Tortured Dog Missing all Four Paws Has Strong Will to Live

Nick experienced unbearable pain at the hands’ of his abusers. He lost all four limbs, an ear, and part of his nose, but his will to live is strong.

On November 30, 2014, Pets Without a Home (Animales Sin Hogar), an animal rescue organization from Montevideo, Uruguay, received a plea to help a mutilated dog taking refuge in a make-shift dog house in a backyard. No knows who the dog belongs to, who abused him, or how the tortured dog arrived at the home, but the little dog, now named Nick, had all four limbs and one of his ears mutilated, in addition to having part of his nose missing.

Nick. Photo Credit: Animales Sin Hogar.
Nick. Photo Credit: Animales Sin Hogar.


The organization did not think twice about saving Nick. He was transported to a veterinarian who determined that the dog had probably been abused for over a month. His limbs were bound with something that slowly restricted blood flow, and as a result, Nick’s paws fell off. His leg bones were left exposed.

How the dog lost his ear and part of his nose is unknown, but what is known is that even though Nick was put through unimaginable pain, he continues to be a sweet pet and has nothing but love, kisses and tails wags to give those helping him.

Veterinarians are reconstructing Nick’s extremities to prepare him for prosthetic legs. In the near future, Nick will be able to walk and run like any other dog.

If you would like to help Nick, consider making a donation to Animals Sin Hogar via Facebook.

Follow Nick’s story here.

Watch a video of Nick below and see how happy he is since being rescued. Warning. The video is not suitable for all audiences, it contains graphic images of Nick’s injuries.

1,132 thoughts on “Tortured Dog Missing all Four Paws Has Strong Will to Live

  1. I HATE PEOPLE SO MUCH!! Why do dogs and children have to suffer bc people can’t handle their emotions? I’m glad he’s on the road to recovery & hope he finds an amazing and loving home with quickness!

  2. If you ever find out who did this, please feel free to send me name and address of this despicable excuse for being. God bless you for taking care of this sweet baby.

  3. That is horrible!! I hate people more and more everyday. Well the bad ones anyway. This is just gut turning

  4. Wtf is wrong with people in this world. This makes me so incredibly angry and sad. No creature, human or animal deserves this. I hope there is a hell because who ever did this deserves to be there. I hope nick finds a loving home and has nothing but love and happiness his remaining years. I am just so sorry he went through this.

  5. Hope he gets better and finds a loving home. Some people are a disgrace and should be killed, waste of oxygen they are.

  6. It makes me sick that people can do such horrendous and heartbreaking things to such sweet innocent animals. I’m so glad he’s being taken care of now.

  7. The garbage that did that will get theirs, so glad this little one is being taken care of now would love to hear updates on this sweet baby!

  8. This makes me cry!!! I really hope those people get what they deserve.
    Thank you to everyone that helped this sweet pup!! I love you Nick. I hope all you ever know here on out is love.

  9. there are no words to describe the monster that would do this. all i can say is what goes around comes around.

  10. I just bawled my eyes out. I would cut off all of the limbs to the person who did this to him and see how they like it.


  12. All of us keep saying “who did this” come on ,lets stop this cruelty right now! Im sharing this on my page and re-writing my own caption,however you can help to stop animal cruelty is something,u see it on street,u hear it from neighbor,act on it,if u cant, call authority,DO SOMETHING

  13. I hope whoever did this to that poor sweet baby rots in hell and suffers extreme torture forever and ever!!!! GD people who harm animals!!!!!!!

  14. I can’t believe someone would do that to a harmless animal. That is so sad, they can’t even defend themselves. Poor pup. I always feel bad for dogs that are abuse by there owner. Who would do something like that. When I look at this photo its make me want to cry so bad.

  15. Truely horrific, what scum is out there nowadays, this poor little Dog, just sickening to know there are so many people out there doing these things.

  16. stuff like this makes me sick…..I just keep losing faith in humans all the time.. whoever the devil was that did this, your punishment is waiting for you.

  17. Oh he just wants to be held and loved thank you for rescuing him
    He is so grateful he knows he’s safe now

  18. in South Africa,they use parts like these for muti (witchcraft),not only animals but peoples parts as well,absolutely horrific,sometimes it is also used to initiate a gang member to bring them a part back,absolutely sick!

  19. I hope there is a Hell for the perpetrators. If the puppy still needs a home. I’ll adopt it. I have no problems taking care of needy animals.

  20. This is so sick who ever did this needs there legs and arms cut off see how they like the same torture find them do the same to them But I believe in Karma what goes around will come around people that do this do not deserve to even live there own life!

  21. What kind of sick people would do this to poor dog?!? I m so disgusted and heart broken…
    Hope this lovely dog will be well taken care of from now and live happily for the rest of his life.

  22. It’s pitiful!!! The cruelty that people can afflict on an innocent animal just breaks my heart. Prayers for this poor baby.

  23. Can’t believe there is such evil in this world – I pray for Nicks recovery and blessings to his rescuers – broke my heart

  24. I PRAY the low life piece of scum that did this is living a miserable life with tons of hardships. Better yet I hope he’s gang raped by 5 dudes and then tortured but not killed. Just continually tortured until he dies….from whatever.

  25. I hope whoever did this meets up with someone as evil as he is – someone who’ll torture him to death. Slowly.

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