Unexpected Friend Transforms Formerly Abused Dog

An abused dog in India was rescued, but nothing seemed to heal her fearful heart. Until one day she met with a surprise…

Grace, healed, happy and transformed


An abused dog in India was rescued, but nothing seemed to heal her fearful heart. Until one day she met with a surprise…

Grace was beaten in spirit and suffering from a serious injury to her mouth and head when she was rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited India. A wire put in her mouth and wrapped around her head had left her with the injury, and images from the time of her rescue are disturbing to see.

Though Grace was helped to heal from her injuries, her spirit remained deeply wounded until she met a special friend, and she began to blossom and show happiness.

Animal Aid Unlimited told Grace’s story in a blog post at their website, writing:

“We rescued Grace in February of 2014 after receiving a call on our helpline from a concerned neighbor who had seen her stumble out from behind some brambles and walk past his home. When our ambulance arrived to rescue her, we found her emaciated and almost unconscious, with a piece of clutch wire wrapped through her mouth and tied behind her head. The wire had embedded into the skin causing a wound more than an inch wide from one side of her mouth all the way around to the other.

“We immediately treated her for pain and infection, and then cut the embedded wire away.

“After her wounds were cleaned and she was given I.V. fluids, we put Grace in a blanket in a kennel, and that’s where she stayed sleeping for several days. She didn’t look up when we entered her kennel to feed her, and she hardly moved at all. She was utterly exhausted physically and emotionally and had not an ounce of energy left to use.

“Finally, her wounds did heal, and her physical pain went away. But her deep rooted fear and unease hadn’t improved. She didn’t want to be pet and sat by herself, not even interacting with other dogs. We tried and tried to make friends with her, but as soon as we came near, no matter how slowly and quietly, she always got up and walked away. We could tell that Grace knew she was safe, but she didn’t have any joy. She never wagged her tail, and she never played.

“In a last attempt to improve Grace’s life, we shifted her into another area of the shelter and introduced her to another dog who lives in Animal Aid’s sanctuary, Laban.

“The results were nothing short of miraculous.

“Watch the video [seen below] to join us in smiling ear to ear at the sight of the all new Grace.”


You can read about Animal Aid Unlimited India HERE, at their site.

During her time studying veterinary medicine, Tufts student Kristie Mientka worked with on-site with Animal Aid Unlimited India and wrote about her experiences HERE and HERE.

70 thoughts on “Unexpected Friend Transforms Formerly Abused Dog

    1. I understand how you feel, but God gave us free will. The monsters who abused this poor dog have nothing to do with God. Evil is present everywhere!

  1. Glad she’s healed. But the Donkey’s leg in the vid almost made me throw up.
    Damn !

    I bet someone put that wire on her as a puppy. Maybe a kid ? Or a cruel adult. Horrid thing to do.

  2. Bless them! Poor dogs all over the world are just getting hurt or killed for food or skinned . Horrible this is no different. Thank God you Ange ls rescued

  3. The first half made me tear up 🙁 so sad. While she may never be able to trust people again, it’s good to see that she found a friend and can be happy for once.

  4. The person(s) responsible for this dog’s original condition have a special place in hell waiting for them. The people responsible for her recovery have a special place in heaven waiting for them. Good job!

  5. Omg what is wrong with people. Id like to wrap wire around their mouth and see how they like it. Bless you for helping her beautiful soul find happiness again.

  6. So glad she was rescued and found her best friend. T he assholes whe did this should have it whipped good!

  7. I cried my eyes out. So sad! My heart aches when I hear of animal fighting, animal abuse of any kind. I wish people stop abusing animals in this world.

  8. Jesus H Christ I nearly lost it when they just ripped the cable out of her flesh…you can’t do that! She could’ve hemorrhaged…

  9. I was so pleased to see this lovely little dog got the help and the friend she so desperately needed.may the abusers rot in hell.

  10. Made me cry…such abuse to animal or human can break one’s spirit. So glad she came through and found her friend.

  11. I almost fainted watching this :'( Nor do any words exist capable of describing what I think about the person/s responsible for what they did to this poor sweet girl…

  12. It seems there is no shortage of people willing to torture animals, anywhere in the world. People like this are nothing less than the worst form of evil cowardice. They don’t deserve to live. Hopefully karma takes care of them.

  13. What a happy ending. Poor girl was lucky to be found. Will never understand how people can ever be so cruel.

  14. poor baby, so glad she found a way to have fun. and to be happy. wish the worst on the people who did this to her. but thankful for the rescue!

  15. It makes me sick to know that there are such disgusting humans who are supposed to know right from wrong that can do these things to helpless animals…thank god this sweet baby was helped in time by angels here on earth ❤️

  16. Thank you for saving Grace. For the life of me I can’t understand why someone would even think to do such a thing!!! If you don’t like dogs or animals or whatever that’s one thing but to go out of your way to inflect such pain on an animal……..it’s just beyond my comprehension.

  17. I so would love to torture people who torture animals…….same method as they were hurting this little darling……let see how would they survive……..

  18. So many dogs in India are feral street dogs. It just breaks your heart to see their poor body conditions.

  19. I will never understand humans that do this, and God strike me dead if I ever do. So glad this story had a happy ending. Bless you.

  20. Beautiful story. Its sad that humans are the filthiest in maltreating these helpless ones. I hope she will learn to trust humans again

  21. I’m a 52 year old truckdriver. Tough guy you would say. But i cried looking at the video.
    Thank God for the people who gave the dog a second chance.

  22. I’m sad to say it still amazes me how cruel people can be. Thank goodness this wonderful girl found peace and joy. Thank you!

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