Woman Saves Injured dog; Raises Money for Life-Saving Surgery

“They can only keep him 24 hours so time is of the essence… Please help us get the word out, or this dog will be put to sleep by 8 p.m. tonight,” said Cheryl.

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On Saturday in South Florida, a dog was hit by a car, and a woman passing by decided to stop and help. Now the dog is facing a lot of medical bills and surgery, and this good Samaritan reached out for help from the public to save this poor dog.

Cheryl Linton-Robinson was driving when she notice the injured dog on the side of the road.  She pulled over and got out of her vehicle to assess the situation.  Apparently the Lab mix had been struck by a car, and Cheryl knew she had to act fast.

She rushed the injured dog to Saint Francis Animal Hospital in Hollywood, Florida.  After many tests and x-rays, it was determined that the dog’s pelvis was all but totally crushed.  The injured Lab was not chipped, and owners have not been able to be located up to this point.

Cheryl says that the surgery that needs to be performed as soon as possible.  A bone specialist will have to be called in.  Estimates put the medical bills up around $4,000 and the dog does not have a lot of time.  According to policy, the hospital can only hold him for 24 hours.

“They can only keep him 24 hours so time is of the essence… Please help us get the word out, or this dog will be put to sleep by 8 p.m. tonight,” said Cheryl.

As of now, the dog no longer faces euthanasia.  Enough money has been raised, and the surgeries are scheduled for later today.  Keep checking our webpage and Facebook for more information as it is received.

Cheryl is very thankful to the people that helped make things happen, and is praising medical staff at the animal hospital for doing such a great job caring for this unfortunate dog.

“St. Francis Emergency Animal Hospital is a 24 hour pet hospital. I’ve taken my own pets there on occasion. They have a dedicated staff of animal lovers. When I pulled up yesterday, they gingerly lifted this dog out of my back seat and took such good care of him,” she said.

To check out the dog’s GoFundMe.com page, click here.

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41 thoughts on “Woman Saves Injured dog; Raises Money for Life-Saving Surgery

  1. Oh my goodness what a sad story but a happy ending. Please do keep us posted and I hope someone comes forward and claim the dog.

  2. I really would like to help, but I am in south america ,and I know how it is, I had help a dog in that condition before.. the difference is that down here the bills are less expensive … good luck to you , and I hope some good people help you and the dog for this cause …

  3. It’s okay. It looks like their goal has been met. Whatever is left over can help other animals. This is exactly what I would hope would happen if I were ever in the position to find a wounded animal.

  4. I can not believe this wasn’t on the news….I live 20mins from this area and unless I missed which is doubtful there was nothing on the news. I say this because he may have a family out there missing him…..the road are so dark at night if there isn’t another care coming toward you…..this beautiful dog didn’t have a chance. People out here drive like insane robots. Thank you to all that help this beautiful lucky boy.

  5. Your an Angel for stopping and helping this Dog and the People who stepped up and donated, just wonderful how caring you all are.

  6. GOD BLESS this women and the dog Prayers for both i’m so sorry but i also am unable to help with $$$$ but will help all i can with prayers because God is the one who can help the most .

  7. If the vet had a heart. He will save him and do it as a Christmas gift. Karma does watch and repay the bad as well as the good. Bless your sweet heart sweet pup and to the angel who took the time to get help. May the ahole who hit you, get a KARMA visit !

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