plea to help a mutilated dog taking refuge in a make-shift dog house in a backyard. No knows who the dog belongs to, who abused him, or how the tortured dog arrived at the home, but the little dog, now named Nick, had all four limbs and one of his ears mutilated, in addition to having part of his nose missing.

Nick. Photo Credit: Animales Sin Hogar.
Nick. Photo Credit: Animales Sin Hogar.


The organization did not think twice about saving Nick. He was transported to a veterinarian who determined that the dog had probably been abused for over a month. His limbs were bound with something that slowly restricted blood flow, and as a result, Nick’s paws fell off. His leg bones were left exposed.

How the dog lost his ear and part of his nose is unknown, but what is known is that even though Nick was put through unimaginable pain, he continues to be a sweet pet and has nothing but love, kisses and tails wags to give those helping him.

Veterinarians are reconstructing Nick’s extremities to prepare him for prosthetic legs. In the near future, Nick will be able to walk and run like any other dog.

If you would like to help Nick, consider making a donation to Animals Sin Hogar via Facebook.

Follow Nick’s story here.

Watch a video of Nick below and see how happy he is since being rescued. Warning. The video is not suitable for all audiences, it contains graphic images of Nick’s injuries.

1,132 thoughts on “Tortured Dog Missing all Four Paws Has Strong Will to Live

      1. I cried too!! How can someone do this to something that has No voice and is so precious!! I hope they find who did this and do the same to them!!

        1. I agree, people need to have done to them what they did to their victims, be they 2 or 4 legged. They need to experience the horror and pain, then IF they live go on to serve their sentence.

  1. My heart can’t take this … Why why!!!! Dear god please help this sweet baby and let the monsters burn in hell forever!!!!

  2. Stories like this make me so sad that I am part of the most brutal species on earth. Poor little baby! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  3. This made yell out loud!!!! You know who you are, you sick & demented person!! You will get yours when you meet your maker! I pray no other animal has to ever deal with this!!

  4. How sickening that some monster being, would chop off this babies feet like that ! Can you imagine !!?? & then trying to move around without paws!! 🙁 no wonder he’s hiding out ….. it’s amazing he even survived these torturous acts !! My heart goes out to this innocent, pained baby !! Thank you for showing him kindness & for helping him !!

  5. Seriously, what has to be wrong in someone’s fukn head to do this??? Really hope somebody kicks this asshole off the planet very soon..big ups to the lil guy on the pic tho, stay strong lol man

  6. the abuse in south america is unbelievable so many sadistic cases every day!!!! They are not brought to justice for what they do so they keep it up!

  7. There has to be more info on how he got in a dog house. 🙁 this is so terrible. What organization has him? Would like to send a donation for his care.

    1. I have donated many times.. thank you for your help,. these people give a chance to all of them even though when the animal seems to have lost the fight, they always try…

  8. May God bless this poor animal and may karma get whom ever did such a horrific act to a defenseless creature!

  9. This literally just made me cry. I can’t comprehend what type of monster could do this. Thank goodness to animal loving Angels that rescued this dog. Please someone spoil this dog rotten for the rest of her life!!!

  10. I am so…so very sick and tired of seeing horrific stories like this on my FB news feed, SEVERAL times a day!!! What the F**k is wrong with Mankind?!! Our Species (Humans) are the absolute lowest form in the Universe. As a dog parent ( I have had my dog since birth. She is 13 now)…the just pisses me off to no end. It’s EVERY Day I see something like this! Sure, most of these horrific stories have a happy ending…but, a happy ending means something bad happened prior. When does this stop?

  11. OMG…what is wrong people? There needs to be stronger penalties for animal cruelty!!! I would like to find whoever did this…that monster should lose both hands and both feet and left in the middle of nowhere!!!

  12. I want him when he recovers.I will talk my husband into it.hopefully he limes cats.we live in Burney Ca. And own our own home.he would have a loving forever home with us and our 15 year old son.

  13. Wtf!!!!!! I hate humans with a burning passion. Wtf is wrong with people…..this makes me sick…. that poor baby I hope and pray it ends up healthy and with a family who loves and cherishes it!

  14. Poor little boy! I hope he gets the help he needs and finds a loving home to finally relax for the rest of his life! Some evil disgusting person/people did this and I’m sure karma will come around one day and take care of them!

  15. I’m crying like a baby. I hope to god they find the fucker who did ribs and beat the shit out of him!

  16. Where is this baby?? My animals are treated like my children. They are family and get unconditional love everyday. I want him. 🙁 he would never hurt or be unloved again

  17. I just wanna know why ppl do this … And why ppl like this how u can see on the poor puppy are still outside and loving life and hurting who knows what

  18. Omg, this almost made me puke…this poor dog 🙁 even after being tortured he still has love in his heart

  19. This makes me so sad and angry,, how and who could do this to a poor innocent dog.?.. I hope they get theirs!!! God please help with these horrible monsters out there!

  20. If I saw someone doing this to a dog, I’d probably be in jail for attempted murder. Idk how people can do such heinous acts to animals.

  21. Good grief! Just when I think I can’t see anything worse when it comes to dogs being abused. Absolutely sickening!!

  22. If people got together and offered a reward for info leading to an arrest I’m sure someone would rat the sick bastard out!! Unfortunately I’m thinking he’ll be doing this again, he’s mentally sick in the head.

  23. This just kills me.I cannot imagine someone doing such a horrible thing.I am glad he was rescued and I hope if I can’t take him that he finds a wonderful loving home.

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